Tesla shop website...where to find existing order?

Tesla shop website...where to find existing order?

So I ordered a 6-50 outlet adaptor 2 days back and want to check status...After logging into where do I see my existing orders.. I do have the confirmation email but surprised I don't see a link to my existing orders.

hcdavis3 | 24 mars 2019

I ordered the tire inflator kit for my M 3. Same thing. I called support and they said it’s on its way (it was). Hopefully they’ll fix the site so we’ll be able to see all orders, completed and pending.

nwsrgilmore | 24 mars 2019

Same here. I ordered some accessories when I knew my car was on its way, but I couldn't recall if I'd ordered touch up paint or not. Until it was shipped, I couldn't find anyway to verify whether I had or not. Luckily I didn't order two by accident.

LikeLightning | 24 mars 2019

I ordered a hat a couple weeks ago, got a follow up email with a tracking number a couple days later, and eventually received the package. Fine. Eight+ days ago ordered a jacket. Only indication I have that it's been ordered is the charge showed up on my credit card. Emailed support at the direction of the automated message when I called. Waiting to hear back for a couple days now. We'll see I guess.

EVolution | 24 mars 2019

how long approximately before receiving adapter

Bated Breath | 24 mars 2019

I ordered the red paint touch-up kit approximately 3 weeks ago. I've heard nothing from Tesla since placing the order.

ModernTriDad | 24 mars 2019

Good luck! The Tesla shop has e-commerce/CRM technology behind any other website I’ve ordered from in the last couple years. There is no online status. All I ever received was the first order confirmation, then I waited several weeks. I gave up replying to the order confirmation after several attempts, despite the invitation to reply to. There seems to be no way to contact them by phone, which is obviously by design. They seems to be separate from the rest of Tesla in technology and customer service. It’s disappointing and frustrating, especially when the order takes weeks to arrive. It’s what I’d expect from a legacy car company and not Tesla.

lumberjack | 24 mars 2019

I’d like to see Tesla close its online accessories shop in its entirety and switch to with Prime shipping.

Kary993 | 24 mars 2019

It took about a week and a half before my adapter showed up. Normally you will receive an email confirming the order, then another when it ships so you can track the order. There seems to always be a fair amount of time in between those emails and while you are in that unknown zone, can't find anything out unless you write to them. Even then it might take a while for a reply. As is with this forum, the shopping features that we are all used to these days are simply missing.

paul | 24 mars 2019

I ordered an adapter 10 days ago. I immediately got an email saying my order was confirmed, and "we'll notify you when it ships". Haven't heard anything since that email.

Transporter82 | 28 avril 2019

I ordered a wheel kit, got the confirmation immediately, and the shipping email 2 days later. Says it will be available to track in 24-48 hours but there is no tracking number or link. Seems like this is about average from reading here.

moabchick | 28 avril 2019

All - if you received an email when you ordered, and are wondering what is the status, just hit REPLY to the email you received and ask your question. In Feb, I ordered the roof rails. In late March, I was wondering "WTF - WHERE ARE MY ROOF RAILS" and used replying to the email. I got an answer about 24 hours later, saying they were still backordered, asking if I wanted to cancel the order or still wait. I decided to wait. Got the rails last week.

moabchick | 28 avril 2019

@lumberjack - I agree with you...Amazon would be way better

ralphfiol | 28 mai 2019

I LOVE Tesla. I HATE Tesla Shop. I ordered 19" sport wheels 2+ months ago. No tires yet. And no response from my inquiries via the official shop email address. I even drove to the nearest Tesla service center this past weekend and they stated they have no access to the shop order system, and they could not provide me with a phone number. I feel like a chump. They've had my $3,500 for 2+ months and I can't even get a status update. Going to try Twitter DM next. So frustrating and sad. Tesla is such an awesome brand, but their accessories shop is a disaster.

yasir_6 | 28 mai 2019

I ordered a wall charger. Received a cofirmation and then a email saying it'sshipped but no tracking number. There is no way to get hold of anyone. Very frustrated.

dan.ehmann | 4 juin 2019

I ordered a 14-30 adapter, got confirmation that it shipped over a week ago, but no tracking and nothing has arrived. My car arrives in 2 days and I won't be able to charge other than the 120 charge or supercharge, I contacted customer service through email and was confirmed they will look into it, still waiting. Does anyone have a number where we can contact a person to find out if it's back ordered or it was delivered and possibly stolen from my doorstep?

geoffrey.sadleir | 6 juin 2019

Same issue here. I received an email when I ordered and another saying my wall connector has shipped, but absolutely no way to track the order. Online shopping process is incredibly frustrating.

sky-pilot | 6 juin 2019

I had the same issue. There isn't anywhere to view your order. I ended up hitting reply to the order confirmation email and inquired where my order was and of course, they never responded.

icuddeford | 14 juin 2019

i ordered my wall charger 2 weeks ago and no tracking information was ever given to me i am VERY unpleased with Tesla and there consumer support system.

pkmantmc | 14 juin 2019

Ordered Cable Organizer 2 weeks ago; received email 3 days later saying that it has shipped but no tracking info. Emailed Tesla to inquire but no resolution yet. If it doesn't show up in 1 week, I will have to order from 3rd party on Amazon, to not miss the install date.

On the other hand, ordered 14-50 adapter 2 days ago and received email with tracking info today.

It seems that if the item is out of stock, Tesla doesn't bother to inform you and just let you wait it out.

helenyerealty | 24 juin 2019

I ordered a wall connector from and just realized that I had received zero confirmation on anything.
This experience is way under an e-commerce website.

joe | 2 juillet 2019

Where the hell is my order? Car experience GREAT, ordering a wall charger, only to NEVER receive response other than confirmation of taking my money???? Priceless. Based on this forum, Tesla has serious customer service challenges with their store

douglas_peale | 2 juillet 2019

Hmm, at the bottom of my most recent order I find this text:

"Questions? Visit our FAQ
You can also reply back to this email directly or contact us at"

This order was for a key fob on 2019/6/6 (after waiting 3 months before I was even allowed to order it) still no confirmation of shipping. But the key fob does state: "Note: Current shipping estimate is 3-4 weeks from date of order." and it is a few more days before I hit the 4 week mark.

I can't say my car experience has been "great" with a phone key that does not work, but I'm hoping that the fob will improve things.

bharat117 | 3 juillet 2019

@ Joe, completely agree!!! I ordered the part for himelink over a month ago. Called/emailed/texted numerous times, but no one has ever gotten back to me.

Harvan Hunter | 3 juillet 2019

My experience with the Tesla shop has been mixed. I ordered the NEMA 14-50 adapter, the USB-C charging cable, and the all-weather floor mats as soon as they were back in stock (when I took delivery, the shop didn't have any of these things in stock). I got the floor mats right away - was only about 4 days between when I ordered and when they arrived. The NEMA charger took about a week to arrive, and the USB-C cable took almost 2 weeks.

I got status updates on each item from Tesla in a timely manner. But my shop got both the NEMA adapter and the USB-C cables in before I got the online orders, so I went and bought those from there, and said I'd return the online orders. It took Tesla more than a week to respond to the return request email with shipping labels (just got those yesterday).