HEPA Retrofit?

HEPA Retrofit?

I read somewhere recently that the HEPA filter (aka Biohazard Defense Mode) can be installed on existing Model S' for $500.

Has anyone had this done? How well does the retro-installation work?


Bumper | 8 mars 2019

You can order it online in the regular shopping page. As long as you have a refresh front Model S, it will work. They ship it to your local service center (or mobile) and a tech installs it and then updates your MCU to add the bio button. Once this is done, there is no difference if you ordered it recently or got it from the factory.

I ordered mine mid January. Got an e-mail Wednesday that the parts shipped to my local shop. I can setup an appointment once it arrives.

packpike | 8 mars 2019

Waiting for mine to show up at the nearest SC. I’ll be getting my referral wheels, replacement windshield, and the new filter in the same trip.

Ohmster | 8 mars 2019

Yup. Got for both our cars before it was an official option. I thought the whole thing was silly until we actually had them. Great for clearing odors.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

mcdonalk | 13 avril 2019

What is the service interval on this retrofit, and the cost of the service?


tjhlaw | 13 avril 2019

I had mine (2017 75D) done 2 weeks ago. The service is included in the cost of the upgrade ($500). 2 month wait for the filter to come in. It took about an hour to do the upgrade and install the filter. It seems to works great for filtering pollen and outside odors.

Jcastillo18 | 13 avril 2019

Is this a service center or can a mobile ranger do it ?

TranzNDance | 13 avril 2019

Mine was done as a mobile service visit while I was at work. It was useful when I made the mistake of opening the sunroof after forgetting that there was a layer of tree pollen on the car.