EVANNEX or TAPTES Model S rear center console?

EVANNEX or TAPTES Model S rear center console?

Hi I am looking for a Model S rear center console, unfortunately Tesla does not sell it anymore. I am considering choosing the EVANNEX or TAPTES, most owners would prefer the original design (me included). I just want to make sure if the EVANNEX RCCI or TAPTES RCCI could match my black interior.
Please advice.


nothotpocket | 5 mars 2019

I'm using this one and it works well for what we need it to do. Quite a bit cheaper than the alternatives but still looks great in the tan interior.

avesraggiana | 5 mars 2019

@nothotpocket. Ooohhhh....those are pretty! I'm thinking the wallaby white would look great in our "ultra white" interior.

nothotpocket | 5 mars 2019

@avesraggiana The company is focused on vintage cars so they have a surprising range of colors to match most interiors. You can request swatches for free on their website. For my tan interior, the 'Camel' turned out to be a great match.

nothotpocket | 5 mars 2019

Here's a photo of it in my car:

avesraggiana | 7 mars 2019

@nothotpocket. Thanks for demo-ing your rear centre console. I agree, it matches your upholstery very nicely. Thanks again.

Pelli | 20 mars 2019

I think the taptes black one is pretty cool, I am also considering the taptes rear console

EvanSmith | 23 mars 2019

@nothotpocket: Looks great : )

nothotpocket | 23 mars 2019

Thanks! Not as posh as the Evannex or Taptes, I'm sure, but definitely does what we need it to do :-)

gdthomson29 | 28 mars 2019

@nothotpocket. Just received my cupholders plus today and it looks great. Do you fasten the unit in the backseat using the straps or no?

nothotpocket | 29 mars 2019

@gdthomson29 Glad it works for you :-) I ran the strap through the LATCH anchor in the middle seat. The strap comes out of the storage area, down through the anchor, and then through the buckle underneath. I tilt the console sideways and tighten the strap, then rotate (lay?) the console down in place. I've only done it a couple of times so far - there's probably a modification to the strap I could do to make it easier if I had to remove the console often but this works for me.