Text messages

Text messages

I’m a recent owner on a CPO model S . Love every part of the car still working on the wiper issues. One thing that gets to me is the vehicle won’t read my text messages like every other new car does. I know safety reason you can’t text and drive but at least they can read you text messages out loud. Not a big deal but thought they would of think this one out . Anybody have any suggestions to have an outside system to allow to read text messages. Again I know safety reasons . | 11 mars 2019

Some phones provide that feature.

I know you don't want a safety lecture, but it's been shown that even with voice texting, it's similar to driving drunk. You're not paying much attention to actual driving. I suspect most car makers like features such as voice texting while driving that causes more accidents and more replacement cars to be bought. Good for business.

EVRider | 11 mars 2019

Not "every other new car" reads text messages. If you really need to do that while you're driving, you can probably get your phone to do that for you (for example, using Siri on an iPhone).

Jcastillo18 | 11 mars 2019

I had a Ford Edge that would read text messages and so did my Ford F-150 not a big deal I’m not bashing Tesla it was just an observation I love my car

Jcastillo18 | 11 mars 2019

I had a Ford Edge that would read text messages and so did my Ford F-150 not a big deal I’m not bashing Tesla it was just an observation I love my car

mizunosan | 11 mars 2019

I have my iPhone mounted next to the screen on a Qi Charger. I just say "Hey Siri, do I have any text messages?" and it reads my messages through my Model S's speakers, and I can also respond back via Siri.

Jcastillo18 | 11 mars 2019

@mizunosan thanks will try that

kerryglittle | 11 mars 2019

What mizunosan said. Siri can read and send texts thru your car speakers. You don't have to connect your phone to the charging dock but thats a good place for it since the phone has to be in the open so it can hear you. Wont work from your pocket.
My Harley Davidson will read and show texts on the screen but I have to be stopped to read them. I can only hear them if I am riding. Much better to pay attention to your vehicle than your phone though. Just saying. They have huge fines and stricter laws in Canada right now.

akikiki | 11 mars 2019

I'm glad it does not read text to us. Even if it did, I would disable it.

Ohmster | 11 mars 2019

Ok. At the sake of getting bashed.

The phone integration on our cars could be better. Just saying that and not much more.

And I’m Tesla long. Have two of their cars (4 in the family). Solar and First generation Solarwall. I don’t have to defend everything about them.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

booshtukka | 12 mars 2019

Phone integration could be a ton better. It's the worst bit of the car.

Or at least it could be just as basically standard as every other car out there.

Jcastillo18 | 12 mars 2019

Thank you the phone integration could be better and should be better!

Jcastillo18 | 13 mars 2019

I’m using Siri but wish they had a better way

jordanrichard | 15 mars 2019

Bump, to get ahead of the spam

Jcastillo18 | 15 mars 2019

Yup bump other threads to get ahead of spam

kerryglittle | 20 mars 2019

I am an Apple fan but have to agree that Siri is as dumb as a stump.

danni | 18 juin 2019

Phone integration is horrible. Should be able to access the media content directly on the screen, not on the phone

lyhartley | 20 juin 2019

I just bought my Tesla and it really bothers me that you can't access text or media on the screen. With all the technology Tesla has you would like this wouldn't be an issue.

EVRider | 21 juin 2019

@lyhartley: If accessing text and media from the touchscreen was that important to you, why did you buy the car?

kerryglittle | 21 juin 2019

Its called distracted driving if you are looking at texts.

henrycruz | 29 juin 2019

My 2014 Fiesta (tiny cheap car) reads my txt for me. My $102k Model S doesn't, WTH

tes-s | 29 juin 2019

My Tesla reads my texts to me while I'm driving. I simply say, "hey siri, read my texts". I even get asked if would like to send a reply.

barrykmd | 29 juin 2019

kerryglittle | June 21, 2019
Its called distracted driving if you are looking at texts.

And what do you call all the smallish buttons and controls at the bottom of the screen in V9?

murphyS90D | 29 juin 2019

barrykmd | June 29, 2019

And what do you call all the smallish buttons and controls at the bottom of the screen in V9?

I call them extremely distracted driving.
I have a suspicion that the people that designed this nightmare can't afford and have never driven a Tesla.

kerryglittle | 29 juin 2019

You shouldn't be touching anything on any screen barrykmd. In Canada at least its an automatic $1,000.00 fine and three demerit points if a police officer sees you doing that. They are becoming very strict here because people are dying every day from not watching the road. | 29 juin 2019

@henrycruz "My 2014 Fiesta (tiny cheap car) reads my txt for me. My $102k Model S doesn't, WTH"

Yep, Ford couldn't care less if you get killed. The Fiesta gets lower marks than Tesla in almost every safety category. Texting by voice is highly distracting. I applaud Tesla for working to avoid killing their customers. Obviously other automakers really don't care or see it as a profit motive when their texting customers get into accidents and need repairs or vehicle replacement.

