Now 370 miles on a full charge!!

Now 370 miles on a full charge!!

Very nice, keep up the great work.

p.c.mcavoy | 23 avril 2019

Yeah, lots of interesting things in this announcement. I'm trying to resist looking too much at the site for risk of damage to my wallet and do something like decide to replace my about to be 3 year old MS90D.

Chunky Jr. | 23 avril 2019

and free ludicrous!

it's too bad they couldn't have done a slightly larger pack and got to 400. that would have really turned some heads.

I almost feel sorry for the other EV manufacturers.

JChun | 23 avril 2019

sh*t. I literally just ordered a Model S right before they updated the website after the announcement. Anyone know how I can cancel or modify my order? Editing the design takes me to the older options.

RandallKeith | 23 avril 2019

Oh boy, here we go again.

Chunky Jr. | 23 avril 2019

Either email or call Tesla. I'm sure you would get the latest changes.

JChun | 23 avril 2019

I'll update here what happens, appreciate the reply!

halftrojan | 23 avril 2019

JChun - I had the same thing happen when I ordered my S. Just call and they will cancel and reorder with the new config.

Firaz | 23 avril 2019


I am hoping this will be an easy retrofit for post refresh vehicles.

Chunky Jr. | 23 avril 2019

Motor Trend has an article about S refresh. They got a sneak peak and drove from Fremont to Hawthorne on a single charge.

As we pull into the [Hawthorne] Supercharger stall, our elapsed time from the Bay Area stood at 6 hours, 11 minutes, 359 miles. With 83 kWh used, we had 11 percent of the battery remaining—which equates to 41 more miles at the rate I was going. Right at 400 miles if you add it up

Silver2K | 23 avril 2019

I wonder if these efficient motors would replace our existing motors if they need to be swapped out. They've always replaced our old parts with latest and greatest.

PrescottRichard | 23 avril 2019

Did I read that right? The front motor is doing the most of the work now including regen? That’s different from what I heard about the current set up. Right?

Bighorn | 23 avril 2019

The free Ludicrous upgrade causes a real conundrum over not going for a Performance Model.

jordanrichard | 23 avril 2019

A 35 miles jump in range!!!!!

Like Elon said during the briefing yesterday, to this day, no other company has come out with their own EV that can match the range of a 2012 S85. The E-tron is rated for only 204 miles using a 95 kWh pack and here it is Tesla using a 100 kWh pack is getting almost double what the E-Tron will get.

Tesla just moved the goal post again.........

Chunky Jr. | 23 avril 2019

After this announcement, the other EV manufacturers are curled up in a shower and crying

ST70 | 23 avril 2019

ludicrous is $20K more....where are you seeing it's free?

Bighorn | 23 avril 2019

It’s free for current owners of an S or X as a loyalty give-back

GHammer | 23 avril 2019

Add FULSC to that and they've got me.

ST70 | 23 avril 2019

Oh...WOW! Why does Tesla do this to me! Coming up on 4 years on my P85DL....get the extended warranty and wait until the Roadster is out....or now this! I have too many problems in my life....

2015P90DI | 23 avril 2019

Seriously? People are making a big deal out of lower resistance wheel bearings and tires??? Have been waiting for Tesla to update the S to at least be equal to a 3 in terms of interface, battery tech and so on, but the release today says it will still contain the older tech battery. Charging will be improved but will not equal the 3. No mention of changes to get the screen tech and interface at least on par with the 3. This is a whole bunch of nothing. The wind before the storm. Big release of major changes will follow shortly. Just a Tesla marketing ploy to get some press and spur current slow sales of the S before the actual revised version is released. Oh yeah, and the suspension will be software update.

I get that S fans are excited to see something, anything new for the S, being that all the attention has gone to the 3. But the Model S is still a dated car that needs updating. For twice the money compared to a 3, at a minimum, the battery and interface need to be updated. To please Tesla fans, should also get a little power boost as we haven't had one in quite some time. Tesla has spoiled its customers with the constant updates, but lately, there really hasn't been much that is S specific. Just as with AP1 cars, Tesla has a habit of dropping interest in their "old" stuff as soon as they release something new. Slow sales have shown that it's time.

nwfan | 24 avril 2019

I agree with @hammer @OR-OU if Tesla throws in FULSC they will have another sale.
I'll get rid of my S100D and upgrade.

I already have it on my current Model S and it will be to hard to give that up without having
it on the new S. If sales keep slumping might see that offering coming back.

