Mobile service

Mobile service

I just had my 4th annual inspection on my MS and it was done in my driveway by a mobile technician driving a MS. To say I’m satisfied is to put it mildly. He not only did the annual but all the recall items. I even had a chance to chat with him and learn a ton about my car. He took the whole boot out of the Frunk and exposed the business end of my car. He advised that in the Seattle area they currently have 4 rangers and are going to 10 this year. This was especially helpful to me as I live 75 miles from the nearest service center. No more stinking shop calls.

ravtdi | 28 mars 2019

How did you line this up, when I try to schedule service, it only lists Service Centers in adjacent states?

TranzNDance | 28 mars 2019

If your service could be done with mobile service, they will contact you to confirm that you want to get mobile service. Some people seem to have the option to schedule mobile service from the start.

Tropopause | 28 mars 2019

I thought annual services are no longer required.

jordanrichard | 28 mars 2019

Tropopause, that was a very, very recent change and the OP didn't say when exactly he had his 4th done. "Just" as in just done, is subjective.

BlufftonBob | 29 mars 2019

When you use the app to schedule service you first schedule service at the nearest service center. Then in the comments box ask for mobile service vice the service center. tesla will get back to you to schedule the time for the mobile service. Kind of clunky but workable.

Uncle Paul | 30 mars 2019

Most service appointment requests also mention that they will notify you if you qualify for mobile service.

Will be an amazing improvement in convenience.