Looking for aftermarket FITTED all-weather floor mats, but can't find any

Looking for aftermarket FITTED all-weather floor mats, but can't find any

I've been looking around the internet for a set of fitted all-weather floor mats for the Model 3, but I can't find anyone who makes them. The dealer price of $145 seems overpriced to me. Has anyone had luck finding a set?

gordon_r_benson | 17 avril 2019

Just get the 3D MAXpider ones. They are worth every penny. I've never seen floor mats that fit so beautifully in a car and protect the ENTIRE floor.

hammer @OR-US | 17 avril 2019

Agree with above

lbowroom | 17 avril 2019

I concur

thedrisin | 17 avril 2019

Husky Liners MOGO Floor Liners. Excellent fit,
heavy duty.

kinupeiphone | 17 avril 2019

Tuxmats are awesome as well.

gordon_r_benson | 17 avril 2019

I got a better price off EV Tuning Solution with some coupon codes. Total cost to my door was $358 for interior and trunk/frunk mats.

cascadiadesign | 17 avril 2019

+1 for the 3D MAXpider mats. They fit so well they look built into my Model 3. And they should - these are not "Universal" mats. Mine don't look like an "after-market" add-on at all. Excellent color & texture for the Tesla.

coleAK | 17 avril 2019

Another vote for the 3D maxpider. We’ve had Husky, and weathertech for years. The 3Ds held up to the Alaska winter perfectly.

xtcTesla | 17 avril 2019

I'll vouch for the 3d maxpider, as they fit near perfect in my other car and are so easy to clean.

fasheriff | 17 avril 2019

How. Does Weather Tech compare? | 17 avril 2019

+1 for 3DMaxpider. They fit so tight in the front that a blade of grass has no chance of migrating under the mat.

The_Flash | 17 avril 2019

TuxMat. love them

elecfan2 | 17 avril 2019

Looks like the forums are messing up again.

coleAK | 17 avril 2019

@fasheriff. I’m pretty sure weathertech dosnt make the floor liner for the model 3 yet. Just the basic rubber mat. Husky have the Mogo that is a floor liner style. Honestly though, I only ordered the maxpider because they were all that was available this past fall for a true high side all weather mat. However they are more refined ( read less truck like) than the traditional Husky or weather tech.

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

Damnit - now I just spent $200.00

roger.klurfeld | 18 avril 2019

I have leather, all weather, waterproof mats from A bit above your budget but to me worth it. My car is red with a black interior. So I got black leather with red diamond stitching. Great mats.

lionsquall1705 | 18 avril 2019

Thanks @odave47

Amazon had $10 clip coupon, $75 for both front and rear mats!

ghoop1 | 18 avril 2019

TuxMats are fantastic. I now have two sets.

phinallydone03 | 19 avril 2019

3D Partcatalog. Love the mats. Worth it!

andrewlee05 | 19 avril 2019

Plus one for 3D maxpider. Fits well and protects the floor. Don’t like the logo but been too lazy to remove them.

snc | 19 avril 2019

Thanks for the suggestions - I looked at them and decided to go with the 3D Maxpider - just what I had in mind.

CharleyBC | 19 avril 2019

We did spring for the $145 Tesla brand mats. Not a bargain price, admittedly, but we've been very happy with how they fit and the protection they offer in cruddy weather. I guess I'll switch back to the carpet ones once I'm sure the rain is done and no more snow trips...

Kary993 | 19 avril 2019

@CharleyBC - same experience here, good matts, look nice, and clean up easily.

lunde | 19 avril 2019

I tried aftermarket non-fabric mats in one of our M3s, but didn't care for them, so I sprung for the Tesla brand ones for both of our M3s. My wife and I are completely happy with them. They fit really well.

CASEMAN | 19 avril 2019

I did the Tesla floor mats as well as trunk and frunk - love them all.

ultimate_99 | 19 avril 2019

I just got the 3D MAXpider ones also..
I figured the most $ should be the best. I was amazed how little they weighed. But they DO look and fit fantastic. And they should hold any snow and water with their high perimeter rim.

TexasBob | 29 avril 2019

Another +1 for the 3D MAXpiders. Very nice fit and finish, excellent protection for the vehicle.

Iwantmy3 | 30 avril 2019

Ok, I am convinced. I just ordered 3D MAXpiders from Costco. I had previously purchased the trim to fit version last fall before the custom fit version was available. Now that the custom fit version is here, it is time to upgrade.

Great price through