Just got my VIN - Order placed 2/28 - Model 3 Performance

Just got my VIN - Order placed 2/28 - Model 3 Performance

Subject says it all! has provided me with an ETA of March 20th, but it's a long ways from west coast to east coast, we will see!

disapr | 14 mars 2019

Congrats! Must be so nice to have such a quick turnaround.

n.nihar | 14 mars 2019

Hi , congrats.

Since you placed order on 2/28 when did you get following message : ""We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment.""


JakeMacaw84 | 14 mars 2019

@disapr, now is definitely the time to order a new mode 3! That is for sure!!
@n.nihar I’m not sure I ever got that message. My situation was rather unique. Lots of screw ups and miscues. It’s all coming together though. I actually called in and asked for my MVPA, they emailed me a fresh new one this morning from my local delivery center.

n.nihar | 14 mars 2019

@JakeMacaw84 , cool.

I ordered on 3/4 , MidRange/White/BlackInterrior/19 inch wheels . Got the message about drafting order on 3/9. Waiting for my VIN . I am trading my car tomorrow.

jjgunn | 14 mars 2019

Did you load it up? Or "save a few bucks" not ordering AP/FSD
20" wheels?

Sweet! Let us know how it goes!

finerestimating | 14 mars 2019

I ordered performance model on Feb. 6th. Still no Vin# and no delivery date. If I hit 8 weeks, I'll probably try to get my deposit back.

Dlevington | 14 mars 2019

I'm in Massachusetts; placed my order last week and getting delivery next Tuesday, March 19th; less than two weeks from placing order to delivery. I'd placed my original order in November 2016! Midrange, red, loaded.

noleaf4me | 14 mars 2019

@JakeMacaw84 -- what is the first 3 numbers of the VIN -- just curious what they are shipping now. Mine was way back at 023xxx

sbeggs | 14 mars 2019

Last six digits of VIN?

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

It is 214xxx. We got the midnight metallic silver, white interior, you can only get the 20 inch wheels now. I bought enhanced autopilot before the price change so I am getting the FSD for no additional charge. I also got an email stating that i get it so I have proof!

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

@finerestimating what is your build? Doesn’t seem fair I got one before you.... you may want to get in touch with Tesla support. Not gonna lie I probably bugged the hell out of them. They may of even flagged my account to get a car ASAP because of how many mistakes and miscues we had. Lol plus I’m a little impatient.

sbeggs | 15 mars 2019

Thanks, Jake!

gmkellogg | 15 mars 2019

Congrats! Giving you the Chinese bump.

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

@gmkellogg what on earth is that? Lol @sbeggs why do you ask? Just curious. I can't tell if the anxiety has subsided some or if it's actually worse now knowing that it's just next week. The delivery specialist is like since it's on the west coast and you're on the east coast, there may be transporting delays... which I mean I knew that, but man it's like watch my car get stuck on a truck that has engine trouble or something haha. That'd be my luck!

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

BTW, my name isn't Jake. It's actually Daniel. Jake is my blue and gold macaw. He's a very large parrot. Since everyone always asks, he can talk.

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

Here is a write up I did on a FB group I'm on. It describes the hiccups both on my part and on Tesla's.

My experience so far:

I went to Jacksonville, Florida to test drive a model 3 performance. Loved the car, was ready to get one that day. They didn't have one in our color scheme we wanted. Wife was unwilling to settle for any color other than the midnight silver metallic. So we began searching other districts, found the car we wanted in Orlando.

Last Saturday is when this was occurring. Well actually had trouble processing credit Saturday. We placed my order and hit submit, "Error," to paraphrase, it said the card info was incorrect. Retyped and ran it again. Error. Called my bank to see what was going on, they turned off the traveling block that we thought may of been in place. Ran the card again. Nothing. Both my card holder and the sales rep suggested another card. Error. Then for some stupid reason I let them run the second card a second time after making sure there was no typos.

When it was all said and done, turns out they had their processing error, all of my cards had gone through, but the website didn't show they did. As of Saturday evening Tesla had 12,500 dollars of my money and I still didn't have a RN. Monday we got everything reversed and had to run one of my credit cards a 6th time. Finally, a RN! Went to fill out the next portion of the website, however the frame the form data was in was missing. Luckily, I was talking to Hugo Veronica at Tesla headquarters, he was able to basically re-setup my account on the fly and I was finally able to complete that portion.

