Driving range suddenly reduced

Driving range suddenly reduced

I have a 2014 Model S 85, up to 2 days ago I would get 540 KM, (335 miles) on a full charge, but suddenly that dropped 440 Kms (273 miles), as shown by the trip info on the dash. Does anyone know how this could happen?

Munka | 4 mars 2019

You changed the setting from rated to actual? There are 3 options to choose from where you set the units.

Mathew98 | 4 mars 2019

Both numbers are impossible.

Ideal range for a new S85 was 300 miles.
Rated range for a new S85 was 265 miles.

Fake news?

Bighorn | 4 mars 2019

European numbers are different than US numbers. You could have lost a brick of cells—I lost about 15% of range instantaneously when that happened. Tesla can diagnose battery issues OTA.

EVRider | 4 mars 2019

@Bighorn: Even if European ranges are calculated differently, I don’t see how you could ever get 335 miles from an S85 under normal driving conditions. Can you elaborate?

Bighorn | 4 mars 2019

Europe uses NEDC data vs EPA. It’s not a realistic daily number for the vast majority of drivers. Certainly it’s achievable as we’ve seen people “drive” 550 miles on a charge.

frank | 4 mars 2019

I am telling you what the cars said the range was when I did a full or 80% charge. I am not concerned about what the car is supposed to do,In winter it only does 50% of what the car says it will do. I am wondering why one day the read-out for max range was one number and the next day another number at a full charge. I know for sure at 80% charge which is what I usually set it, (trip line) it would always read that it had 480 km which is 300 miles, now it says 440 km or 300 miles. In real life it does much less.. Never mind the numbers I am giving you, I am wondering about the sudden drop literally overnight. Adamcharles, where do you change the setting from rated to actual? Could that be the reason or as bighorn says do I have a battery issue. I don't feel any loss of power, if is as fast as ever if not even faster!

Bighorn | 4 mars 2019

Under Display change Energy Display. You have different terms for our rated and ideal miles.

Roger1 | 4 mars 2019

Try switching from Distance to Energy to get a percentage charge reading. See if you are getting the percentage charge you expect based on your charging setting. If it looks OK then the new range numbers are due to a change in the arithmetic used for the range calculation.

Bighorn | 4 mars 2019

They don’t change the “arithmetic”. These are fixed ratios to kWhs.

ktslab | 5 mars 2019

2014 Model S 85 @335 Mile full charge? What? I want one of those, beats my 100D.

Roger1 | 5 mars 2019

Bighorn, I think you are missing my point. If you set the car to charge to a known level, put it on a charger for sufficient time to reach the desired charge, and get a charge reading near the selected value then you can be reasonably confident that the battery is OK. If battery is OK but the miles/kilometers display doesn't make sense then there is a problem with the arithmetic, however caused.

Silver2K | 5 mars 2019

Frank, you should not notice any power loss when losing 15% (85% SOC) range after fulling charging.

Silver2K | 5 mars 2019


Bighorn | 5 mars 2019

I disagree. Meter can show a 100% charge and still have a battery problem which would be represented by a reduced range. It’s true of degradation as well as an acute loss of cells. I’ve experienced both.

murphyS90D | 6 mars 2019

At 921 miles on the odometer my S90D, charged to 90%, showed a range of 100 miles.
They didn't want the car to be driven the 21 miles to the service center so they sent a truck with a trailer to pick it up.
They replaced the HVB with a new one.

frank | 7 mars 2019

Bighorn, did they give you a new battery after the problems? I have no idea why the car was showing 330 mile range, it is not rated for it. I only get 55% of the range it shows in the morning and it doesn't really change if I change the setting to rated rather than ideal on the display. I do highway driving at high speeds and I know it is cold. I thought if you had it an ideal setting the car would give me what I should be expecting to do in real life but it doesn't. I called Tesla and the girl there said they checked my battery remotely and it seems fine, but she herself seemed to know less about battery life than me!

Bighorn | 7 mars 2019

I did get a refurbed battery. In the US, rated miles match the EPA figure. Ideal is about 10% higher and few people achieve that IRL. It supposedly was an old EPA 2 cycle test vs the newer 5 cycle. You won’t achieve close to either figure if you speed or run the heat in the cold. You may just be suffering from unrealistic expectations that will improve come spring.

Silver2K | 7 mars 2019


Support has limited access to information coming out of your car. The service center engineers and elevated support engineers have more access. The best solution is to call support and ask for a support engineer at your local service center or take it in.

azcomputerg33k | 11 avril 2019

Funny. This same thing happened to me but I definitely remember mucking with those settings. I'm trying to solve the "lost volume control" issue.