AP & FSD price predictions

AP & FSD price predictions

After Delivery prices for AP & FSD are supposed to go back to normal tomorrow for many of us.

Any predictions of what will actually happen ?

1) Prices will remain where they are.
2) Prices will return to $4k & $7K
3) Prices will be somewhere in between.
4) Price changes will be officially postponed.

RES IPSA | 17 mars 2019

First choice: #2
Second choice: #3

M3User | 17 mars 2019

I paid the 2k, yesterday. Not taking the chance of having to pay 3-4K, later.

thedrisin | 17 mars 2019

5) Price goes down because they can't afford it.

Carl Thompson | 17 mars 2019

I'm thinking #4... Postponed until end of quarter (but there may be no official notice).

Second choice is #3.

jfs130 | 17 mars 2019

@M3User I paid the $2k also. Did you receive any kind of email confirmation? Besides the initial "Thank you" screen, I haven't seen anything, nor has it been activated. Purchased Fri 03/15 fwiw.

RES IPSA | 17 mars 2019

Since it sounds like you previously had EAP, I doubt you will notice any immediate difference. My vheicle details page has yet to update with the AP purchase 10 days ago nor the FSD purchase a few days ago.

stopnair | 17 mars 2019

I paid $3k and $5k just yesterday for a new M3 order. Prices better go up tomorrow else I would raise hell just for the 'feel good' feeling..

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 mars 2019

I predict that someday prople will realize there is nothing better from any other manufacturer for any price and shut the [FLOCK] up about this.

spuzzz123 | 17 mars 2019

@jfs130 - me too. No email confirmation at all, very weird. But it does show up on my vehicle details section here on the website.

mrburke | 17 mars 2019

I never got acknowledgement, but did get a pending credit car charge.
AP & FSD showed up a couple of days later.

AND ABOUT THAT. They showed up without warning and prevent the car for being driven while the update happened.

TM3Q | 17 mars 2019

FYI when I purchase the FSD it showed up right away on my account (I had EAP with car delivery).

hector | 17 mars 2019

Anti spam bump...

jfs130 | 17 mars 2019

Hmm... doesn’t show up on my vehicle details either. But I did notice that I no longer have the option to purchase autopilot, just FSD. I’ll call tomorrow if I don’t see anything in the morning. Don’t want to get bumped to a higher price because of some glitch.

sl7vk | 18 mars 2019

Looks like pricing hasn’t changed a bit on the Tesla website.

angie | 18 mars 2019

@sl7vk "Reminder to buy our S3XY cars before midnight on Monday! Prices rise slightly worldwide on Tuesday. You can order online at" - Elon

82bert | 18 mars 2019

Tonight at midnight. So technically Tuesday at midnight. He should’ve said Monday at 11:59pm they expire.

jamespompi | 18 mars 2019

I reluctantly shelled out the 2k for AP.. My EAP trial kept restarting so I had it for like 2 months and I think I forgot how to drive.

dsp | 18 mars 2019

I bought the AP yesterday too. Found it surprisingly useful on my commute during the trial period. And when it ended, I felt one of the unique features of Tesla left the car. I wasn't prepared to pay for the price then, but at 2k, I think it's good. Not getting the Full, just don't see it.

RES IPSA | 18 mars 2019

I did notice yesterday that the MR M3 is now not available to order

shaneggpierce | 18 mars 2019

Well I dont think so it will anymore judging by the silence. Still fingers crossed.


amanwithplan | 19 mars 2019

Pricing has not been updated as of 3/19/2019 at 11:15 AM EST.

Still $2k to upgrade to AP, $3k more for FSD.

aasandsas | 19 mars 2019

Still see $2k as existing EAP owner who paid $5k last year.

tyson | 19 mars 2019

aasandsas, I bought my M3 with EAP in January and decided last week to bite on the $2k for FSD thinking it would go up. Not the case?

cascadiadesign | 19 mars 2019

Elon extended the "Sale" to midnight Wednesday (March 20)

Hal Fisher | 19 mars 2019

I don’t see confirmation of purchase but you should notice the options to buy them are no longer available.

jamespompi | 20 mars 2019

My trial switched to the purchased version of AP. I'm sad that the indication lane change is gone. To me that doesnt seem like a FSD feature. My prediction is that these things were taken away to distinguish FSD package and might come back to AP users as more functionality rolls out. For example, it would make a lot of sense if basic summon was given to AP users after advanced summon rolls out for FSD guys.

msmith55 | 21 mars 2019

The new prices more in line with the competition, which is good for consumers!

rickydphipps | 21 mars 2019

I have EAP with 2019, ordered and took delivery in Feb during the FSD blackout.

