Model X with AP 3.0 have started being delivered

Model X with AP 3.0 have started being delivered

According to TMC some owners have taken deliveries of Model X with the new 3.0 hardware. VIN in the 155xxx or 156xxx.

Not sure if software is ready to take advantage of the faster hardware or will follow soon.

nipper2 | 25 mars 2019

I will find out soon my 157 not delivered yet

inconel | 25 mars 2019

If you have the VIN I believe you can plug into some VIN decoder to find out now.

paul | 25 mars 2019

IF this is the hardware that is actually able to achieve FSD (unlike 1, 2, 2.5), then
I sure hope they are also thinking about upgrade paths. | 25 mars 2019

@inconel - VIN doesn't identify AP/EAP/FSD or even the version of hardware (or at least it hasn't in the past). Owners with VIN can try here:

Let me know if anything shows up as undocumented.

DustWindDude | 25 mars 2019

There are option code decoders ( like this one: ) where you can plug in your spec sheet link. The spec sheet link has the option codes embedded, and the decoder will tell you what they mean. APH4 denotes AP Hardware v3.

martinsfsu | 25 mai 2019

My MS should be delivered within a week, build date is 3/22 and it includes AP 3.0 hardware (APH4)

deanzsyclone | 27 mai 2019

Still waiting on a Vin number from Tesla but good to hear. What's the average wait time for now?

chestergillmore | 29 mai 2019

MX long range 7 seater, Raven refresh confirmed.
Black on black

For those waiting:
Ordered May 08
Confirmed May 08
VIN assigned May 25 1629xx
Scheduled delivery May 31

Delivery in Bay Area... Hope this helps those waiting.

For What its worth I deal with Russel & Jack from LA Tesla (even though I live in Bay Area). His attention to detail, responsiveness and customer service has been impeccable. Hasn’t steered be wrong one and been highly responsive to any and all questions asked. Even though we basically just built a new car online they have been TOPS and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. When the price dropped I didnt even have to ask him to process the reduced price for me and also helped with the comps on CPO, new existing vs new raven refresh to order.

Once I get car Friday and have time happy to answer any and all questions folks have!

danielpurcell | 29 mai 2019

I just ordered Model X on May 20. Still no VIN assigned. I hope to get it soon!

Sribash | 30 mai 2019

Ordered MX, 5 seater, long range on April 30 ... still waiting for VIN

dapetrun | 4 juin 2019

My MX was suppose to arrive May 30th but due to severe weather has been delayed to June 7th. Not holding my breath...

LenL | 5 juin 2019

I ordered a Model X Long Range May 27. Hoping for a June Delivery.

ole.rodland | 22 juin 2019

Ordered a TMX inventory May 31st with VIN 1620xxx with AP 3.0. Curious to see if it got the full raven refresh, partly refreshed or is just plain pre-raven with a high vin...

george | 22 juin 2019

Ordered Performance Model X April 30, still no VIN, not looking likely for June at this point

LenL | 23 juin 2019

Delivery scheduled June 25. VIN 183xxx

inconel | 24 juin 2019

Is the new X technically a Hybrid since it is a Raven with Falcon wings? | 24 juin 2019

It definitely preys on other automakers...

mbp11 | 24 juin 2019

And Tesla is always Hawking their wares

george | 3 juillet 2019

Ultimately my new Raven Model X ordered April 30 was delivered on Saturday. I love all the improvements since my 2016 MX P90D. Smoother, quieter, better quality, more efficient (range) , and free ludicrous. The thrill is back!

inconel | 3 juillet 2019