FSD Upgrade Path Mapped Out

FSD Upgrade Path Mapped Out

Best $2k investment not related to stocks or real estate. :)

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.3)*2. Grin on!

NKYTA | 29 mars 2019

What Real Estate are you buying for $2k, NWT Canada?


Jcastillo18 | 29 mars 2019

Well played Mr. Musk

sr.smr | 29 mars 2019

Elon tweeted today: "Retrofits will start when our software is able to take meaningful advantage of the Tesla FSD computer, which is an order of magnitude more capable. For now, it’s slightly disadvantageous to have Tesla FSD computer, as our software is more refined for HW2."

I interpret this to mean that when new software is designed to take advantage of HW3, then the hardware upgrade will be implemented. But wasn't this always the case? I was hoping that a timeline would be announced for the software upgrade. And whether the HW3 replacement would enable HW2 cars to take advantage of the dashcam and sentry features. That would be real breaking news.

marshall | 30 avril 2019

Okay, I am still confused. I purchased a Model S 75D in March of 2018 with the $5K enhanced autopilot. I understand my hardware is 2.5. To get the full self driving do I have to pay more for this? If so how much? I have called Tesla customer support and I can NOT get a straight answer from the support folks.

Note: When I login to my account, where you manage your vehicle, I see an Auto Pilot upgrade for 5K to purchase "Full Self Driving. Shouldn't that upgrade be discounted to $2K or free for me. I sure hope that I don't have to pay another $5K for Full Self Driving, that does not seem fair since I already purchase the enhanced autopilot option at the time I purchase the vehicle. Can someone from Tesla or on this forum that knows what they are talking about please give me a call or respond back? Thanks for your help.

packpike | 30 avril 2019

@marshall - I answered on your duplicate post.

Quick answer is $5K for FSD if you buy today (Elon has said that it will go up next month). It was temporarily discounted to $3K then $2K a month or so ago. That ‘sale’ has ended. Will it come back, no one knows. | 30 avril 2019

@sr.smr - The current assumption is dashcam with HW3.0 will not come to HW2.0 to cars. Sentry mode looks like it will come to HW2.5 shortly, but no video recording - just alerts to people who get near the car.

I map out all the gory details/versions and variants here:

EVRider | 30 avril 2019

@marshall: I responded to your duplicate post too. You can read my response there.

EVRider | 30 avril 2019

@TeslaTap: Thanks for writing (and updating) that article!

Yodrak. | 1 mai 2019

"Sentry mode looks like it will come to HW2.5 shortly, but no video recording - just alerts to people who get near the car."

I'm confused. I have HW2.5 and have had software (firmware?) version 2019.12 for several weeks now. I have Sentry Mode and it does record video to a USB thumb drive.

Boonedocks | 1 mai 2019

@Yodreak you are not the one that is confused. You are correct HW2.5 DOES record to a USB drive!!!

Yodrak. | 1 mai 2019

I was being polite, and deferential to someone who generally knows considerably more than I do.

Boonedocks | 1 mai 2019

I was just responding with you (confirming) so others might not be confused.

EVRider | 1 mai 2019

@TeslaTap meant to say HW2.0, not HW2.5. HW2.5 can already record both Sentry Mode and dashcam video to USB, and with 2019.12 (I think) HW2 can record Sentry Mode video and save it online somewhere, but not record locally to USB. No one knows how you access the HW2 Sentry Mode video that's been saved online. | 1 mai 2019

Thanks EVRider - just getting to the forum now or I would have explained my error earlier :)

I can also confirm 12.1.1 includes Sentry for us HW2.0 owners, but no video recording as expected.

SteveMost | 7 mai 2019

With 12.1.1 Sentry records events into the SAME TeslaCam folder that you created for the front cam DashCam feature. Works well - I found a dialog box that told me there were 3 Sentry Mode events yesterday. Upon inspection, there were dozens of videos in the TeslaCam folder. Front, left side facing front and right side facing front cams. It was tedious to go through all the videos, especially since there was nothing to really see... But It Worked! And it should get better and better.
Has anyone seen the ‘back side cams’ or ‘rear cam’ show up in Sentry Videos?
Be well...

Hammonddave | 7 mai 2019

Could someone please tell me exactly how to set up the usb drive to record these events? I have a fat msdos drive in there but it is not storing any video files. Its an 8gb drive that has nothing on it. Do i need to create folders?

Ken_Richins | 7 mai 2019

yes you MUST create a folder named TeslaCam it is case sensitive. | 7 mai 2019

@Hammonddave - and if you use 8 GB with Sentry mode, it will fill up very fast and stop recording - perhaps a little as a few days. Strongly recommend a 128 GB drive or larger.

As there seems to still be a lot of confusion on drives and how to set it up, I wrote this detailed article:

Shows how to choose a drive, how to format it (a bit trickier than expected for drives > 32GB) and other useful details and troubleshooting.

EVRider | 7 mai 2019

@Hammonddave: If your car was made before August 2017, you can't record video on a USB no matter how you format the drive.

Hammonddave | 9 mai 2019

Thanks everyone. My car was made in August of 2018 so it should work fine.