Strange 8.5 Issues

Strange 8.5 Issues

Was loving 8.5 until seeing a few issues today for the first time ever on our LR 3D:

- Backup camera stopped working - black screen

- EAP unavailable on roads where we use it all the time, no icon

- Speed limit signs missing

Maybe just temp glitches but two reboots did not resolve the issues. Anyone else seen this?

hokiegir1 | 7 avril 2019

We've got the camera issues. End up pressing the camera icon to close it, then pressing again to reopen and it works.

JDev | 7 avril 2019

For the rest (other than rear camera), likely a fw update glitch. See post "Cruise Control/Autopilot not working and lines not showing up" and my first response there. Resolved overnight after rebooting both car and display. Installing 2019.12 may also help, but mine resolved before it appeared.

Patrick | 7 avril 2019

Thanks much. Oddly enough none of the issues were present until today, everything was fine yesterday. Will keep trying things and see if the car is happier in the morning.

Patrick | 7 avril 2019

JDev - Interesting comment regarding 2019.12 - is that the latest release?

JDev | 7 avril 2019

@Patrick. Yes - latest just downloaded last night. Includes battery preheat when routing to supercharger, software update status, among other things, according to release notes. has full release notes.

elecfan2 | 7 avril 2019

I've got all these issues in spades, autopilot completely broken, no TACC, no speed limit signs, no backup camera, no cruise control, no safety features related to autopilot such as emergency braking. I've rebooted several times both hard and soft as well as full power down. Tesla tells me it's a known software glitch, wait for update, but that could be awhile, slot of money spent on an unrelated car as this isn't the first time this happened to my car, I got a lemon.

EM34ME | 7 avril 2019

i've had 19.8.5 for four days now. Just used Autopilot this morning. Zero issues. Everything the same as before other than updates. Used auto-lane change with no confirmation. GREAT! One step closer to FSD.

ADinM3 | 7 avril 2019

I've have screen reboot twice while driving. Still not nearly as wonky as 5.15 release though.

Patrick | 8 avril 2019

Everything is back to normal this morning - apparently the car had a good nights sleep... Thanks for the tips.

Manjushr | 8 avril 2019

Totally.... screen blinking with vertical lines upon vehicle entry.. automatically reboots... review camera black......

spuzzz123 | 8 avril 2019

Evoke your lemon law ewd7. You’ve reported absurd problems well before you received your car. I’d say this experiment is complete.

2015P90DI | 8 avril 2019

My screen now flickers on occasion. My rated range now is up to 327 miles on a full charge. Think its an anomaly in the calculations that will probably get revised back down with the next update.

RickM3 | 8 avril 2019

The only issue I found so far in version 2019.8.5 is with the Navigation on autopilot, using the I595 Express Line the navigation starts switching from one possible route to another every 3 to 5 sec, and it doesn't stop. I just quit issuing it on this road...

elecfan2 | 8 avril 2019

@spuzzz123, wish I could,. Good point though, just looked it up and in Pennsylvania it's 12000 miles or 12 months, not sure if it's like a warranty as I've driven 24000 miles in 5 months, I'll check with my state attorney general.

ElectricAlex | 8 avril 2019

Within 28 hours or so of running 8.5:

-rearview camera black
-Nav on Autopilot is doing odd things, braking for no apparent reason, speed limit signs missing, Autopilot refusing to change lanes etc.
-While driving Operating System crashed and killed the console (has not happened since delivery 9/18)

Quinten | 8 avril 2019

I too has 8.5:
-- Backup camera does go black for about a few seconds and it would be fine.
-- My energy rating would be zero. Did a hard reboot seem to fixed both issue.
-- I also have more LTE connection issue too.

tbd2001_01 | 8 avril 2019

Just getting 8.5 downloaded... already had the backup camera error before this update..

tbd2001_01 | 8 avril 2019

I will reboot system after update just in case..

jjgunn | 8 avril 2019

Do a couple reboots.

Go for a short drive.

When you arrive back home, do another reboot, then exit the car & let it sit overnight (unless you need/plan on going somewhere)

Tesla is aware of the freezing/weirdness in 2019.8.x - the poor folks giving test drives are having it happen to them too. Great for sales....They're working on resolving the software issue.

@ewd7 - sucks about your hardware. I hope you get it resolved real soon.

AKM3 | 10 avril 2019

@Patrick I am having the exact same problems today. Will see if things are back to normal tomorrow morning.

andrewsjra | 10 avril 2019

Screen flickered this evening with 2019.8.6. Reboot fixed it.

