30-day Enhanced Autopilot Trial

30-day Enhanced Autopilot Trial

Thirty days ago (on 2/4/19), I began the Tesla 30-day Enhanced Autopilot trial. The trial description offers Enhanced Autopilot for $5,500 within a week after the trial ends, compared with $7,000 past this deadline. This includes adaptive cruise control, autosteering, summon, and autopark.

Today I connected as instructed to accept the deal. But the terms seem to have changed. It appears that the online store offers me a smaller package for $3,500 including only adaptive cruise control and autosteering, but not summon and not autopark. To get these two additional features, I must buy this $3,500 package AND the Full Auto Pilot package for another $5,500, a $9,000 total.

Do I have this right?

jamespompi | 4 mars 2019

Dont purchase it yet. they haven't updated the website with the correct pricing yet. Also a lot of rumors about announced pricing maybe changing to benefit more customers as well.

gmr6415 | 4 mars 2019

Tesla should offer another test for those of us who got it early on and it wasn't ready for prime time. It may change some minds.

jamespompi | 4 mars 2019

@gmr6415 I'm actually on my second trial right now, I had the original 14 day trial. Someone tweeted Elon a few months ago and he agreed to redo it for those who wanted to try V9. just had to email support. Not sure what theyd say right now with the current craziness.

dgstan | 4 mars 2019

> Tesla should offer another test for those of us who got it early on and it wasn't ready for prime time. It may change some minds.

Agreed. I was out of the country for 2 weeks of my initial trial. I tried to contact Tesla about getting a new trial and never heard back.

AWDTesla | 4 mars 2019

Can you use it while going over 100km/hr yet?

Mike UpNorth | 4 mars 2019


I know a TM3 owner who was forced into the 30 day trial the day after he picked up the car. Then was on vacation for 3 weeks so didn't get to try it out.....he bugged Tesla support, it took a couple weeks, but they indeed rolled him out a 2nd 30 day trial. Keep trying/pushing.

M3forMe | 4 mars 2019

@dgstan - use the Chat feature so you don't have to wait (on hold). The Chat team can escalate and get you the 30 day trial within a week or 2. I did that in Nov'18 and purchased EAP right after the trial is over for $5500. I did the initial 2 week trial in Aug.

hpn | 4 mars 2019

I'm in the same boat with you. I'm have 15 days left on my 30 day trial. Spoke with the service rep and he stated for now, the options to buy it is not there. After the 30 day call in and we will give u the lowest price basically will be getting both EAP and FSD. And it will be less that the $5500. I asked the rep to write it down.

chrishilbert | 18 mars 2019

Any news on this? It should be $2000 and $5000 and not $3500 and $9000. I’ve got a case open with support waiting for the new prices.

TorstenTheTesla | 18 mars 2019

I also got a second 30-day trial, cause my M3 was in the shop for 2,5 weeks out of those 4 (to fix a defect it had upon delivery). But I had to CONSTANTLY follow up, probably sent them 15 texts, 3 emails and 3 calls. It was really painful and very unprofessional. Then it rolled out 2 days before the price for EAP/FSD went down. At least I got to test it again before committing to the EAP purchase.

hpn | 18 mars 2019

I purchased on Saturday before my 30 day trial ended since the price will increase.

$5k for both AP and FSD.

rkalbiarEV | 18 mars 2019

What we need is an FSD trial. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Never mind.... Carry on...

balbamrah | 27 mars 2019

@hpn - I also got 60 days trial for AP. my account shows $4600 for AP and $7200 for FSD. How did you manage to get both in $5000?

FremontDave | 27 mars 2019

Was prompted for the trial today. It's a 60-day trial now, not 30-day? Where is the pricing info - I don't see it in my account?

jjt2122 | 27 mars 2019

Go to your My account on the Tesla site then tap manage on your car, then scroll down to autopilot upgrades, you should see the prices.
I think you need to start the trial before the price updates on your my account.

balbamrah | 27 mars 2019

@FremontDave for me price showed the next day. So give it a day then I will show you in your account.

alsimon95 | 17 avril 2019

Autopilot now included at N/C...seems a free update and credit should be issued to those of us that purchased new vehicles throughout the last 6 months...

wiscy67 | 17 avril 2019

@hpn $5k total for both AP and FSD would probably be my trigger point too.

LikeLightning | 17 avril 2019

@alsimon95 - This forum is filled with those who think they are owed something here or there. It might be worth your while to read through some of it. My two cents (which is shared by many as well), is there should be no credit issued. (You paid less of a base price btw.) I bought at the beginning of March. It did not come with AP. I did not purchase it at that time. I did pay a bit less for the car. Should I have to pay that difference back to Tesla? No reason for me to expect a credit of $500 or $1000 for something I agreed to earlier.

alsimon95 | 17 avril 2019

Must be misunderstanding your math...I don’t include federal tax credits into the equation as Tesla should not include it in their cost/resale such the base price in December was higher than today and did not include the Autopilot option...too many price changes effect customer loyalty...great car but need some consistency.

hpn | 17 avril 2019

I got the 5k for both autopilot and FSD when Tesla decided to lower the price back in March. Instead of waiting for my EAP to end.. I decided to purchased it when it went on sale.

crmedved | 18 avril 2019

@alsimon95 The tax credits absolutely affect the cost that they set. When the credit halved, they dropped the base price by like $2k to subsidize new buyers and remain competitive. This was before the -6% (then +3%) changes.

Also, when AP was added at "no cost", they increased the price of vehicles by, I believe $2k. So it's more like it's a mandatory $2k addon. Should they have made it available to you for $2k? Maybe. Oh wait, they did do that for 2 weeks :) And even gave a steep discount on FSD.

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

If you agreed to pay $10,000,000,000.00 for the price of the car & signed your name to it..... that's 2 parties agreeing to a contract. It's a done deal. Nobody held a gun to your head or threatened your family.

The price of the car has now gone up to $20 Billion. Should the company be allowed to come back to you for an additional $10 Billion?? Of course not. 2 parties signed the deal & it's completed.

While the numbers above are exaggerated for effect, the principle is the same. There are no "refunds" for you or additional "costs" to you.

Why is this concept so hard for some people to understand?