So, is everyone's Chinese reading ability improving as a result of the recent—and massive—influx of new threads by our friends in China?

j.nichol | 13 mars 2019

I at least learned that it was Chinese--Google Translate is very helpful.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mars 2019

No but according to my degrees I am a doctor now.

ccash | 13 mars 2019

Someone mentioned you can flag them, and 7 flags will remove it. I’m logged in but don’t see a way to do that. I am looking at it with an iPad, so maybe that’s part of the problem. Otherwise, not sure how to earn that priveldge.

j.nichol | 13 mars 2019

I'm on my laptop and I don't see any way to flag a post either.

lilbean | 13 mars 2019

Felicity Huffman and her buddies should have just come to the forum for their kids' diplomas. They could have saved six million dollars and all the embarrassment.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mars 2019

Right? I am pissed I spent all those years in school when for just a few yen and six weeks waiting for international mail (vs six years doing it the hard dumb way) I could have had a much better degree. And for just a few extra yen the upgrade to summa cum laude is totally worth it.

beaver | 13 mars 2019

There have to fix the Chinese spam, it makes this forum unreadable, super annoying. I find myself spending more time on the motor club forum.

Why don’t the X or S pages have this Chinese spam? Can we create a new secret section and call it Model E? Please!!!!

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mars 2019

They cycle through all the forums here S, X, etc. Take a break, it gets cleaned up. The forum is ours to make it what we want with very rare interference from TESLA. It makes it much more honest IMO (no TESLA agenda and let the experiment here go where it wants to go). Frustrating but interesting.

lilbean | 13 mars 2019

Haha, M8!

kcheng | 13 mars 2019

Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan. Come on people, how do you expect to get your fake American degrees, or do you have your fake degrees already?

johnse | 13 mars 2019

If you are an owner and don’t have the flagging links (bottom right in small red letters on every message and reply that says “Flag as Inappropriate”, I’ve heard that you can contact the webmaster to ask it be enabled.

lilbean | 13 mars 2019

Chinese forum torture. Ugh!

rsingh05 | 13 mars 2019

Also it’s in Chinese so easy to skip. Imagine if you were able to read all these spam post titles in english - it would be so much more annoying.

Nexxus | 14 mars 2019

5 flags to delete a post; 7 flags to delete a comment people.

ralphfiol | 14 mars 2019

Tesla can easily fix this. Currently, to post a comment on an existing thread, a CAPTCHA is required (i.e., "I'm not a robot" challenge). But it's not required when creating a new thread.

Bloob | 14 mars 2019

"Just flag 'em"... there are like 500 of them dominating the first 21 pages right now. Get cracking, owners!

wiboater4 | 14 mars 2019

They must be figuring higher readership because of Model Y unveil today??

apodbdrs | 14 mars 2019

Skip pages 2-24 if you to avoid the spam, just go to page 25 for now.

apodbdrs | 14 mars 2019

Skip to page 22, to avoid the spam.

Javy | 14 mars 2019

How to flag the spam post? | 14 mars 2019

@javyhe - Owners get the privilege of being able to flag posts. If you do not see the "Flag as Inappropriate" link in red, and are an owner, contact Tesla to upgrade your forum access to be an owner. You'll also get access to additional regional high-level forums at the forums home page.

Kathy Applebaum | 14 mars 2019

@ralphfiol The spammers have figured this out and pay people pennies an hour to bypass the captchas. :(

Jiver | 14 mars 2019

I've given up trying to get owner privileges. Maybe it is time to try again. Can we hire Dan to take care of it?

The sad part is that if those spam messages did not generate revenue they would not be posting them.

jithesh | 14 mars 2019

Is it possible to flag the spammer account instead of just post ?

Bloob | 15 mars 2019

They create new accounts

TM3Q | 15 mars 2019

You know when competition is in trouble......spamming Tesla forum is desparated lol

Tesla is #1 EV car company and the rest are trying to catch up!

Bulldawg | 15 mars 2019

They're on the verge of making the forum unusable.

X8IB | 15 mars 2019

The contact information they leave on the post is a "wechat" account. Here is wechat customer support site. ""
I will complain there.

X8IB | 15 mars 2019

Please bump up this post so it is always on top of the junks ads! Thank you.

j.nichol | 15 mars 2019

what is the purpose, do you suppose, of the Chinese spam?

who does it help if the Tesla boards become unused?

jithesh | 15 mars 2019

@j.nichol It's like ICEing.. The Gas car owners do not particularly gain anything with that.. but they probably do not like Tesla for whatever reason and find it fun to give some hard time to Tesla fans/owners. They are just trying to annoy us.
Weird but true.

drift | 15 mars 2019

Interesting that a tech company like Tesla is unable to activate a filter to prevent the showing of Chinese on an English forum.

Bloob | 15 mars 2019


parmesan | 15 mars 2019

can someone read/translate what they are posting?

Bloob | 15 mars 2019

I ran one of them through Google Translate yesterday, and it was just repeating a couple of phrases over and over again. Didn't make much sense. I don't think they're actually trying to sell or advertise anything, I think the point is just harassment. Or maybe it's just bots gone wrong.

MRNot01 | 15 mars 2019


Bloob | 15 mars 2019

Move all conversation into the pinned post?

jithesh | 15 mars 2019

@drift what I find interesting is that they do not have a topic for Model Y..

gmkellogg | 15 mars 2019

I'm pretty sure the forums are their lowest priority at this point.

jithesh | 15 mars 2019

I think a good short term solution here is if forum has a User Preference to show out posts only from owners or reservation holders. At least it would help the owners and reservation holders for now.

Filtering out based on content is long term solution but would be time consuming and needs some machine learning stuff to be effective.

MrSexyTime | 15 mars 2019

How are we supposed to differentiate the spam attacks from honest Chinese questions? And where do I find my own pennies an hour captcha clicker?

sajano | 15 mars 2019

this is complete crap with all the spam..btw i get my model 3 on sunday :)

Icepucks | 15 mars 2019

I'm leaving this forum until Tesla cleans up this Asian crap...Got better thing to do than scroll through all this BS.

X8IB | 15 mars 2019

@parmesan they are selling fake university diplomas. don't know why they pick the model 3 forum as target. Here is the link to wechat to file a complain...""
remember to cut the original post with the account# when report abuse.
e.g. in the following post, 【Q威信857767150】is the wechat account #.

Category: Policies and reporting - Report abusive content


jithesh | 15 mars 2019

@Icepucks But you can't leave.. its too addictive

Magic 8 Ball | 15 mars 2019


Thanks for the info. Attacks on American business is an attack on ‘merica. Homeland security, suuuuuure!