losing charge when parked

losing charge when parked

I charge the car every night to the lowest level possible giving me 114 miles. The car charging will stop at 114 miles but in the morning I see 112 miles even with the tesla charger connected. I used to always see 114 miles in the morning.

This has been happening since I received 2 back to back updates two weeks ago but that may well be a coincidence as well.

This is a 2018 Model X with 11000 miles now | 25 avril 2019

Suspect more random situation. Let's say it stops charging at 3am. It may loose 2-3 miles when it gets to 8am when you check it, or it may hit the threshold where at 7:30am it charges back up to 114 miles. There are a lot of variables - such as what SOC is before charging begins, vehicle temperatures and at what time you check the car in the morning.

William.leng | 25 avril 2019

Have you check the sentry mode has been enabled? there will cost 1 mile/hr