Demand compensation for the collision damage caused by autopilot

Demand compensation for the collision damage caused by autopilot

I turned on autopilot when I was driving on street road. When the car should turn right into a highway according to Tesla navigation, the system changed from “auto steering” to “navigate on the autopilot” and the car automatically sped up and turned right suddenly. But at that time the car has missed the exit. So the car hit the traffic island.

I have the video of the whole process and my colleague have reproduced the bug I encountered. I can’t believe the autopilot system I paid $5k is so unreliable and dangerous.

I contacted the customer service and went to the Tesla shop. They said the only thing they can do is to report it. However, no one contact me proactively even now. I'm wondering if I can get the compensation due to the product defects and the inconvenience they brought to me.

Mike UpNorth | 7 avril 2019

Can you post the video please?

burdogg | 7 avril 2019

hands on the wheel???

derotam | 7 avril 2019

So you allowed it to go into navigate on autopilot, and you did not maintain control of the vehicle with your hands that were on the wheel when the car did all this....that about it.

burdogg | 7 avril 2019

Hands on the wheel? I ask again - because I full well know that autopilot has a disclaimer that one accepts that they are to maintain control of the car at all times - hand on the wheel.

If hands are on the wheel, this would not happen - as your hand feels every slight torque that the car starts to put on the wheel and one that is driving as they should be with autopilot would sense what you are talking about and take full control of the car.

But one caught off guard with hands OFF the wheel, would take longer to recover from such an incident which is why such accident would happen.

Now I will gladly eat my words if Op can provide video of hands on wheel and car doing what he described so quickly that even with hands on the wheel it was unavoidable.

vmulla | 7 avril 2019

There are a few things that you shared that immediately tell me you're not going to come out on top with this incident - unfortunately. Brace yourself for the forum members who would make you feel worse than you already do.

As others said, share the video - that will do us a lot of good.

TranzNDance | 7 avril 2019

Sorry to see your car got damaged. The system is not designed yet to turn from a street. NoA is described as for highway on-ramp to off-ramp use at this time. Definitely, Tesla should be able to handle this for the system to be Full Self Driving, but FSD has not been released.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 avril 2019

Did you read the "beta" disclaimer/

Hckyplyr | 7 avril 2019

You lose based on your first sentence. "I turned on autopilot when I was driving on street road"

jim | 7 avril 2019

To elaborate on @Hckyplyr's excellent point, page 73 of the owner's manual, states: Autosteer is intended for use only on highways and limited-access roads with a fully attentive driver ... Do not use Autosteer on city streets.

Do you really feel it is appropriate to demand compensation for ignoring the owner's manual and doing something ill-advised and dangerous?

lbowroom | 7 avril 2019

Autopilot didn't damage your car, you did.

lilbean | 7 avril 2019

Dumb dumb.

vmulla | 7 avril 2019

There are a lot of users who use AP on local roads despite the disclaimers - like Elon, who seems to use it during the interview with CBS. As he says, the system will never be perfect, but it helps to know where the limitations lie - so please share the video.

Like I expressed earlier, you're not going to see any compensation based on what you shared - it's now up to you if you want to share the video to help others understand the system.

EM34ME | 7 avril 2019

Autopilot is not FSD. You are always responsible for your while on Autopilot. You screwed up, not the car. You didn't read the Owner's Manual. Tesla owes you nothing. I hope you have learned something from this experience.

M3phan | 7 avril 2019

Nooooooooooo. Sorry, you won’t get any compensation because you are 100% at fault unfortunately. User error big time for the reasons stated above.

apodbdrs | 7 avril 2019

You can have all the videos in the world and that won't help, WHY DID YOU LET THE CAR CRASH INTO THE TRAFFIC ISLAND! IDIOT, why didn't you brake or cotrol the steering, unlss you are missing feet and hands! Don't you understand the word "BETA"!

lilbean | 7 avril 2019

Tesla should disable AP for dumb dumb drivers.

calvin940 | 7 avril 2019

"I turned on autopilot when I was driving on street road."

'nuff said.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 7 avril 2019

Well on the bright side at least the OP isn’t napping behind the wheel of a Tesla anymore.

JCTSLAM3 | 7 avril 2019

Are you insured?

Magic 8 Ball | 7 avril 2019

Sounds like two Tesla's are off the road if the colleague reproduced it.

You really have to wonder if these types of post can possibly be real (scratching head).

benichols | 7 avril 2019

I am sorry this happened to you. But as others have stated, even in its current form, NOA will only help exit from major highways (and even then about 600 feet). It does not currently turn off any "street roads". So this is not surprising and is not the fault of the unfinished software. Perhaps you should rethink your use of beta software if you expect it to do more than it currently is capable.

Ttesla | 7 avril 2019

*** “Jesus takes the wheel” plays quietly in the background***

Bighorn | 8 avril 2019

In fairness to the OP, the pedal was difficult to reach.

Daryl | 8 avril 2019

As the OP has not commented further, I have to wonder if this might be a troll.

spuzzz123 | 8 avril 2019

Not commenting on the blame but I do not like it when people say you aren’t supposed to use the product on side streets. If Tesla intended this for freeways only they could easily restrict it. They don’t. I agree it’s a use at your vigilance and own risk feature (on or off the freeway) but don’t automatically dismiss a bug just because it’s on a street.

ronildo | 8 avril 2019

The same thing happened to me, while I was on autopilot my Tesla didn't break and hit the car that was in front of me...
Same thing, Tesla just said it's not their fault and that I should read the manual when I bought it, so I would know if the car crash while engaged on autopilot it would be my fault no matter what, and also he was very clear stating that this is unfinished product and I should know that.

rmlee | 8 avril 2019

Good luck

bradbomb | 8 avril 2019

I understand people are upset these "accidents" have happened to them. However, in no way Tesla is at fault. There is much information in the manual, online, and on the dash itself when enabling autosteer for the first time, that warns you of the risks of using the system. You are accepting the risks and are assuming fault.

