A bus was on top on my MS90D

A bus was on top on my MS90D

I usually don't do fast food, but had to work really late (3AM). I went to the drive-up window at a national chain. While I was waiting to pay at the window, I noticed the icons on my dash showed a bus bouncing all over my vehicle. There were no proximity warnings on the radar. This was a red brick building. Other than the glass window, which was well above the car, there was nothing reflective that I could see.

I did a BUG REPORT. As soon as I pulled away from the building, the bus went away. 2018.50.6 currently which I am told is the current version for my vehicle.

Bighorn | 26 mars 2019

The S doesn’t have the latest EAP update that got Footloose enforcement.

reed_lewis | 26 mars 2019

I have seen this on 2018.50.6 also. Brick buildings seem to 'fool' the computer. | 26 mars 2019

Yep, I get a large truck on the right side as I drive into my garage. I've noted that on the road and stopped with cars around me that version 2019.8.1 is far more stable. Before vehicles would move about and sometimes disappear and reappear. Still not perfect, but significantly better now.

Firaz | 26 mars 2019

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I once had emergency braking trigger in the middle of the highway and briefly saw a red block displayed on the dashboard in front of the car, it was diagnosed as a defective front (AP1) camera which Tesla replaced.

MySin_AZ | 26 mars 2019

Eating fast food at 3am can cause you to see things...;)...

sentabo | 26 mars 2019

Maybe there really was a bus and you were so tired from working late that you missed it.

TeslaKU | 26 mars 2019

If it happens again, I will get out an make sure there isn't a bus dancing on my S.

Bighorn | 27 mars 2019

Better to have an overly sensitive bus detector than the alternative.