RickM3 | 11 avril 2019

Another Screen shutdown today while changing lanes on I95, this is getting stressing...

Iwantmy3 | 11 avril 2019

Has anyone else found that the car is taking several extra seconds to unlock the doors since this last upgrade? I have never had an issue unlocking the doors until now. Since the last upgrade, I find myself standing beside the car for 4-5 seconds before it will unlock.

rdh37 | 11 avril 2019

Absolutely @Iwantmy3. It is actually becoming annoying since I was used to how it was previously. Only work around I know of is to connect to the car via the app before coming up to the car. Still hit or miss but better. I hope they fix soon. Still loving my 3. Have a nice day...

chrismurphy | 11 avril 2019

How are all of you on 2019.8.5 and higher? My car updated to 2019.8.3 two weeks ago and no updates offered since. I'm dying for an update, as I have to reboot the car about once a day.

Carl Thompson | 11 avril 2019

"Has anyone else found that the car is taking several extra seconds to unlock the doors since this last upgrade?"

Not for me. Still pretty much instant and reliable on my Android 9 phone with the current update. Are you Android or iOS? Which version?

Iwantmy3 | 11 avril 2019

I have a galaxy S8, Android version 9.
I have never had any issues until now. The car takes several seconds to respond even when using the Tesla card.

Carl Thompson | 11 avril 2019


Interesting. I'm not experiencing any issues like that. Do you by chance use any 3rd party apps that talk to your car?

Iwantmy3 | 11 avril 2019

No, No third party apps. No problems until the update. I am waiting to see if it self corrects with the next update.

RickM3 | 11 avril 2019

I've had no problems opening the Doors, note that if you have the phone in you back pocket the door may not open...

By the way I reached out Tesla Customer Service and they are taking a look at my car logs around the computer crashes, they said they will reach out to me within 24 hrs.

beaver | 11 avril 2019

another weird sound in audio and screen reset yesterday while driving 80 mph, it was disconcerting. This happened twice on 8.3 as well. Backup screen still goes black but seems less often and for shorter duration than 8.3

kc4129 | 11 avril 2019

Front left USB stop working after 8.5 update. Rebooting does not fix the issue.

kc4129 | 12 avril 2019

Front left USB port is actually working, just need to use with a hub or use a charging only cable. 8.5 fixed my reverse black screen issue, got 5% power boost, but no range boost, 279 miles at 90% still.

Czardmitri | 12 avril 2019

I got 8.5 a few days ago. Backup camera improved response, but I had weird loss of EAP a couple days ago. No TACC, no lane keep, no NOA, no speed limit signs. Tried reboot and “hard” reboot. No change. Resolved itself after drive home. Odd though.

Czardmitri | 12 avril 2019

Oh, and auto lane change is fantastic!

twistedskipper | 13 avril 2019

@kc4129: My left front USB stopped charging a couple days ago, after several days of getting "accessory may not be supported" error messages on the iPhone. It has turned out that it was the docking cable itself, not the USB port. I can use any other cable in the USB port and it works fine. I cannot get the docking cable to work anywhere.

So, possibly not anything to do with your software update.

kc4129 | 13 avril 2019

@twistedskipper - it is a known issue with the software update, check out this post

eandmjep | 14 avril 2019

No AP issues but I don't take freeway that often and I don't use it on 2 way highways, TACC and screen has been fine. Still no range increase (LR RWD). Only issue since 5.15 to.present 8.5 is drops LTE connection when parked for more than a few hours and without it my phone app can't connect. IT will come back on after driving for 30 seconds. Several resets have not fixed the issue.

twistedskipper | 14 avril 2019

@kc4129: I do know there have been problems reported with the ports themselves. I'm just saying don't discount the possibility that it's the cord, especially if other cords do work in the same port. Might be worth trying the original cord with a wall AC USB charger.

kc4129 | 14 avril 2019

@twistedskipper - the first thing I tried was to move the cable to the right side USB port and it worked. The left side USB port would only work with a USB hub in between after the software update.

liubeckett | 5 mai 2019

After our most recent software update in on May 2, 2019, our screen has gone frozen about 4 times and the rebooted while we are driving. The car goes into Drive mode but the screen shows Park/Hold mode. The car drives but the screen is frozen and then tries to unfreeze but couldn't and finally reboots on its own. Is there a patch coming through a new software update?