What's it mean? Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW

What's it mean? Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW

So I'm on day 3. Time to charge. Looking at a convenient location, I see a chargepoint charging station that displays this online:
Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW

Does the 6.6kW mean that I'll get 6kW per hour? Does that mean probably the same as the home nema 14-50 / wall charger I was looking at info about? In other words, about 20 miles per hour?

Thanks for any info for this new EV owner, car named Evie.


CharleyBC | 15 mars 2019

You may be confusing kW (power) and kWh (energy). But you're close. 6.6 kW over the course of an hour is 6.6 kWh in your battery (minus some conversion efficiency loss--heat).

Your 14-50 on at least a 40-Amp breaker should deliver 32 Amps to your car. Assuming 240 Volts (we get 244 at home), 240V * 32A = 7.68 kW. So that's a little beefier than the 6.6 kW Chargepoint.

But I'm not sure why you said you get 20 mph at home. A 14-50 at 32 Amps should give about 30 mph. Is your 14-50 on an underpowered circuit?