Free Charging

Free Charging

Tesla offered 1 year free charging and the 1,000 miles charging for using referral code. I wonder how to know when these have been added to my account. Any experiences?

bernard.nubla | 10 avril 2019

I am curious as well to see where these are applied, and even more curious about the 1 Year free charging ?

Can you provide details ??

C405B | 10 avril 2019

Bernard: we had some difficulties with the purchase process so they offered the 1 year free charging.

p.c.mcavoy | 11 avril 2019

@C405B - I'd start by looking in your Tesla Account, click the manage link, and then check to see what is shown under the supercharging section. That would be the first place I'd look. If you don't see any references there, then I'd likely reach out to Tesla and ask them via the Contact link.

tes-s | 11 avril 2019

Or just charge, and see what happens. If you get billed, then contact them.

dougk71 | 11 avril 2019

The referral program gives 1000 miles of free charging. Suppose you are at 50% charge then Super Charge say 10% to 60% then go home and add another 10% then go to SC again and add another 10% how does Tesla know which miles count toward the 1000 miles free? In other words which miles came from home charging and which miles from SC? I see how they can measure the KWH from SC but not the miles.

tes-s | 11 avril 2019

If they know kWh, they know rated miles.

p.c.mcavoy | 11 avril 2019

They also likely know rated miles directly as they can pull that number directly over the API. That's actually how I suspect they are tracking the 1,000 miles is actually by the number of rated miles added. That's a hypothesis, not something I have factual data to prove.

I also wonder if part of the reason they are quoting the award in miles, now kWh, is because in some states Tesla can not charge by the kWh. This is due to state utility laws that govern what constitutes reselling energy. That's why superchargering in some states, like Indiana, is charged per minute, not per kWh. Again, I have no hard data from Tesla to say this is the reason for doing in miles, not kWh, but is a plausible rationale.