2019.12 - big update - Chromium!!!

2019.12 - big update - Chromium!!!

I just got 2019.12 and it is a huge update! I'm most excited about the web browser switch to Chromium as I'm developing and it was hobbled by the old browser.

Here are the updates:
* Chromium based web browser
* Adjustable TPMS!
* Autosteer stoplight warning
* On-route battery warm-up
* Multi-language support, including voice guidance
* TeslATari - more games and sleeker layout
* Software update screen
* Update to existing performance upgrade

shawncordell | 7 avril 2019

Nice update!!

melmartin | 7 avril 2019

Yes, I got the 2019.12 update this morning, which was a surprise, following the 8.5 update by only a few days. No issues so far, and anxious to try the auto lane change feature when I can get over to the interstate. Had hoped to see advanced summon, but it wasn't in this latest update.

marinergreg | 7 avril 2019

I got the update last night. I'm impressed with the Auto lane changes to follow your navigation route. Plus I know others have mentioned this before but it's gotten so much better at anticipating when cars are merging or changing into your lane. Cars merging onto the freeway into my lane used to always require taking off auto pilot. Now the car anticipates and lets them in.

2015P90DI | 7 avril 2019

No advanced summon? I thought that was coming with the latest update?

mkrueger3 | 8 avril 2019

Thought 2019.12 would include Advanced Summon but Elon did say that would be rolling out this week. My guess is there will be another version coming out in the next day or two that will include Advanced Summon along with the other features in 2019.12. According to Teslafi only 92 of 5,124 subscribers have 2019.12 installed.

vishious911 | 8 avril 2019

Has the "backup camera - off/black for a few seconds" issue been resolved with this update? It started with the 2019.5.x release and continued into the 2019.8.4 for me :(

Magic 8 Ball | 8 avril 2019

I wish they would just stop with all this updating. It makes it difficult to explain that the car actually does get better the longer you have it.

Daryl | 8 avril 2019

@vishious911 :Has the "backup camera - off/black for a few seconds" issue been resolved with this update?"

This problem went away for me when I upgraded from 2019.8.4 to 2019.8.5.

tbd2001_01 | 8 avril 2019

Backup camera still going black for a few seconds for me in 2019.8.5

melmartin | 8 avril 2019

Haven't seen it yet in 2019.12

CharleyBC | 8 avril 2019

@CST, thanks for the news flash!

So, what’s

hokiegir1 | 8 avril 2019

I really like the software download status.

PhillyGal | 8 avril 2019

Wait, what's on route battery warm up?

jimglas | 8 avril 2019

pre-treat battery so that is ready for supercharging

bcb2220 | 8 avril 2019

@philygal Elon stated that it’s a smart way of heating the battery when you’re on your way to the supercharging stations

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

I think you just need to navigate to a SC and it will pretreat battery for faster charging. It possibly works on a trip with stops along the way at SCs. We like to stop for about 30 minutes and have coffee, walk or restroom so we might have to speed up our stop time.

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

Also in the Tesla phone app when you hit the Charging it lists SCs and you can select one which goes to the car and routes you there.

Bighorn | 8 avril 2019

Not necessary unless the battery is cold and undriven. Battery heats plenty just by driving.

teddy.tseng | 8 avril 2019

Is the browser being updated to Google’s Chromium? how can we check?

TM3Q | 8 avril 2019

Well it only happened once while driving with a warm battery(was preheated before leaving) on highway that I got the snowflake icon apearing after a little more than 1 hour, outside temperature was -24C to -26C with strong winds. I stopped at at a SC to recharge and heat the cabin as I couldn't keep up a warm cabin during the drive. When I left the SC the car was nicely warm and the rest of the trip was ok (no more snowflake icon).

markr7 | 8 avril 2019
calpilot7 | 8 avril 2019

Magic8ball keeps complaining......STOP’s wonderful to keep receiving these updates. What other car company keeps improving their cars and adding features FREE of charge with OTA updates. STOP THE COMPLAINING Magic8ball.

Halbach | 8 avril 2019

How does the adjustable TPMS work?

jjgunn | 8 avril 2019

Elon spoke about Chromium coming.

This is "soon"er than expected.

My P3D delivery is supposedly April 16 - I'll make sure it's installed.

Bighorn | 8 avril 2019

I imagine the alarm set point is customizable.

Halbach | 8 avril 2019

Ya, just read about's in the last .jpg at the top. Excellent!

RedShift | 8 avril 2019

Finally, adjustable nag threshold for TPMS! I’ve asked Tesla to do this and they had refused, on some excuse about legal issues if they did that.

I’ll set it to 34 PSI and ride at 36 PSI to alleviate some of the ride brittleness.

Halbach | 9 avril 2019

In reading the software release notes, it seems that you simply inflate the tires to where you want them and then press a button to reset the TPMS, much like other cars I have owned. I don't think it allows you to set the alarm threshold...hopefully it's not too sensitive. | 9 avril 2019

With the new Chromium browser, will be even more accessible from the Tesla browser :-)

bruhling2 | 9 avril 2019

Anyone else experiencing a problem with ABR on the new Chromium browser? I cannot get it to allow me to do anything other than input a start and destination point. It’s simply unresponsive to any other inputs...

djharrington | 9 avril 2019

I wish the TPMS could be calibrated. Both my S and both 3s are off by about 3psi from multiple gauges (that all agree). My mobile tech said all the cars he services are like that and they don’t agree with his gauge either, so he splits the difference.

Iwantmy3 | 9 avril 2019

Any news on being able to charge at 145kW at V2 superchargers or implementation of the new charging curve? I was hoping that these would come at the same time.

hokiegir1 | 9 avril 2019

@Iwantmy3 - It's my understanding/guess that that's a firmware upgrade to the supercharger itself -- not one the car requires. V3 does need a car update, but not the 145kw.

edhchoe | 9 avril 2019

Yeah! More performance!
Meh for other things.

CST | 9 avril 2019

@CharleyBC - it is an in-browser application that gives features that make driving more convenient. For example, you can switch the rear seat heaters on without going to the climate control screen, you can see the available miles + battery percentage. You can set the charging limit to an exact percentage (by number) and see the interior temperature. It also has a larger time display with date. I'm working on new features as users suggest them.

spcusick | 9 avril 2019

Can the new browser play plex and or media files?

rasinas | 9 avril 2019

Do you know if new updates are in the wild if you can request to download them now instead of waiting? I know Elon mentioned this feature would eventually be included. Oh please oh please let it be.

bruhling2 | 9 avril 2019

The new update says you can check updates from the app. I do not see it in my iPhone app nor on the car's new "Software" tab...

CharleyBC | 9 avril 2019

@CST: Cool! I hadn't heard about that, obviously. I'll try to remember to check it out next time Wattney and I are reunited.

CST | 9 avril 2019

@CharleyBC - you'll need to enter an API key to use the features. You can either provide you own, or use the app's passthrough function to add one.

Bighorn | 9 avril 2019

The calibration issue is apparently altitude related in some cases. Normalizes at sea level. Denver/Big Horn is about 3 PSI off. I forget your location.