Weird screen freeze (sort of), fixed with reboot

Weird screen freeze (sort of), fixed with reboot

Never saw this one before: I was driving home from work with the efficiency card showing, and noticed that the Wh/mi number was not changing. Then I noticed that the miles were also not changing. Then I noticed that my map view was blank (okay, so I'm a lot less observant at the end of the day...). I drove home about 15 more miles with the car like that. About two blocks from my house I pulled over and rebooted. The miles caught up to something that looked right, but the Wh/mi seemed to calculate by treating the stretch with the outage as 0 Wh used -- so my efficiency when I got home read 58 Wh/mi!

Anyway, the reboot fixed it.

Bighorn | 12 avril 2019

Seen that on the S before

lunde | 12 avril 2019

I experienced something similar this morning. My location on the map was showing, but the map itself was blank (showing a grid). The screen also became unresponsive when I parked at my office and plugged in. So, I performed a hard reboot, then it went back to normal. Or, so it seemed. From my office, the vehicle's location was five miles away, on a freeway onramp, so the GPS must have shut off while driving to work. I decided to drive home early, and upon starting to drive, everything went back to normal.

qdanylik | 12 avril 2019

How do you reboot?

jimglas | 12 avril 2019

press both scroll wheel until the screen goes dark
(can do when driving if needed)

ICEMELT | 12 avril 2019

I had another issue. small areas in the screen started flickering. Two button reboot fixed it.

aperfectecho | 12 avril 2019

I had the same thing as @ICEMELT. some small areas of the screen were flickering, and corrected with reboot. Also, yesterday the favorites for podcasts wouldn't register when touched, but other areas of the screen were fine. Another reboot.
The flickering thing happened twice, never before the latest update.

ih82work | 18 avril 2019

I just had the same pix-elation as @ICEMELT of the screen while driving to work today. It rebooted itself while I was driving. It appeared to be corrected when the reboot was complete.

nwsrgilmore | 18 avril 2019

I observed something similar yesterday. I heard periodic "pops" or crackling in the audio system, then my turn signal indicator froze on the screen as I was making a right turn, and then all features on the screen froze. It didn't go black, but the screen became unresponsive. I pulled off the road and performed the reboot procedure, and everything came back on-line. I was a bit bothered by the turn signals not functioning (no indicator sound). Recently I've been experiencing significant delays in the backup camera coming on - sometimes in the range of 15 seconds where it's black on the screen. I'm hoping the next software update takes care of these issues.

Kathy Applebaum | 18 avril 2019

Tesla texted me when I reported it and said it's a known software issue. Hope it gets fixed soon -- I hate that all the new owners think this is how the car usually behaves.

Kathy Applebaum | 18 avril 2019

@ih82work The reboot only fixes it for a while. I'm averaging a day between reboots.

tbd2001_01 | 18 avril 2019

I had a Display freeze yesterday. I parked, came back to vehicle, Display screen was on, I stepped on brake put vehicle in reverse, the display screen still showed in Park, I placed vehicle in Drive, Vehicle still showed Park. Then the display screen went blank/black... Had to reboot a few times to get display screen to work properly.

skappag | 18 avril 2019

Same thing happened to me this morning... reboot fixed it.

tom | 18 avril 2019

My car is 3 weeks old. Had the screen problem today. Called Tesla, on hold 20 min, then a human told me to "do the screen reset each time it happens, it's a huge known issue, no fix yet, okay to drive with black screen.". Very disturbing.

FYI the screen reset directions were to hold the two buttons through the black screen period until the big T appears.

masker | 18 avril 2019

Driving home on interstate and nav screen blacked out then rebooted itself. A little unnerving. Buzzing and crackling just before blacking. I too hope it gets fixed soon. Also have the delay on my backup camera.

johnmjump | 24 avril 2019

Ahah! This is the first post I have found that addresses the issue that I have since yesterday. I like keeping the trip odometer showing all the time, and as I drove away, I noticed that, while the time was increasing, the miles and Wh/mi remained 0.0 and 0. Checking further later, and discovering the Trip A and Trip B odometers, which basically recorded my progress since I picked up my car last Saturday, I saw that they had not advanced normally. The Odometer, at the bottom,(i.e. the lifetime non-reset-able odometer) however, seemed to have been updated properly. I will try a reboot at the next opportunity, and I will be sure to do the next over the air update when it is provided!

johnmjump | 24 avril 2019

Following up, at lunch, I rebooted my model 3 and Voila! The efficiency card is now updating!

Thanks to @IHaveArrived for posting this!

The A and B trip displays are updating too. Not sure that they are completely accurate, but, I have good reason to expect that, if I encounter this error in the future and reboot immediately, I will be able to minimize the resulting error.

CharleyBC | 24 avril 2019

I feel very lucky. I've seen lots of these reports about 2019.8.5. We have over 1500 miles on that release, so far all clear of these sorts of symptoms, except one spontaneous reboot at a Supercharger. But it wasn't preceded by any of the weird symptoms.

Off for another 1000 miles this weekend. Maybe it'll be our turn...

qdavis | 8 mai 2019

I've had the screen freeze twice with 2019.8.5 and twice with 2019.12.12.
Both times with 8.5 and once with 12.12, it wouldn't go from park to either reverse or drive.
The second time with 12.12 I had the energy screen up and it froze while driving. Rebooted the display while driving without incident.
My car is less than 1 month old.

kcheng | 8 mai 2019

2019.8.5, my screen went all jittery yesterday for about 5 mins, then it rebooted itself. Today, one of my front USB ports decided it didn't want to work. First, buglets I've experienced.