Sincerly thank you Elon

Sincerly thank you Elon

I waited patiently to configure my 35k Model 3

But you finally ship me a car
with autopilot
with partial premium interior
with a bigger battery pack for longer battery life that Incan charge to 100% which corresponds to the recommended 90% LOC

I wanted to thank you, sincerly

SteveWin1 | 12 avril 2019

Isn't it actually more than $35K? I thought they added like $2K to the price since they're forcing you to buy AP now.

EVolution | 12 avril 2019

It’s not clear if they will honour the $35k versions that have been ordered by 1/6 of the customers. Or if it is only for the future orders starting today.

jjgunn | 12 avril 2019

In CA you get $3,750 (fed) & $2,500 (CA) & $800 (PG&E) back

That's $7,000 as long as you take delivery before July 1 this year.

jordanrichard | 12 avril 2019

SteveWin1, nobody is forcing you to do anything. One, just because the car comes with AP, doesn't mean you have to use it. Two, don't like it, don't buy the car. Not complicated.

wiboater4 | 12 avril 2019

EAP cost me $5000 extra when I bought my car. So That's a pretty good deal compared to what I paid. FSD was $3000 extra then if youwanted that . Now it is $5000.

creativeguy | 12 avril 2019

I usually trust that Elon's intentions are good, but this one seems sketchy. Tesla advertised the standard range/standard interior (cloth seats) shipping in 2 weeks at launch, but AFAIK nobody has received that config. It takes some time to manufacture thousands of seats, so was Tesla really preparing to ship the base model or were they just planning on collecting orders to gauge interest all along?

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

You'll pay $35k if you're one of the few that kept their orders through the Tesla SR delays, non-communication and confusion gauntlet. But you won't get AP included at that price.

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

"In CA you get $3,750 (fed) & $2,500 (CA) & $800 (PG&E) back"

PG&E was only $500 for all of my EVs. And you get the CA $2,500 if you're poor enough to qualify under the income limit.

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

"EAP cost me $5000 extra when I bought my car. So That's a pretty good deal compared to what I paid."

AP is not EAP.

lbowroom | 12 avril 2019

Thanks for the clarification Carl. I assume people jonesing for the $35k model are poor enough.

bradbomb | 12 avril 2019

@jjgunn Also, PG&E is not the electric company everywhere. LADWP has no rebate on EVs, just installing a charger in the house which I believe the Tesla's charger does not qualify.

lbowroom | 12 avril 2019

brad, curious why you're installing the charger. If cost is an issue, all you need is an outlet installed. The charger that comes with the car is just fine.

bradbomb | 12 avril 2019

@lbowroom I'm not installing a charger, I was just pointing out that the only rebate for EVs from LADWP is for installing a level 2 charger

Warez | 12 avril 2019

“But you finally ship me a car”
@EVolution stop lying. No SR has been delivered to date. And where did you get the idea that $35K version comes with AP?

Woland | 12 avril 2019

Agree with the OP!

I bought a Standard Model 3 with:
- Standard Black Interior

I believe I just got for free:
+ 12-way power adjustable front seats (not heated - software limited)
+ Premium seat material and trim
+ Upgraded audio
+ LED fog lamps


Are we sure the Standard will also include the Autopilot?

billlake2000 | 12 avril 2019

PG&E was $500 in 2018, but if you waited till 2019, they upped it to $800.

gordon_r_benson | 12 avril 2019

Woland. You only get AP if you buy the higher price base model. If you go “off menu” for the $35k then no AP. I am still curious if the acceleration and stereo will also get software limited to the original base specs.

TexasBob | 12 avril 2019

OP & Woland. You guys need to get use to it. Ignore all the whining on this site. Tesla has given us tons of free stuff since we bought our cars. Just a sample of things:

Extra 25 miles of range
Extra 5% power
Free dash cam
Lifetime free LTE

Tons of free software upgrades like:
Faster charging
Cabin Overheat protection
Dog Mode
Location-folding mirrors
Stupid video games and flatulence sound effects (not everything free is useful)
Unbelievably improved EAP

Lots of additional (and now faster) superchargers

IOW, more cool stuff to follow...

EVolution | 12 avril 2019

Thanks TexasBob

EPwolf | 12 avril 2019

Thumbs up for TexasBob's post.

gballant4570 | 12 avril 2019

Due to the things on TexasBob's list and others yet to come, Elon is accurately calling a Tesla an appreciating asset. I happen to agree.

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

"PG&E was $500 in 2018, but if you waited till 2019, they upped it to $800."



- Added range seems likely to be fake

- Added performance is giving back some of what they previously took away

- Dash cam is nice

- New owners don't get lifetime free LTE

- Faster charging is nice

- Cabin Overheat protection was already in older cars. They were just bringing the 3 up to parity as expected

- Dog Mode is nice I guess

- Location-folding mirrors is nice

- Stupid video games and flatulence sound effects (not everything free is useful) is nice. Atari is not stupid.

- Unbelievably improved EAP is just bringing the software to where it's supposed to be (it's not there yet). People paid a lot of money for this so it's definitely not "free"

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

I meant to say "thank you for the clarification" @@billlake2000

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

@ Carl I love all of the "eh, that's nice, that's nice" implying they have no value, but then take issue with his opinion of Atari. Perfect example that you both value things differently. Whether you value them the same or not doesn't change that several non-insignificant features have been added to the car since purchase.

I never had any power taken away, so the added power is just that: something I didn't have before. A small percentage of Model 3 owners allegedly had power taken away last spring. Most owners purchase after that, so it's new to us.

crmedved | 12 avril 2019

Hmm, that's a lot of stuff you think you're getting for free. If your delivery adviser or Tesla sales didn't tell you you're getting free stuff... you're probably not. I highly doubt AP will be included @ $35k. It just doesn't make any sense for it to be. You're already getting an upgraded trim. And everything that can legally be software locked probably will be - stereo/streaming, number of speakers, heated seats, navigation features.

It's nice you get the upgraded trim materials and power seats/mirrors/steering wheel though. And probably fog lights. It'd be funny if they software locked some of the seat movement lol. I think lumbar is the only thing not controlled by the infotainment system (or at least, last time I checked, I don't think it restored it). And the battery is pretty sweet.

Don't forget, part of the reason they're still giving you the car is because they can still upsell you to a SR+... a large percentage of people probably will when they realize how much they love their car. I upgraded from a MR to AWD because of my love for it :S

TexasBob | 12 avril 2019

@ CT Glad you like the games and the turn signal to the sound of flatulence. At least that is something.

After we bought the car we were informed we would get lifetime LTE. Cool and free. New people don't get that but they are paying less.

The range may or may not be incremental to what was already there but it DEFINITELY is more than was promised when we bought the car. (Some of us thought they were sandbagging the EPA.) No matter how you look at it we bought a 310 range car and got a 325.

TexasBob | 12 avril 2019

I would now like to share the list of free stuff and software upgrade we got in the 7 years after buying 2011 Chevy Volts:

Repaired defective battery pack

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019

Atari Rulez!

Carl Thompson | 12 avril 2019


Fair enough!

EVolution | 13 avril 2019

I expect them to ship soon since now they streamlined production

So excited

Woland | 13 avril 2019

I got a text this morning to expect delivery next week! I ordered on March 23rd and was expecting maybe mid May based on the 6-8wk estimate. Let's see what happens...

EVolution | 14 avril 2019

8 weeks exactly before delivery