AP now standard

AP now standard

Yay! Now no one can complain "adaptive cruise control is standard on all other cars". Anyone can make it "standard" as long as its value is included in the base price - now it is!

Rafft69+tesla | 12 avril 2019

So, can I now get AP at the "new price" ?

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

All offered prices online include AP.

ebiggs | 12 avril 2019

I'm surprised they didn't make enhanced autopilot a $2k option at the same time (keeping FSD at $3k)

With autopilot now standard, $5k seems like a lot for turn-stock lane changes and automatic parking.

Yes, I understand that $5k also gets you summon, but that's nearly worthless and will probably still be worthless in its 'enhanced' form.

I also it gets you navigate on autopilot with automatic lane changes. This one has a bit more value than summon but it's still a novelty for people who like to geek out over neural nets more than they prefer to not piss off everybody they're sharing the road with (myself included).

The FSD functionality will certainly be worth $5k at some point, but I think it's a really big ask as vaporware... Only worth it due to FOMO pricing of 7k after delivery.

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

To each his own. Navigate on Autopilot has improved significantly in the last few months and is definitely changing lanes more naturally in light to moderate traffic. I can understand that the FSD features as they exist now are difficult to justify $5k for. Couldn't say what I would do, since I purchased EAP in July. I did take advantage of the FSD for $2k firesale in March because I think it is more likely that pricing will go up once true FSD features are released than it is to go down. Once those features are present, FSD will have real present value rather than just future value - at least for those with EAP.

EVTomorrow | 12 avril 2019

hi all, my SR+ w/o AP was delivered earlier this month and I paid 37.5k for it. Right now the SR+ w AP is 39.5k. Does it mean SR+ has dropped its price from 37.5k to 37k? Do we know if Tesla plans to compensate the recent purchases? Thank you!

EVTomorrow | 12 avril 2019

@Rt002k EAP can no longer auto change lane with turn signal now...

jimglas | 12 avril 2019

@EVTomorrow: You got what you ordered for the price you agreed to
Enjoy your car!

EVTomorrow | 12 avril 2019

@jimglas but Tesla did compensate old users many times before. I am just asking if anyone knows any planned compensations.

fengpc | 12 avril 2019

Want to know too just ordered this Wed. right before the change :(

jimglas | 12 avril 2019

My Model X has dropped over $30k in the year since mine was delivered (it dropped $3k between order and delivery, no refund)
My P3D has dropped over $10k since mine was delivered last fall
prices change, I got what I agreed to. I don't expect any refund.
Prices change. If you bought a ford and it went on sale 1 month later would you expect a refund?

kinupeiphone | 12 avril 2019

@jimglas. That’s dumb. Don’t ever say that again. Especially in this case. I see if it was two years or even a year later but for some of us that got our cars July and now less than a year later I can get them same car with autopilot/TACC standard. At a cheaper price than my car cost with no autopilot.

kinupeiphone | 12 avril 2019

Plus that’s not the same and sorry that you don’t put a value on your money. Oh well for you us oh hell for others.

stephenfootball | 12 avril 2019

It's like people have never bought a car before!? :)

gordon_r_benson | 12 avril 2019

Kinupei, by this logic though no company could ever put anything on sale without a flood of people wanting refunds. Still baffles me that in this day and age people don’t get how basic supply and demand works. Companies modify prices to attract demand as needed. After the return period has ended any possibility of a price adjustment had ended. Period!

kinupeiphone | 12 avril 2019

Gordon. This is not a sale. It’s the price of the car. I’m sorry I said something. I know everyone wants to make it out to be nothing but whatever. Still happy with my car. It continies to get better. Just my opinion on the changes. Plus, you can rationalize it anyway you want to make you fell better. I have my feelings about but I will never tell someone to just deal with it. Save it. Period! Go and lecture someone else. So lame.

RP3 | 12 avril 2019


What does this mean?
>>> @Rt002k EAP can no longer auto change lane with turn signal now...

