Interesting water leak

Interesting water leak

4+ year owner of a 2014 S. Yesterday when I opened the rear hatch, water came pouring out of the hatch, thru the hatch mechanism, and other areas of escape. It had rained rather hard briefly, but there was no standing water on top of the hatch area. I had opened the hatch prior to the rain, so there was no stored moisture inside the hatch panel prior to the rain. I know the tail lights have a known issue with water encroachment, and I did, for the first time see moisture condensed in the right rear tail light assembly. Obviously rain water had collected inside the hatch somehow and literally poured out about 3 cups of water into the trunk area when I lifted the hatch. I haven't had a chance to inspect the hatch rubber gaskets yet or maybe the rear window seals are poor. Never had this problem in my 4 years of ownership. I'll check it out better in the daylight, but wondering if anyone else had this issue?

NKYTA | 22 mars 2019

There is a service bulletin for older cars for a rear hatch drain (it is actually two of them). Ask Svc.

eggbert747 | 22 mars 2019

@NKYTA-Thanks, I'm taking it in for some other issues soon, will tackle that water issue also at my next service.

jordanrichard | 22 mars 2019

I have gotten this too. I was told by the mobile tech that the water rolls off the hatch and wicks its way in behind the rear lights.

cotegang | 4 avril 2019

Yeah, mobile techs replaced my rear lights when I had this problem.