Model X refresh

Model X refresh

Looks like some battery and motor upgrades. That is great. I may want to get a newer X but would like some changes. Please let me know if some of these issues have been addressed

1 smart phone acts as your key. I don’t like the fob

2 now you just pull a cable in the front bumper to open the frunk. Makes the frunk unsecured. The M3 does not do that

3 bigger sun visor?

dizzynut | 10 mai 2019

FYI, My X Long Range 7 Seat order was confirmed on 08 April. Got my VIN within a week 1608xx. It was in production until 09 May when I got a text stating that delivery date is 14 May. Emailed and called several times before 09 May to inquire whether or not it was a refresh model but no reply. At this point I am assuming that it is not, so I'm going to cancel. I will update when I have additional info.

jimglas | 10 mai 2019

If they built the car for you, you will lose your deposit.

dizzynut | 10 mai 2019


Per contract: "Your Order Payment covers the cost of these activities and other processing costs and is not a deposit for the Vehicle. Unless your Vehicle is delivered to you, you may cancel your order at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Order Payment."

Update: It is confirmed that my X is not a refresh so I have requested a cancellation. Based on the contract and my Sales Rep, I am getting a full refund (45 days).

FYI: My sales rep said that all new equipment happened on 04/12/2019. Good luck to All!

Luisito | 10 mai 2019

For those wondering on the refresh, there's this website that can decode from your "View Spec" link from your Tesla account. Just right click and copy the address link and paste it into the "Enter Link" text box. (I did change my reservation number just to be safe).

It will decode what options from your order. It may help you from cancelling a valid order containing the refreshes.The codes that I researched online that are relevant to the refresh and FSD autopilot with hardware 3 are:

DU03 - New drivetrain
SU03 - Adaptive Air Suspension
APH4 - Hardware 3 Autopilot

When I tried mine it had all three. I'm not sure what the code is for the faster charging. So if anyone knows, please chime in. Also, correct me if these codes are incorrect. My Model X started production on the 2nd of May and is still in production.

sschaem | 10 mai 2019

Vawlkus : So is this run by carmax ?

I'm still trying to figure it out. Because I was told when I canceled by 2019 P100DL order that their 95K offer is regardless of the car cosmetic condition. This make no sense... I dont see carmax giving Tesla 95K for a "wrecked" car.

And Tesla already got people at service centers that do car inspections. No need to hire more people.
(This is done already for every car they sell... well supposed to be inspected)

avesraggiana | 12 mai 2019

1. Grab handles to assist the less agile in entering and exiting the Model X.

2. Additional sound insulation to rival or better that of the Audi E-tron. | 12 mai 2019

@avesraggiana - They may not need as much sound deadening, since it's quite a bit less powerful than the X. You could run the X in chill mode, and it may be a bit quieter, but less fun.

bisala | 13 mai 2019

I want voice response :) The Knight Rider kid in me cant help it. It can’t be that hard to add this.

Vawlkus | 13 mai 2019

Not carmax, it’s run by another company, whose name I forget.

candy_sr | 14 mai 2019

@luisito @nintendomas How do you guys find out that your order is in production already? I ask my sales advisor and even call CS line but they can’t tell me what phase my order is in. Ordered 4/27 still no VIN.

nintendomas | 14 mai 2019

@candy_sr, i found out by logging into my tesla account, clicking on the order and then it said "What's Next?
Your Tesla is currently in production." I'm sorta worried now because yesterday i got the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement added to the document list on my account. when i open the document it seems to be the final sticker config/cost. unfortunately i don't see any refreshed items. for example it lists smart air suspension instead of adaptive. have a feeling I'm going to loose my deposit if i refuse delivery. delivery is supposed to be tomorrow May 15th.

candy_sr | 14 mai 2019

@nintendomas I don’t see it on my account. Here’s to more waiting, I guess. Worried I won’t get mine in time for tax credit ending on June.

I suggest you call CS / contact your delivery specialist about that and clarify the specs of your car and make sure you have the refresh. Otherwise, return the car for full refund (within 7 days, if you haven’t test-driven) so you won’t lose your $2500 deposit.

Luisito | 14 mai 2019

@nintendomas, The new final MVPA that was just added to your account contains the codes. Just right click from the View Spec link and copy the address link and paste it to a text document and search for these codes: DUO3, SUO3. Is it missing from yours?