I have EAP (no FSD) and I am still able to auto-lane change with turn signal and thanks to 2019.8.5 I can opt to not confirm the lane change and just let it happen. (or were you just referring to AP, not EAP?)

steve.connick | 12 avril 2019

It's exciting that the prices are dropping it means more people driving EV's.. not such a bad thing. Enjoy your EV's everyone :)

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

@EVTomorrow - I think you are confusing EAP (used to be available, no longer available) with AP (newly available as of end of Feb). Also - my car has dropped in price several times but I have not been compensated at all.

@kenu - Oddly I don't see all the protests and news around Chevy dropping the price of the Bolt this week, despite saying on March 29 they would not drop the price after the reduction in the tax credit. Why is it different for Chevy?

ben | 12 avril 2019

I paid $51k on Jan 30. That is $1500 more than current price(with ap). Telsa still want me to pay $3000k for AP. But no thanks.

TranzNDance | 12 avril 2019

It's hard to understand what Tesla does when looking through conventional lenses. However, if one considers its mission, which to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, then it makes sense. High pricing is a deterrent in adoption for most people beyond the rich people who can afford it.

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

@ben I paid $56k on July 11th, then another $2k in March for FSD. That is $5,500 more than the same car costs now. What's your point? A Chevy Bolt today costs about 15% less than it cost on March 30 - that's an even bigger percentage cut than you or I experienced. It happens. Prices fluctuate in order to generate demand.

(I am making an assumption that there is still a $3k difference between AWD and RWD, since you can no longer configure a LR RWD)

chrisb3d | 12 avril 2019

I just purchased me model 3 a week ago and paid the extra $3,000 for auto pilot. Today I see that auto pilot is now standard in all model 3s. I’m not sure what I just paid $3,000 for. I'd be willing to dump another $2k. in for the enhanced version but the dealership told me that's not an option.

007bond | 12 avril 2019

Been off the forms a few just seen this so I got my car last Aug paid 54k same car today that now it seems includes Autopilot is 49.5k. Now I never complained or thought I was due a refund it's part of early adopter I have been enjoying the car. But I sure would expect to get a software upgrade for my car to include Autopilot as it will not cost Tesla a dime and I helped the cause as paying more as early adopter. So does anyone know what is being done for ppl like me who do not have AP but sure would like it. Really the only thing I ever wanted was adaptive cruise control so that's why I could not justify purchasing it in the past as it was packaged,

gordon_r_benson | 12 avril 2019

kinupei, (and others whining about pricing) need to stop and look at other car dealers. We all know that MSRP is utterly meaningless. Between rebate, discounts, haggling, financing games, and dealer holdback, No two people pay the same price at a BMW or Audi dealer. How on earth is that any different than what Tesla is doing? It's like saying you read a blog where a guy at a dealer got a similar car for $500 less than you because he haggled more so now you are entitled to a $500 rebate on your car you purchased a month ago. That is preposterous! That being said, I do think that Tesla is doing a dis-service to itself by changing things so much, but the pricing probably accurately reflects what they feel they need to make on volume, margin to stay afloat, or hit certain financial covenants. Look at Amazon (prices change DAILY) but nobody complains. That's how direct marketing works guys...

ALDONY | 12 avril 2019

The problem here is that tesla POSTS its prices on 1 single website for the whole country. Everyone knows that there are no negotiations, no freebies, zero, nada, zip.
So, because of this readily available information, everyone that bought a tesla knows instantly of any price fluctuations.

But let me ask you something...

When you bought your last ICE car, did you go back to the same dealership to see what the price was on the same car you bought few months earlier.

Maybe you sent your wife or husband incognito to see if they really gave you a great deal. We're you hurt and asked for your difference in money back?

rxlawdude | 12 avril 2019

I think the fairest solution is to give all M3 owners that didn't purchase EAP or FSD the basic AP that's now standard. And those who bought basic AP recently should get some kind of compensation (Supercharging credit, credit for future service visits, etc.).

007bond | 12 avril 2019

@ ALDONY I agree with you on the price ICE cars everyone pays different even if the same car is purchased by 2 different ppl on the same day from the same dealer.