My FSD upgrade *was* $2k. Now it's $5k. I swear I read it would be $3k after they put prices back Monday.

82bert | 21 mars 2019

@rickydphipps. No one said such a thing. It was repeatedly asked what the price would go to, but no one had a clue. If you waited, you were gambling. 2k was a good price, even if it currently provides no real benefit (although soon). Hard to pass on that.

bEEar | 21 mars 2019

The only thing Elon said is that it is going back to "normal". It was $5k on the store for like 8 months before the 'sale', so $5k makes perfect sense IMO ...

wp2000 | 21 mars 2019

I paid 3k and 5k. I ordered on Monday with the help of a local store rep. Is this the lowered price or is this the original price?

82bert | 21 mars 2019

It’s a different question. New orders have been 3 and 5k since changes came about earlier this month.

Other people are taking about add-on cost of AP and FSD after taking delivery.

mrburke | 21 mars 2019

@wp2000 - Were you ordering a car and adding it on, or had you previously purchased you car ?

drchris3 | 21 mars 2019

Looks like the prices are back up. I took possession of my model 3 in late November 2018 with EAP. Bought the FSD upgrade (during the sale. last week (glad I did)).

This is what is listed for a new car purchase today for FSD.

Full Self-Driving Capability

Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

Coming later this year:

Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
Automatic driving on city streets.

Navigate on Autopilot is new and improved (as advertised above) and Advanced Summon is improved. The car will come to you (really your phone) when engaged. Before (2 weeks ago) it would only go forward and backward. It is pretty cool. Try it in a parking lot (without a lot of cars, if you have a weak stomach)

I expect the last two features: Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs and Automatic driving on city streets out before years end (also as advertised)

Enjoy the Toy!

wp2000 | 21 mars 2019

@mrburke Ordering brand new car.

drchris3 | 21 mars 2019

I am jealous. The thrill I had when I first started driving my model 3 rivaled the feeling when my Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Exhilarating!

mrburke | 21 mars 2019

@wp2000 - Your "discount" was baked into the lower price of the car. So $3k & $5K sounds correct

wp2000 | 21 mars 2019

@mrburke Oh, so the 35k model didn't really get the discount then? Thanks.

mrburke | 21 mars 2019

@wp2000 - The discounted AP & FSD were for the people who purchase their car at the higher prices that were pre $35k model. Last summer when I bought my LR AWD the base price was $54k. Today the base price of the car is $48,500. Previous to the small price re-adjustment it was $47k. So the discounted AP&FSD was for the people who bought those cars at a higher price. Just Tesla trying to do the right thing for their customers

kyuhwang | 21 mars 2019

I was away on a conference for a week. I had no idea Elon Musk had announced that price for AP & FSD would go up today. I had been planning on buying it today when I got back from the conference, but then I was deeply saddened to find out that the price went up. I would have thought I would have gotten an email or something to let me know. Tesla customer support will not help. Please, please please Elon Musk can you offer this one more time. I think customers deserve better communication. I am not checking twitter each day.

stephenfootball | 21 mars 2019

You should be checking this forum everyday. ;)

hpn | 21 mars 2019

@kyuhwang....What's the current price? i purchased mine this past Saturday both AP and FSD $5k + tax.


thedrisin | 21 mars 2019

Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.


Skmetallica | 21 mars 2019

$5K for FSD is a tough sell. $7K for people that have already purchased is even more so. I wouldn’t be surprised if these prices drop again in the future.

As someone that just bought AP with their car, I certainly hope so lol

kyuhwang | 21 mars 2019

It’s coming up as $3500+$5500=$9000
The thing is I was going to buy it. I’m still running a trial. I would think owners should be notified when a deal is removed. I was away on a conference so was not checking Twitter.

burdogg | 21 mars 2019

Still better than mine - I bought the AP but passed on FSD. Now FSD is $7,000 in my account.

dsp | 21 mars 2019

@burdogg I'm in the same boat. You regret not upgrading? I wish I had now... haha.... though I still feel it won't be that useful for me here in NYC.