Autosteer is definitely not perfect yet, but so any of these accident stories are crazy to me and I think everyone still assumes Autopilot is Self Driving, which it is NOT.

Wanderer | 8 avril 2019

It's people like OP who are driving my "collision" insurance coverage through the roof!!!!

bradbomb | 8 avril 2019

@Wanderer Actually, from a close friend who is an insurance agent, what's driving up our rates is the cost of repair after accidents. Insurance Companies have been "totaling" more Teslas due to parts shortages, time of actual repair, and locations to do repairs. For instance, because of some of the hardware on the exterior frame (AP & FSD cameras and sensors), a simple fender bender can be more costly for an insurance company

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

Actually our Teslas are 45% cheaper to insure than our Old ICE vehicles. Its the MEDICAL COSTS that drive rates up and deaths. Teslas are the safest cars made and that is why are rates are much lower. There are 102 deaths per day and hospital costs with injuries and 500 ICE fires per day.
Check different insurance companies or you may get robbed.

bradbomb | 8 avril 2019

@Mike83 I'm talking about the insurance increases I have seen even on my own car from time of purchase to the renewal of my policy. The rates jumped on average for most Model 3 customers on multiple insurance companies. That was specific to Teslas due to what I stated above. IF you have ever looked at your insurance quotes, you would see LIABILITY, COLLISION, and COMPREHENSIVE have separate fees. There is also certain coverage for medical payments. Collision and Comprehensive is what went up for me which have NOTHING to do with medical costs.

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

bdradbomb We use Costco and our rates didn't go up. I know about the details and coverages and for the last 5 years insuring a P85, MS and M3 Teslas. Some companies will tell you BS and charge you for it. Change companies or threaten to change and see what they say.

bradbomb | 8 avril 2019

@Mike83 My friend isn't my insurance agent, he just gave me the info he is seeing on his end working with various companies and clients. Personally, when my Model 3 renewed in LA, Geico raised my rates 2019. I got price quotes from Ameriprise through Costco, State Farm, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. All the quotes were higher than Geico with the same level of coverage. If I had a homeowner's policy to combine, Ameriprise would be cheaper.

fazman | 8 avril 2019

i think you have a case @long.shen you should hire an expensive attorney and see where it takes you. If McDonalds customers can spill coffee on themselves and make millions... why can't you?

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

I asked Geico and they were much higher than Ameriprise. Location, driving record, age, etc. may be the issue. With all the safety features of Teslas there should be a big discount. Costs of repairs are cheaper than the old Porsche I used to have. Tesla is setting up their own body shops I hear. Hopefully I won't require it but would use them.

lbowroom | 8 avril 2019

Anyone here watch the Grand Tour episode where they demonstrate what it takes to get a drivers license in China?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 8 avril 2019

Where is that long.shen, anyway? Haven’t heard from him in a while.

jjgunn | 8 avril 2019

Hckyplyr | April 7, 2019
You lose based on your first sentence. "I turned on autopilot when I was driving on street road"
I stopped reading right there & agree. OP loses.
lilbean | April 7, 2019
Tesla should disable AP for dumb dumb drivers.
Completely agree.

@lilbean.....we spell it "dum dum" >;-}

calpilot7 | 8 avril 2019

Troll.....No fortune cookie for you!!!!!

lilbean | 8 avril 2019

Got it! :o)

thedrisin | 8 avril 2019

"Autopilot" is inaccurate and gives a false sense of security. These are advanced driver assist features and the driver has to be alert and in control.

calvin940 | 8 avril 2019

"Autopilot" is inaccurate and gives a false sense of security.

Really? How many flights were you on where the Pilots where out of the cockpits sitting with the rest of the passengers reading magazines? Answer: They were not. At least one is always in the cockpit, paying strict attention to all the controls, gauges, readouts, and navigation ready to take over immediately when needed.

Bighorn | 8 avril 2019

Autopilot is inaccurate to people who don’t understand the concept of autopilot.

majassow | 8 avril 2019

@calvin: the only reason the pilot needs to stay in the cockpit is in case the autopilot deflates....

vmulla | 8 avril 2019

@thedrisin and @calvin940,
You're making the same point, right?

M3DNP | 8 avril 2019

This sounds fake.
EAP wouldn't be able to take an on-ramp from city Street. One should steer manually onto the ramp and half way through, it would turn the NOA on.
OP claimed "the system changed from “auto steering” to “navigate on the autopilot” automatically before even talking the exit and eventually has missed the exit."

The system is currently incapable of doing that!

ST70 | 8 avril 2019

@long.shen....are you long gone?

carlk | 8 avril 2019

If Darwin is still alive he would demand that more than just the car be destroyed by the accident.

calvin940 | 8 avril 2019


I am disagreeing with the statement that @thedrisin made about "Autopilot" being inaccurate.

See @Bighorn's statement "Autopilot is inaccurate to people who don’t understand the concept of autopilot."