But I don't want a refund but I sure do think I am due Tesla adding AP to my car for free since it is now standard and just a free SW upgrade for them. I have no issue being an early adopter and paying more and I don't think I am due any refund but I did pay several thousand more then the current price. So Tesla upgrading my car to AP for free cost them nothing. I cannot see why I would want to pay an additional 3k for it when I have already paid much more. Really all I want is adaptive cruise control IMO if I have to keep my hands on the wheel I mite as well just steer anyway.

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

@chris - AP is "standard" on all model 3's. The model 3 price also went up $2k. So you paid $3k for what now costs $2k and is not longer optional.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 avril 2019

Wahhhhhh! As a most loyal customer they owe me and they will forever owe me!

jjgunn | 12 avril 2019

jimglas | April 12, 2019
My Model X has dropped over $30k in the year since mine was delivered (it dropped $3k between order and delivery, no refund)
My P3D has dropped over $10k since mine was delivered last fall
prices change, I got what I agreed to. I don't expect any refund.
Prices change. If you bought a ford and it went on sale 1 month later would you expect a refund?

".....and so it goes"


Elon Musk

mlm95_1999 | 12 avril 2019

Does anybody have info on if the SR+ for 37500 will no include AP if bought like 2 days ago? Cuv yeah that's my situation.

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

007Bond - it only "doesn't cost them anything" if they were to activate it and stop improving it. They continue to spend money to develop it. Therefore, they continue to provide you a service for something you want to not pay for. That's not free.

ALDONY | 12 avril 2019

@007bond, I agree with. It doesn't cost anything for them to add it to an already existing car.

@Rt002k, the reason why they spend money to. Improve the quality of the AP software, is because the want to be ahead of the competitors. That is why is now included in the price to collect data.

I bet that if you had windows XP on your computer, you probably received the option to. Upgrade to windows 10 for free. So from Apple to upgrade your phone to the next update.

Tesla will eventually sell their software for AP to. Other car makers, and make money.. Trillions.

Remember, as far as I know, and I could be wrong, they opened their hardware patents for other to copy, open source..

But as a software goes, they are under fort Knox security

Rt002k | 12 avril 2019

With the Windows example, I still needed to buy Windows XP to begin with. He is wanting Windows for free because now you can't buy the computer unless it's included (at a higher price than he paid without Windows)

crmedved | 12 avril 2019

Basically, if you took delivery of your car before any price changes, don't expect any kind of compensation. If you ordered and things changed before you took delivery, they may offer something for you to not return your car, but it will pretty much never be a price reduction / partial refund.

For the Feb 28 price fiasco, I got FSD as "compensation" (since prices dropped 6% before I took delivery)... still waiting for that to be applied though haha.

Also, @EVTomorrow, AP isn't optional, so the SR+ costs $39.5k now. Not $37k.

007bond | 12 avril 2019

@Rt002k I did pay much money to develop it, last time I did the math I paid 5k more for the same car that you get today with AP included. If I pay 3k for AP then I actually paid 8k more for the same car. So please don't tell me I have not paid for Tesla development work. I still think adaptive cruise control all that I want should be standard all along as it is with many new cars today of this class.

Hdez | 12 avril 2019

Taking delivery tomorrow of M3 LR RWD with $3k AP that now is standard equipment. I'm down $1,060.00 even before taking the vehicle home. Do you think they'd let me cancel my order and buy same vehicle for the new price?

SqueekJ | 12 avril 2019

The concern I have is that I was told by a Tesla employee that the price was going to increase by 3%. So I placed my order, but in turn it went down and now the AP is free... Seems like a bate and switch situation.

crmedved | 12 avril 2019

@007bond "I still think adaptive cruise control all that I want should be standard all along as it is with many new cars today of this class." -- It IS standard now :) And the price went up to reflect that. Be careful what you wish for?

@Hdez Ask your delivery adviser, before signing the paperwork. Tesla has a 1 day refund policy... it's unclear whether the refund includes the $2,500 order deposit though.

