Will I ever get updates if I am never connected to WiFi?

Will I ever get updates if I am never connected to WiFi?

I currently have version 2018.50.6. My garage isn’t super close to my house, and I even have a WiFi range extender is in the room closest to the garage. Even when I do manage a signal it’s pretty weak. Parking at work I can’t connect either.

Will I ever get an update pushed on just the cars internet connection without WiFi?

gmr6415 | 29 mars 2019

Yes you will, but if you've got a good wifi signal it's much more dependable. You might want to look into an Amped Pro extender. They are great up to a mile and a half.

syclone | 1 avril 2019

I've been away from home base since Mid December. NO WIFI! I've received 3 updates. So, no problem on the firmware front. On the other hand, I've just gotten a notification on the screen that the "Mother Ship" wanted to download a Map update, but I would have to be connected to WiFi to receive it.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 avril 2019

You will get critical safety updates without WiFi.

If you ever wind up taking your car to a Tesla service center, you can get the latest updates pushed over WiFi while you're there. Might be worth a visit every couple of years just for that.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 avril 2019

I should clarify -- my comment was based on not having premium connectivity. With premium, you'll still get all updates except large map updates over LTE, just after the WiFi folks.

EVRider | 1 avril 2019

@Kathy: Updates are not scheduled based on how you connect to the network (with premium connectivity), so “WiFi folks” don’t get priority. The only reason WiFi improves your chances of getting an update is because the update might require downloading a lot of data, and the WiFi connection is faster and more reliable (usually).

Kathy Applebaum | 1 avril 2019

@EVRider Any chance you have a source for that? It's contrary to what I remember hearing from Tesla, and makes no sense from a practical standpoint -- let's say I'm connected to Wifi 6 hours a day and Tesla decides that it's my VIN's turn for an update. If they don't prioritize people who are connected to Wifi, then they would wind up pushing the update while I'm connected to LTE 3/4 of the time. But that doesn't match my experience -- I either get updates in the middle of the night (while connected to Wifi) or about 30-60 minutes after connecting to WiFi, even if I've been gone for a week.

mikes | 1 avril 2019

Have gotten several updates via LTE including V9. The manual states that MAP updates require WI-FI, but as per conversation with a Tesla person that is not necessarily true, as it turned out I have received a MAP update via LTE too. The problem I found is that LTE downloads may fail at first and then it will not attempt to download again for weeks or month. AS per conversation with a Tesla tech, if that happens, it needs pushed thru by a mobile tech or service center. In any event WI-FI does not give you a higher priority at all, just a more reliable connection!

Kathy Applebaum | 1 avril 2019

@mikes -- you have premium connectivity, right? (You do for at least a year unless you got a SR/SR+) Premium connectivity includes updates over LTE.

Again, how do you know that you wouldn't have gotten the update a day/week sooner if you were on wifi? Serious question.

slipsey | 1 avril 2019

As confirmed by service center, big updates are ONLY done on wifi. doesn't matter what connectivity you have. I went in to service center and got the update...

whosyourbaba | 1 avril 2019

Still on 2018.50.6 on my LR. Live in a condo with no wireless in my parking garage. Only got 2 updates on LTE

EVRider | 1 avril 2019

@Kathy: No, I don’t have a source to support what I said — do you? Tesla doesn’t reveal much about their update mechanism. I do believe the updates are downloaded in pieces if necessary, so the fact that an update appears while you’re connected to WiFi doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have appeared anyway — it could just be that an in progress update completes after you connect to WiFi.

If Tesla does prioritize updates to cars connected to WiFi, does that mean if you’re not connected when it’s your turn, you don’t get the update until all the other WiFi updates happen? Seems unlikely.

RoadDevil | 1 avril 2019

Could it use mixed modes, both pushing and pulling? The car (client receives a small footprint notification that an update is ready for your car, then it is up to the car to perform actual download. That way, the Tesla server controls what cars are eligible for a particular update, and cars decide when to download based on the network connectivity so that it can improve the failure rate due to cars poor connection condition.

mikes | 2 avril 2019

Kathy Applebaum, The car gets to enjoy WI-Fi every so often, but never did it download a update via WI-FI unless it was pushed by Tesla service. On the other hand it failed to download a couple of times via LTE and had to be pushed after that, and the first time this happened I found out by accident as I was talking to Roadside assistance for another reason. At that time most had not even received the update yet and mine was sitting on the"shelf" for already 3 weeks. Also talking to different people at Tesla, they all state that updates are going by VIN not connectivity.
I do enjoy the free premium connectivity for life.
Also there are many people that have great WI-FI for their car, and still I get updates before them.

mikes | 2 avril 2019

@slipsey What is a big update? I got V9 on LTE!

EVRider | 2 avril 2019

@roaddevil: I don't know if this is actually correct, but I've read in the forums that when your car is ready for an update, Tesla connects to your car via cellular (not WiFi) and asks the car to download the update. It's not clear if the car can be accessed by the Tesla server via WiFi, and it's probably more secure if it can't be. If that's true, it means the car can't get updates if it has only a WiFi connection but no LTE service.

Given how secretive Tesla has been about their update mechanism, it's hard to know if anything you hear about it is true (and the Tesla reps are often misinformed).

mikes | 3 avril 2019

Agree with EVRider. Tesla keeps the actual process for updates secret. Even on the phone the person was not sure why the download failed, she just said that's weird, and then when another download failed the mobile tech just said that's weird! I thought this is funny that both were flabbergasted by this. Luckily the tech was able to push the update at that point.

jithesh | 4 avril 2019

I have premium LTE and although I used to get updates when i bought recently I have noticed that I get updates as soon as I connect to Wifi but not with LTE. Not sure if its just a timing thing or they actually push with Wifi has first preference.

M3sofarsogreat | 10 juillet 2019

I have a Standard Range+ Model 3, received one update since I purchased 2 months ago and I’m on version 2019.8.6.1, surely there should be more updates for this model as the rest of them are way ahead. Is there a table to lookup what is the latest version of non-beta updates and if I am behind, besides going to a service center, is there a means of forcing or deploying by USB? I would guess Tesla May be a bit paranoid about having customers download them on another device and carry them to the vehicle, for fears of malware etc.
How does one join for beta updates, would love to do this as I test plenty of software and am technical as I work in IT.

Joshan | 10 juillet 2019

Get into the Tesla Chat, They can check what version you should be on and tell if you if you had a failed update and reset it.

tanya | 10 juillet 2019

@M3sofarsogreat I had to use my phone as a hotspot to download updates. I was on 2019.12.1 and now on 2019.20.4.

Gordon87 | 10 juillet 2019

@tanya - I do the same, using iPhone hotspot. I just got 2019.20.4.2 today doing that.