For us others on the road, please stop texting - I can understand you don't care about yourself or your family, but I really don't want a texter crashing into me. At least in my Tesla, I'll be a lot safer than those in your Fiesta.

tes-s | 29 juin 2019

Video: Tesla vs Ford Fiesta. It is not pretty - badly scratched my Tesla.

kerryglittle | 29 juin 2019

Ouch tes-s. What was the idiot trying to do? Pass you on the grass. Hope he was charged severely and his licence taken away. | 29 juin 2019

@Tes-s - I wonder if the Fiesta was texting? Scary. Glad you're safe.

tes-s | 29 juin 2019

Our suspicion is he was texting. MD state trooper showed up, took our info, then gave each of us a printout. No injuries, so all he does is document a crash occurred, and leave it up to the parties/insurance companies to work it out.

Their insurance balked at first because there was damage to the driver's side of my car. Sent the video - they accepted full responsibility.

mcmack15 | 29 juin 2019

Thank goodness everyone is OK..........count your blessings; hug your loved ones; buy a lottery ticket, and enjoy a nice cold beer. That is just scary to watch.

kerryglittle | 29 juin 2019

Dash cams are worth their weight in gold when you need them. Glad you are ok. Cars can be fixed. Bodies take a lot longer. Well unless its a Tesla body shop. LOL. Just kidding. Hoping its a quick fix.

mjahan | 12 septembre 2019

For all those people who say reading texts back can be distracting:
1) don't enable it (when it becomes available)
2) the huge screen with navigation and tons of control is much more distracting than someone reading your text for you while you are keeping your eyes on the road.
Need that feature ASAP. Thank you.

EVRider | 12 septembre 2019

You don't need that feature if you have something like Siri.

ecirelli | 26 septembre 2019

I just bought an x myself with most options. I was stunned you coundnt read your txt messages. I have a truck with android auto and I would talk to the unit to even reply plus do soooo much more. It's a big disappointment. I dont need all the features of android auto but I want to know when a txt comes in. Read it to me and be able to reply like a lot of cars that cost less than some of the options on this car.

It needs to tell you you have a txt and read it and let your reply without touching anything.

nukequazar | 26 septembre 2019

@ecirelli, you will become more and more shocked about how antiquated and nearly useless the entire infotainment system is, in you new state of the art $100,000 car. e.g. you’ll discover you get no route choices in navigation, just the one given. And I’ll let you discover the joys of Slacker...

There are many threads asking for CarPlay; not sure about android auto. And those threads are full of jerk comments telling you why you’re an idiot for wanting the features you want, and how you’re addicted to texting, and how text to speech is just as dangerous as holding the phone in your hands, and how you if you wanted those features you shouldn’t have bought this car.

SO | 26 septembre 2019

I just use “hey Siri”.

dougk71 | 26 septembre 2019

Many will have a cell phone plan and in that case Carplay is cost neutral. I'm not totally sure but cars can have features like navigation removed and transferred exclusively to car play requiring owners to pay monthly fees to cell phone operators that get pricing advantages since not only is your phone call at risk if you object to the price increases but now your car is also hostage.
Tesla is a company that resists cartel like pressures. It rejects the dealership cartels and the car insurance cartels and many expect dislikes the cell phone provider cartels.

nukequazar | 26 septembre 2019

@dougk71, where does this new conspiracy theory come from? CarPlay is a completely optional way to view a pared down, driver-safe version of your iPhone on a larger, dash-mounted screen. That's all it is. It cannot take over control of your car, hold you hostage, none of this mania is possible. Sure, some cars do not have their own navigation system, in which case the data for navigation is up to the driver, whether they want to hold their phone in their hand or are offered the convenience of a system like CarPlay or Android Auto to view it on a big screen in a safer implementation.

By the way, Tesla nav is completely dependent on cell carrier data, it's just included in the car price so we don't see it.

Another fantasy non-issue in the arguments against CarPlay/Android Auto.

Todd.k.allen | 1 octobre 2019

I was very surprised that text reading didn't work also. Just bought a 2019 Model 3, LRDM.
I also cannot get voice navigation to work? "Take me to the nearest subway restaurant" does nothing. Voice calling seems to work fine though.

EVRider | 1 octobre 2019

@Todd: Try “drive to” or “where is” or “navigate to” instead of “take me to”. I don’t know if the car handles “nearest starbucks,” but if you just say Starbucks it should present a list with the closest one first.

Ohmster | 1 octobre 2019

Don’t need ‘nearest’. As EVRider stated, you get a list as described above without.

sentabo | 1 octobre 2019

As stated above, "drive to" works well. If you like saying "take me," I can tell you that "take me home" will navigate to your home.