Munka | 24 avril 2019

Anyone expecting a full S refresh needs to understand that the largest hydraulic press in North America is the Press used by Tesla to punch out the sides to the car. They will not be updating the S battery tech any time soon. All future S updates in the next 2-3 years will work within the existing frame. A full S update including new batteries requires a brand new car frame. If you think the 3 tech is so superior please go and buy a 3 and stop holding your breath.

Only after Semi, Roadster and Y are out with bugs under control can you expect a full S redo and it will resemble the current S as much as the Gen 2 roadster resembles the 1st Gen.

sr.smr | 24 avril 2019

The enhanced suspension has my attention. I currently have a 2017 75D with spring suspension and would be very interested in comparing ride comfort. My only pet peeve is the elimination of the carbon fiber dash and panoramic sunroof. The Kelly Blue Book trade-in value estimates I would need about $20K to purchase the new car with standard range I would be able to get the latest improvements, including MCU2, dashcam and sentry mode (oh and lighted vanity mirrors:). I am already eligible for the HW3 upgrade since I purchased FSD at the bargain price of $2K. However, it's still a big decision because the refresh could be around the corner. When I bought my car, the next month air suspension and better sound system became standard, which obviously made me regret not waiting. I know this has been discussed to death, but I wish there was a better way not to disappoint owners who made recent purchases with some path to an upgrade. At least new purchases are covered under a 7 day or 1,000 mile full refund policy, which is a step in the right direction.

tes-s | 24 avril 2019

Darn!! I ordered and received my MS in 2013. Think they'll retrofit it for me for free?

inconel | 24 avril 2019

I am sure they will upfit for you for a fee

viper.ja | 24 avril 2019

If my Model S is in production this week, do you think it will get the new motors?

murraypetera | 24 avril 2019

I’m about to get new tires for my “Classic” 60 Model S. I would love to know what the new tires are but have not seen this detailed.

murraypetera | 24 avril 2019

I’m about to get new tires for my “Classic” 60 Model S. I would love to know what the new tires are but have not seen this detailed.

jordanrichard | 24 avril 2019

Read the Motor Trend article, they go into great detail about the tires.

jordanrichard | 24 avril 2019

2015P90DI, Why does the MS desperately need to be updated? The car is only 7 years old. Mercedes used the R107 chassis for 17 years, the W124 chassis for 10 years, the W126 chassis for 10 years etc......

Tesla is 7 years ahead of the competition. The seemingly highly praised E-Tron has less range than a 2012 S60 and it has a 95 Kwh battery......

MJP.75D | 24 avril 2019

@Bighorn — totally agree! I was planning on buying a new Model S in Long Range spec however if I opt for the Performance spec (at an $11k increase in price) I would essentially receive $31k in enhanced value. This would go a long way to offsetting depreciation over the near/long term. From a performance standpoint, I’m perfectly fine with 3.7 to 60 and 155 top speed (both higher perf than I will ever use) but the economics of the “free” $20k upgrade have thrown a big wrench in my thought process and quite possibly my purchase plans. What to do....? | 24 avril 2019

And the price of this new Model S is about $35,000 less than I paid for my November 2016 build P100D.

JChun | 24 avril 2019

manually canceled the order. I'll wait for cancel to show up in their system and order again. Just an fyi, not a big deal just a 5 min phone call.

Silver2K | 24 avril 2019

dougk71 | 24 avril 2019

Tesla is very likely battery constrained by Panasonic for the near future. Panasonic and Toyota are the more likely partnership to last. Tesla pays late for batteries due to Tesla's exponential growth it is often cash short so delaying payments to Panasonic is a first step.In turn Panasonic is reluctant to expand battery production for Tesla since it means late payments for even more batteries.Adding extra cells to the S would make matters worse so Tesla went to the permanent motors that are 10% more efficient to get the extra range. Tesla China won't use Panasonic and US acquisition of Maxwell is probably Tesla's long term solution to Panasonic constraints.Model s cells also come from Japan and Toyota will have first dibs. Model 3 cell supply will flatten the growth curve and may result in few quality short cuts being taken to ramp production. More battery cells per car is not the immediate way forward.

Bhaberle | 24 avril 2019

Man I would rather get free upgrade to long range battery than the ludicrous mode. I don't want performance mode. It reduces range. Still a nice gesture though so it certainly is appreciated. I am assuming they can do this cause there isn't much cost for them to offer it.

wlhnlh | 24 avril 2019

So I am a bit confused; Does the free $20k ludicrous upgrade come with the Performance configuration only, or is it with the Long Range configuration? The performance config. is still showing a 345 mile range, with no option to select ludicrous, compared to the 370 on the Long range.
I put a request into Tesla for a trade-in value and am now wondering if the trade-in numbers will come back lower with this announcement?

