Lost free unlimited supercharging tonight

Lost free unlimited supercharging tonight

Well the free rides have ended. I have had FUSC since November due to California wildfires. Tonight I checked and my account online says “Pay per use supercharging”.

Tesla promised to give me a notification when they switched me back, but so far no notification at all. I will go SC soon and share if I was charged.

Tesla seems to have done a major website push today with the autonomy day. Now I see an online receipt for AP FSD.

lilbean | 22 avril 2019


Eazyndn | 22 avril 2019

I just checked and same thing on my account.

beaver | 22 avril 2019

When you have to pay for supercharging, does it show the price per kWh in the SC info page on the car map? I just checked and there is no pricing, just wait fees of up to $1.00 per minute.

Goldenboy30 | 22 avril 2019

Strange, my performance P3D- changed to pay per use as well on my account. I assume just a glitch.

beaver | 22 avril 2019

@Goldenboy30 should you have FUSC for life of your P3-?

jjt2122 | 22 avril 2019

Yea, same here, lost free supercharging, was part of the wildfires too.
I’m still satisfied, what car company will give you free supercharging during and AFTER a disaster.
Thanks Tesla :)

jimglas | 23 avril 2019

I also lost the FUSC on my P3D (which is supposed to be permanent). I have sent an email to ask whats up.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 avril 2019

Yup, my FUSC disappeared on my account also. I sent email as well.

hokiegir1 | 23 avril 2019

I also have the invoice/receipt for my FSD purchase. I know the website was down for a bit yesterday, so that may have been when they were updating.

SteveWin1 | 23 avril 2019

Same. Should have FUSC, but not reflected on my account anymore.

elecfan2 | 23 avril 2019

Same here lost free supercharging on the website, got a 900 mile drive today, will see if it's just a glitch.

elecfan2 | 23 avril 2019

Oh I got the performance model 3 with upgrade, bought with referral code before September 2018, supposed to have free supercharging for life promo.

jimglas | 23 avril 2019

@ewd7: Let us know how SC works for you. I have a 300 mile drive tomorrow and planned a SC stop.

beaver | 23 avril 2019

Hopefully just a glitch they fix for the lifetimers, let us know if you supercharge today and are charged or not. This reminds me of Office Space “well we just fixed the glitch”

jjt2122 | 23 avril 2019

I’m gonna charge on my lunch, so we will see

bradbomb | 23 avril 2019

I lost my Free Unlimited Supercharging status online too. Wasn't supposed to have it so no big deal. I haven't gone to a supercharger yet to check if I get charged. Weird note, my Model 3 itself does not reflect the change. It still shows "Supercharging" instead of "Pay-Per-Use Supercharging" where I have my last charged supercharging displayed in October. Also, the map still does not show kWh rates on stations.

d.buccini | 23 avril 2019

I have a P3 minus have free supercharging for life went on my account today and it shows I have to pay

jjt2122 | 23 avril 2019

Anyone call about this yet?

beaver | 23 avril 2019

Anyone try supercharging?

jjt2122 | 23 avril 2019

I contacted Tesla and they say it’s a glitch, they said their system shows unlimited supercharging, but my vehicle details says pay per use, they said it’s more likely a glitch after the website update.

Quinten | 23 avril 2019

@ beaver
"When you have to pay for supercharging, does it show the price per kWh in the SC info page on the car map? I just checked and there is no pricing, just wait fees of up to $1.00 per minute."

Me too. I just checked my Model 3 display for supercharging station and it did not list the price rate but the $1.00 idea fee only. Anyone try charging it at a SC station yet?

bradbomb | 23 avril 2019

So mine switched back to Unlimited Supercharging within the past hour. I recommend everyone to recheck their accounts.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 avril 2019

Yup, mine is back to normal.

Whew : )

jjt2122 | 23 avril 2019

Mine switched back also on my detail page.
Goodness :)

RES IPSA | 23 avril 2019

I wish I still had free supercharging. I did until a few months ago at the San Diego Qualcomm SC, but that was changed when Tesla mixed up their SC pricing.

elecfan2 | 23 avril 2019

I supercharged several times, in Rocky Mount NC right now, no charge displayed in the car or in my account.

jimglas | 23 avril 2019

Mine also bask to FUSC

beaver | 23 avril 2019

False alarm, apparently I am still “fire impacted”

Supercharging Status

Free Unlimited Supercharging

walnotr | 23 avril 2019

Lucky all of you! I am currently charging across the country getting charged for charging at every supercharger.