So upon completing this process I mentioned to Hugo that we were told the car would be available Friday, the 1st, today, by our sales rep in Jacksonville. Hugo told me that it looked like the car was scheduled for an entire week after this Friday on the next Friday. Well we tried to see if they could get the car delivered to my house, since I was outside of the range of the Orlando center. They denied that attempt since I went into the Jacksonville center. So instead they tried to see how long it would take to get the car to Jacksonville. Still it was a week out and it would be in the middle of the week. It would be almost impossible for me to make it there on a weekday with Jacksonville traffic and the fact I live in Georgia. So we scheduled the car to be picked up this Saturday in Orlando, since it was the fastest way for me to get the car. We had also made plans to go see the Atlanta Braves. Thank god we didn’t buy tickets.

We had originally told our rep we wanted a 2019, turns out the car he located is an 18. Unsure if this was a bait and switch or completely an accident. My finance manager ran the VIN and noticed the discrepancy, as well as making me aware of it. It didn't seem like such a big deal.

However, got home that night and went to the website to build another car just for fun. The website had the notice about the big announcement about getting some news around 5pm my time. Saw the pricing updates, and either hardware or software updates that make the car slightly faster. Decided to call Tesla back and tell them how I wasn't happy with being switched to an 18 without being properly informed of such. They kindly said they would switch me to a 19.

So I currently am in contact with Tesla headquarters, trying to get my Vin switched to a 19. It still has me as receiving a 18 tomorrow at 2. Which I had actually asked them to schedule for 6, since I had to be in Valdosta, Georgia Saturday morning and wouldn’t be able to make it to Orlando by 2, (I had to run back home, timing was bad, I probably could of barely made, with no impending traffic jams.)

They also updated my street address on the order to my Credit Unions street address. So I’m sure they would of gotten my recall letters and other mail from Tesla had that gone unnoticed. Hopefully they get word to the Orlando delivery team in time, so they aren’t sitting around waiting for me tomorrow.

I’ve had some fun conversations over the last few days, everyone has been nice, but it’s very easy to see in this type of scenario how Tesla’s “Online sales” approach needs some work. Although I feel like I would have been better off, never going inside the Jacksonville Retail store. Probably a good thing those are going to go away.

I think everything may be squared away now, I just have to wait much longer to get my model 3, which isn’t so bad, except I already sold my corvette on That was an amazing process btw. If anyone has an reservations about selling to Carvana, go ahead. It works great, Checked cleared first thing in the morning too.


So I have a VIN now. The car will arrive March 20th. It is in the transporting phase from Fremont to the east coast, so obviously that date is not set in stone. I've had a lot of forum members give me greif about wanting a 19 instead of an 18. It will only be about 3 weeks to get a newer car. I don't regret my decision at all. 3 weeks is a pretty amazing turn around from what Tesla has done in the past. If anyone is hesitant to order a new Model 3, I wouldn't. Do it today. Call and check on it. Stay on them till they get you a car ready. It's still a very new company and they clearly have not ironed out all the kinks in there service, but, it is getting better!

BTW, I found out the 2018 I was gonna get, it was built in december, so it was only a few months old. OH WELL. I GOT A 19 NOW!

Sky Pilot | 15 mars 2019

I guess I'm fortunate to live here in SoCal. I ordered a premium LR Blue/black with all the electronic bells and whistles on 3/11 and was given a delivery date of 3/16 via text message. A day ago I looked on line to see if a VIN was referenced and noticed they had moved my delivery date to the 23rd. Unfortunately I'm out of town next weekend so one the phone with Tesla and moved it to the 25th. Still 12 days to 2 weeks isn't too bad.

sbeggs | 15 mars 2019

Daniel, just keeping up the Official VIN thread, wherein I list the person's name and the highest VIN in the thread title.

JakeMacaw84 | 15 mars 2019

Who is the highest?

Sky, still i think for me to be damn near in Florida, 3 weeks ain't bad!