Do Tesla loaner cars qualify for federal/state tax rebate

Do Tesla loaner cars qualify for federal/state tax rebate

I am considering purchasing a loaner model 3. Has 1500 or so miles on it. Would Tesla loaners qualify for federal and CA EV tax rebates?

jaiamangill | 15 mars 2019

Loaner car question

badaman | 15 mars 2019

Yes, if you're the first registered owner.

jordanrichard | 15 mars 2019

badaman +1

jaiamangill | 15 mars 2019

Thanks for the responses! Would running a carfax on the VIN be sufficient to determine/validate that the car has not been previously registered?

jordanrichard | 15 mars 2019

If Tesla told you it is a loaner, then it's a loaner. They would get into so much legal trouble selling a used car as "new".

foodking | 15 mars 2019

it should've been registered to the rental company. The loaner i'm in is registered to an LLC

stevenmaifert | 15 mars 2019

Before you buy, ask Tesla how they are going to characterize the car in the "Description of Property" section on the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement. IRC 30D is the governing IRS directive for the EV tax credit: It says " the original use of the vehicle must commence with the taxpayer". In this case, the original use of the vehicle was by the manufacturer as a loaner. If Tesla characterizes the car as "New", you should be okay to claim the tax credit. Anything else, and I would be very cautious about claiming the Fed tax credit and CA CVRP.

terminator9 | 15 mars 2019

hmm.. loaners aren't registered to anyone? I have no expert information but seems a little weird that these cars are driving on the road not registered to anyone?

jordanrichard | 15 mars 2019

A car that has not been registered to an owner for the first time, is still considered "new".

Loaners or any other inventory, belongs to the company, hence the manufacturer tags (license plates). When you see dealer plates, that indicates it belongs to the dealer.

JustSaying | 15 mars 2019

My last Tesla loaner was registered to Enterprise.
In .CA the plates usually move with the car. Check the current registration status.