Charging Question + VIN Question

Charging Question + VIN Question

Ordered a MR RWD Black with Black interior on Friday. Got delivery confirmation and VIN Friday night. The VIN was from 2018 and I did not want that. Has anyone recieved a midrange 2019 model?

Anything else I need to check for in the VIN?

I have a chevy volt with a 220V Charger. I know i can use this on the M3 with the sullied adapter. How does it compare to the OEM Tesla charger? Debating if I should buy the $500 Tesla charger.

RES IPSA | 16 mars 2019

I think the MR can only charge at 32 amps unless you are at a supercharger. So no advantage in buying the wall charger unit from Tesla. The mobile charger that comes with the car has a max of 32 amps. You may just need to buy the right adapter for the plug on your wall. The car comes with a NEMA 14-50 adapter. But the Tesla store has lots of other adapters for sale.

Or you can always switch out the wall plug for a NEMA 14-50

kevin_rf | 17 mars 2019

I would use the adapter, it will work the same as spending the extra money for a Tesla wall connector. Save your dollars, Elon will find another way to extract the money from you ;-)

Also, the mid range just disappeared from the Tesla website. With all the 2018 Vin posts, it makes one wonder if all mid ranges are excess inventory from 2018 and none have been built in 2019.

(Funny, auto correct just spelled mid range as mood ring, given the way Tesla changes things up, that may be more accurate)

jordanrichard | 17 mars 2019

What is the concern about it being a “2018”? There is no physical/feature difference in the cars.

tesla88919 | 17 mars 2019

Residual value and insurance valuation (if totaled and replaced).

hcdavis3 | 17 mars 2019

The longer you keep your car the less meaningful your resale will be. I took delivery of a July 2018 LR RWD a week ago. Yeah I was concerned as to where the heck the car had been for so long. The car was flawless so I drove it away. The car is identical to any car coming off the line in Fremont. I do, however wish Tesla would go to model year. I guess that would make it difficult to sell cars like mine. My 2 KWH worth.