@cjmason602 The price of Teslas did increase by 3% (except base $35k model) a few weeks ago.

kinupeiphone | 12 avril 2019

@007bond. 100% ageee. Thank you.

ADinM3 | 12 avril 2019

I certainly believe Tesla needs to low pass filter their frequent price changes but these threads always baffle me. People need to realize that price drops can never be retroactively applied and still be "fair" to all unless you are advocating everyone should be refunded for all future drops and put Tesla out of business.

It is certainly easy to rationale why each individual is entitled to a refund or some free feature, but then I would hope people then consider the others.

For example, some have mentioned that AP should be given away for free to those that didn't buy originally. Assuming they did for some crazy reason, then what about those that actually paid for it originally? Screw them over or give them refund? What about those then that bought a LR RWD or AWD because the small incremental price seemed worth it. It never stops.

The best thing for all of us is for Tesla to stay in business. People forget that there are still many out there that still don't believe they can survive. I believe they will but it is by no means a certainty, especially if they they are bleed dry by existing users.

JarvisM3 | 12 avril 2019

im in the same boat. Took delivery a week ago Wednesday. I don't expect anything back. Sure, its not great but I know going down the Tesla patch, this was expected. The car is the best car I have ever had the pleasure of owning. It was a dream today in horrible traffic.

Very Happy Guy!

gbb0131 | 13 avril 2019

I find it interesting that it's only the Model 3 that has AP "included". The S, X & Y are still optional.... well when I looked yesterday... may have already changed...

Carl Thompson | 13 avril 2019


I guess it could mean they can make the profit they want on the average S and X sale without Autopilot. On the 3 probably they can't.

SO | 13 avril 2019

@kinupeiphone | April 12, 2019
“@jimglas. That’s dumb. Don’t ever say that again. Especially in this case. I see if it was two years or even a year later but for some of us that got our cars July and now less than a year later I can get them same car with autopilot/TACC standard. At a cheaper price than my car cost with no autopilot.“

The day I received my S90D, the S100D came out for the same price. Did I expect a refund or new 100D? Of course not. Now THAT would be dumb! I paid what I AGREED to pay. Just like I don’t expect paying more if the price increases.

Some People and their entitlement blows my mind.

VolleyballNE1 | 13 avril 2019

It really blows my mind how self serving and illogical people can be. Prices change. Change is the only constant. I love that AP is standard now(new price included in base...change...a constant)
As a consumer, you see something, it has a price(sale or permanent price reduction/increase, it has a price). You want it? You pay that price. It's yours. Enjoy! When you need it again, go look at the current price. Lower or higher. Doesn't matter. You want it? You buy it. You don't think it's worth it? Don't buy it. WTF? Get a clue people!!!!

ben | 13 avril 2019

@VolleyballNE1, why you get upset when people complain about Telsa? I am going to buy some TSLA when it go down to $180. HAHA

jjgunn | 13 avril 2019

Good posts - I also think making it standard on the M3 was due to the fact they found 1 accident every 2.7 million miles using AP vs. I accident every 463,000 miles without AP - Safety first....ALWAYS.

I believe Tesla is very proud of the fact they were able to get a full 5 stars in every safety category from NHTSA & they plan on keeping it that way.

Full disclosure....before the inclusion of AP, I ordered my P3D without AP trying to negotiate the price down - now I don't have to do anything & there it is.....and guess what? I didn't have to sit at a dealership all day negotiating with a salesperson that is trying to extract every dollar out of my pocket they can.

$60,500 for a Deep Blue Metallica P3D w/AP (everything except FSD) - That's a pretty good price for an amazing vehicle. Get yours today!

jimglas | 13 avril 2019

@ kin: My P3D is 5 months old
I got the car I ordered for the price I agreed to pay

VolleyballNE1 | 13 avril 2019

@ben Just trying to educate people about making choices and timing is part of life. You have to own your choices in life. As for $180. I remember when AAPL was < $1. Boy did I miss out. So strike @180 if you don't think it would go to 0 like I thought AAPL was headed. But as you can see, I make bad stock decisions. haha