Of course I expect that since I’ve never had free supercharging. It still beats paying for gas!

Rt002k | 23 avril 2019

That's weird - I don't have any invoice for my FSD. I don't have a "Post Delivery Options" just "Options" and it does list "Full Self Driving Capability". I purchased the upgrade during the fire sale.

Quinten | 24 avril 2019

Just to put in my 2 cents too. Mine also back to FUSC. That get me a scare and relief.

bradbomb | 24 avril 2019

Well the scare is back in, mine went back AGAIN to Pay-Per-Use Supercharging. I am again no longer "fire impacted" as @beaver explained it.

Still haven't verified this with an actual Supercharger trip. My weekly trip is tomorrow during my lunch hour and I will update then

rsingh05 | 24 avril 2019

@bradbomb - just checked my account on seeing this thread and it says pay per use. I have free lifetime supercharging so must be a glitch. FYI Tesla is good about refunding SC fees if they do end up charging your CC when you are supposed to have free SC.

jjt2122 | 24 avril 2019

Yep, mine switched AGAIN back to pay per use supercharging, but I notice the website changed again, I wonder if they are tweaking the site and our unlimited supercharging is glitching our on their end.

Fredvanngo | 25 avril 2019

Me too, the website's glitch is back again ! will use the Supercharger today AM to check it out.
has anyone used the V3 supercharger with 2019.7.11 soft/firmware update?

jjt2122 | 25 avril 2019

Not yet, I think there is only one V3 in Fremont.

Fredvanngo | 25 avril 2019

I used the V3 supercharger at the Hawthorne Tesla design studio center last week and the charging speed is the same as V2 since I do not have the software 20197.11 update. My current version is 2019.8.5.

jjt2122 | 25 avril 2019

I contacted Tesla this morning and they said it’s another website glitch, my account is still showing unlimited on the Tesla side, but my vehicle detail site says pay per use.
They said they are still updating the Tesla website to make it more accessible.

stumarg | 25 avril 2019

I confirm what jjt2122 experienced. My account is still showing FUSC on Tesla's end.

Fredvanngo | 25 avril 2019

I am charging now up to 80% at the Supercharging in Los Angeles , CA and there is no "pay per use" increased on my car charging screen. Must be another website update glitch. Hopefully , they can fix it soon. Cheers!

jjt2122 | 25 avril 2019

I’m charging right now and it still shows $0.00 when charging for a few moments, so still good on my end here. But still says pay per use on my vehicle details.
Just a glitch.

jimglas | 25 avril 2019

Mine was back last night
Gone again this AM
Again says "Pay per use SC"

beaver | 25 avril 2019

I charged last night for free in Oxnard, 120 kW solid from 10-50%, added 200 miles range in 30 min. I wonder when we will get 145 kW on V2

beaver | 25 avril 2019

The glitch is back - online account shows “pay per use” supercharging

jjaroundtheclock | 25 avril 2019

my account online account shows “pay per use” supercharging too.

Quinten | 25 avril 2019

Oh boy, just checked my detail account and now it back to "Supercharging Status Pay Per Use Supercharging". It seem they updated with the View Detail link to a button now. Hopefully it another glitch and we can still get free unlimited charging.

bradbomb | 25 avril 2019

Well I now have confirmation that although it says Pay Per Use online, I am not being charged for supercharging

jjt2122 | 25 avril 2019

It should be fixed soon I’m sure, I’m not being charged either when it should be unlimited on the detail page.

fazman | 25 avril 2019

I just got off the phone with Tesla customer service, they said they have heard about this issue from customers and its probably a website bug. They confirmed I still have FUSC as a P3D+ purchase before mid sept 2018 with refferal code.

jimglas | 26 avril 2019

As above, Customer service says I have FUSC on their end even though my acct page says "pay per use SC"