PA tax incentive 2019

PA tax incentive 2019

So I applied online for the Pennsylvania Alternative Fuel Vehicle tax incentive. The Model 3 qualifies for a $1750 tax incentive. There is no guarantee of funds available because when funding runs out the incentive ends. It’s on a first come first serve basis.

All the web site says is that my application is under review. Has anyone had success with the PA tax incentive?

PhillyBob | 6 avril 2019

I was ... However, it was in September 2018 that I applied. The only downside was that they 1099 me for the amount.

Mikehb193 | 6 avril 2019

@Lonestar it is pretty easy process. They say it is limited in funding but they have been doing it for like 6 years. They increased the cost of car limit right after i got mine...would have got blue or red if I knew lol. They basically process it, email if they have questions and then approve/send you a check. PhillyBob is right - you will get a 1099 and have to pay taxes on it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 avril 2019

Thanks Bob and Mike. How long did it take to get approved and paid?

TeslaZone | 7 avril 2019

When did you guys apply for PA Incentives? I am still waiting on my PA registration to arrive in mail. Can I apply before that and later on supply the copy of PA registration? Also, the bill of sale and Invoice requirement: I see MVPA under mytesla account. Is MVPA enough to cover Bill of Sale and invoice requirements?

Lonestar10_1999 | 7 avril 2019

I don’t know if I had all the proper paperwork when I completed my application two days after taking delivery. For the registration, I uploaded a PDF of the temporary registration. For proof of purchase, I uploaded a PDF the detail sheet showing zero balance.

I recently received an official Tesla “ paid in full” bill via FedEx. I scanned this to a PDF but there was no way to upload it to my completed application. I attached it to an email with my web application number in the email body and asked the Rebate official to please consider this official bill of sale as an amendment to my application.

Mikehb193 | 7 avril 2019

Ok, so I actually called someone at the office. They are surprisingly available to ask questions and if you are nice they seem happy to help lol. I think they said they review apps once a week and submit decisions. If they need follow up they will email you. (You should have like a case/application number). Once it is approved, it took us like 3-4 weeks to get the check. Basically just mailed a check for $1750 (we got two checks for $875 for my wife and I because we have the co-registered)

If you submit everything it is pretty simple process. And remember you will get a 1099 I’m the new year.

TeslaZone | 8 avril 2019

@Mikehb193: Did you wait till you get your PA registration in mail and then submitted the application? Also, did you wait for bill of sale to arrive in mail. I contacted Tesla, and they said it may take upto 30-60 days to get my PA state registration and Bill of Sale in mail. I hate to wait that long to apply for credit!

crmedved | 8 avril 2019

Wow, you guys get to submit it online? I live in Delaware... submission is basically "fill everything out and email it - hope someone sees it before they run out of money" :P Although, our is for.. more, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

@TeslaZone your MVPA should have a "final price sheet" after you take delivery, which is effectively the bill of sale. They might eventually mail you one with a "paid in full" stamp on it... but it is the exact same. If your MVPA doesn't have the final price sheet, ask your delivery advisor to upload it.

drchris3 | 9 avril 2019

Submitted in November 2018 and just got the check April 2019.

tbevivino | 9 avril 2019

Do you have the URL for where you can enter the information for the rebate? I could not find it online. Thank you!!!!

tbevivino | 9 avril 2019

Actually, I guess I am not eligible. It says it is up to cars 60,000 and my bill of sale is 68k. I swear I remember someone saying they still got it through even though it was over the 60k mark. Does anyone have any info or knowledge on that?

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 avril 2019

Mine is “under review”. The only thing I am worried about is the registration. I completed the application but I only had the temporary registration at the time. Last week I got the PA DMV registration. I can’t believe they would hold up approval of my application due to the temporary registration. I will just need to wait and see if they email me with findings of a deficiency. Time will tell.

TeslaZone | 9 avril 2019

@Lonestar10_1999: how long did it take to receive your PA DMV registration after taking your delivery?

Lonestar10_1999 | 10 avril 2019

@TeslaZone - it took about a week. The Devon PA SC sent it to me via FedEx overnight. The official bill of sale and the PA DMV registration were shipped together in the same mailer.

jacksond | 21 août 2019

Hi all. I just picked up my model 3 last Saturday (it's fricken awesome) and did some careful searching, and the current state of the PA rebate for EVs is for vehicles that have a purchase price under $50,000. That purchase price is defined as "the price a buyer pays the dealer for a new alternative fuel vehicle including all option
packages, not including trade-in value. This price does not include taxes or other fees such as destination charge."

Unfortunately, it looks like that rules out my long range AWD (red, with sport wheels and FSD), which kind of sucks if you ask me, given that the options are simply that...options! If anyone has additional information that suggests my vehicle does qualify, please let me know.

stumarg | 21 août 2019

You're SOL

jacksond | 22 août 2019

Yeah, I figured as much. :(

Oh well, I've got my Tesla to make me smile :)

mpautler | 22 août 2019

Bought my model 3 in June 2019 before the incentive in PA was cut in half. Applied for rebate in first week of July and was unpleasantly surprised to find that price sllowed was retroactively reduced to 50K making my car ineligible. Called Gov official in charge of program and his response was too bad.

Lonestar10_1999 | 22 août 2019

I like the way NJ administers it’s state EV tax incentive. If you buy the EV in New Jersey, they simply waive the sales tax.