Silver2K | 24 avril 2019

Well, the best way to find out is just click on the long range config and try to click on the ludicrous upgrade option.

Performance numbers are up also. They were around 305 | 24 avril 2019

@wlhnlh - Ludicrous upgrade is only available on the Performance configuration.

@dougk71 - A whole lot of conjecture acting as fact. I doubt Panasonic has any reason to pick Toyota (who seems completely uninterested in EVs now), over Tesla if there was a limit to production. Seem like no one other than Tesla is using a cylindrical cell design for the pack. Other all go for way more custom/expensive/unproven designs. It's one of the many reasons Tesla is so successful - go with tech that has been proven.

drew | 24 avril 2019

Does anyone know if the ventilated seats and XM still come with the performance model?
Seem to be missing from website today.


patrick40363 | 24 avril 2019

Wonder if they will improve the range on the model 3.

GHammer | 24 avril 2019

@patrick The tech used to increase the range of the S is already in the 3.

bill | 24 avril 2019

I would trade the Ludicrous for Free Supercharging. Otherwise I am sticking with my 2016 S90D with HW 2. Probably never upgrade. To me the FFLUSC is to valuable to change cars

dougk71 | 24 avril 2019

I believe Panasonic already has partnered with Panasonic. Elon himself says the model 3 was cell constrained by Panasonic. Tesla did buy Maxwell. Tesla is late in paying Panasonic.
Yet you're right until the future becomes the present conjecture fills the gap.

dougk71 | 24 avril 2019

OOPs I believe Panasonic already has partnered with Panasonic. s/b I believe Panasonic already has partnered with Toyota.

Mathew98 | 24 avril 2019

Toyota/Panasonic announced they were going to expand on their current prismatic battery supply for future hybrids/EV ramp up for Toyota. This was back in December 2018. Their hybrids could only hold enough juice for about a 10 miles range. Their plug in hybrid could go further for a whopping 25 miles range.

The battery for Tesla and Toyota are on completely different production lines/factories within Panasonic. Why would you think the production of one has anything to do with the other? | 24 avril 2019

@dougk71 - For Model 3, it may be cell constrained, but all cells for the M3 are made in Nevada at the Gigafactory. I don't think Panasonic has the option to sell the cells made at GF to anyone other than Tesla.

Didn't know Panasonic partnered with Toyota, but makes sense for all the Hybrids they make. Panasonic makes a lot of different types of cells, and seems Toyota doesn't need/want cells like Tesla requires. Tesla and Panasonic jointly developed the cells Tesla uses, so Tesla may have an exclusive license that doesn't allow Panasonic to sell the exact same cell to others as well.

2015P90DI | 24 avril 2019

To clarify, I'm not saying Tesla needs an all new, from the ground up Model S. But it desperately needs updating. Using the same chassis is fine, even most of the body panels The interface and battery need to be updated to at least be equal to the half the price Model 3. Based on several luxury manufacturers releasing new EV's soon, wouldn't hurt if they did an update of the interior, which is exactly as it was in 2012 (8th year in production). Things as simple as door pockets, a center storage arm-rest console, etc (again like the Model 3). Then maybe just a minor fascia refresh to identify it as an updated version. Similar to what they did in 2016. The only thing that annoys me about that is there are some refreshed fascia cars with AP1 hardware, which was considered a major hardware update. Would have been nice if they had coordinated those updates so each car is easily identifiable. They were just a couple of months apart. Not a big deal, but in the use car market, if buying a 2016, definitely have to do your homework on the car to figure out what it is..

peterdri | 24 avril 2019

The adaptive suspension has my interest. I took delivery of a new inventory P100D in Vancouver on 29 March, and find the suspension to be overly stiff to the point of being uncomfortable over many Vancouver streets.

Is the new adaptive suspension a software or hardware upgrade?

If hardware, could I update my car or do I have to sell or trade and order a new one?

sr.smr | 24 avril 2019

I spoke to sales and it is a new suspension that has a new hardware configuration and tailors the ride with software adjustments. The older air suspension cannot be upgraded. I asked sales to call me when the car is available to take a test drive. The highways are in very poor condition in New York so it will be very interesting to feel the results. I have spring suspension and drove a loaner car with air suspension, and noticed a big difference in ride quality. I am surprised that your new car with air suspension is overly stiff. Maybe it needs to be broken in. The loaner I drove had about 40K miles and was quite comfortable.