Let us know when you take delivery if it’s refreshed.

nintendomas | 14 mai 2019

@Luisito, i used to have codes on the view specs link but now it's just a 2 page pdf without any codes. picture of the car and price breakdown only. when the codes were there i kinda remember seeing su03 but not du03. can't really be for sure though.

schmeasy | 14 mai 2019

@Luisito, I ordered on Apr 22 and then re-ordered for the refresh on Apr 25. I think they changed the layout of the order pages during that window. I don't have a "view spec" link on my new order. I also don't have a list of documents like I did on the first order. The closest I have now is a "View Design Details" link that brings up a modal with very basic details of my order (7 bullet points specifying build color, interior choice, etc). I am also holding out hope that they also changed the workflow too where they don't assign a VIN until (or maybe even after?) production. That might just be wishful thinking though.

If anyone has ordered after Apr 25, please let me know if your order page is different than what I described (maybe something could be wrong with my order?). Thanks!

candy_sr | 14 mai 2019

@schmeasy I got order confirmed on 4/28 and mine shows exactly what you’re describing - •View build details* and next step - Prepare for delivery. However, no VIN, still RN#.

dizzynut | 14 mai 2019

You are on it. I had a confirmed order on 08 April, a VIN later, and in my order page a break down list of what I ordered. One line indicated I had the "Smart" instead of the "Adaptive" Air Suspension. I had a feeling that my X was not a refresh. So I cancelled it, after a confirmation from my Sales Advisor and before taking delivery that was scheduled on 14 May. I reordered online on 10 May with a Tesla Referral Code ($5K free Supercharging) and the order page is now different and exactly as you described.

hoodrm | 14 mai 2019

I originally ordered in mid April and then my sales specialist called on 4/30 (I think) and we updated the order for the refresh. My page for my Model X order is organized different than it was before the updated order. It actually looks much closer to what I remember with my Model 3.

The center of the pages is the checklist to run through to delivery location, registration, insurance, trade-in, and payment.

On the right, I have a order details, reservation number, and a price. Just below this I have links for downloading the Tesla app. Below that are a list of documents including order agreement and lemon law.

I do not have a VIN, but do have an RN#.

dizzynut | 14 mai 2019


My ordered was confirmed on 08 April. My X was scheduled for delivery on 14 May. On my list, one line indicated I had the "Smart" instead of the "Adaptive" Air Suspension and my Sales Adv confirmed it was not a refresh. So I cancelled it before taking delivery in order to ensure my Order Payment of $2.5K was refunded (up to 45 days).

Per contract:
"Your Order Payment covers the cost of these activities and other processing costs and is not a deposit for the Vehicle. Unless your Vehicle is delivered to you, you may cancel your order at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Order Payment."

dizzynut | 14 mai 2019

You are on it.

vipinkamath | 14 mai 2019

Has anyone who has placed an order after the refresh announcement gotten a VIN assigned? Like others here, I cancelled and re-placed my order on April 26th. Don't see VINs assigned on orders confirmed after April 24th.

bisala | 15 mai 2019

The portal seems different and the next step is to confirm delivery details. It would be interesting to see if anyone has received the new spec VIN.

Jesse K | 15 mai 2019

Ordered on April 26th. Refreshed Model X Performance with L/M. No VIN yet and was never assigned one. Waiting for that to get insurance on the car to finalize private financing. Seems unlikely to get a May delivery at this point. Yet, if they are working bugs out or retooling the line, etc. I have no issue waiting...

tesla-martin | 15 mai 2019

I ordered April 29th, received a VIN on May 13th with delivery scheduled for today (May 15th). Sales guys just called me and confirmed that it is the refreshed version, the first ones they've received (Marina Del Ray, CA). However because of that there is some paperwork issue and they can't release the car today....

gshanley | 15 mai 2019

Ordered new MX April 22, VIN received 8 days later. Received call the tentative delivery date at my home in Shreveport, Louisiana is May 29th. If prove to be correct, I would say that is pretty good service.

bisala | 15 mai 2019

@tesla-Martin - you may actually be the first amongst us to get the new spec.

It would be great to hear your views and see photos of course!

nintendomas | 15 mai 2019

i called delivery support today because my X was supposed to be delivered May 15th. the support guy told me my car has been confined/quarantined which usually means they are fixing a software bug. he still couldn't tell me if the car was refreshed or not but he said most likely it is. so now I'm scheduled for delivery this upcoming Tuesday. grrrrrr

nintendomas | 15 mai 2019

just saw this video why deliveries are being delayed

Luisito | 15 mai 2019

I got a call yesterday from my DS with a 20th - 23rd pick-up date. I’m suppose to call back this Saturday to confirm exact date and time. The build was completed 10 May and I do have a VIN with the refresh spec codes. Time will tell for sure.

vipinkamath | 15 mai 2019

@luisito what was your order confirmation date?

vipinkamath | 15 mai 2019

@luisito what was your order confirmation date?

Luisito | 15 mai 2019

@vipinkamath, order was confirmed on 27 March, but didn’t start build until the 2nd of May. The View Spec MVPA contains the refreshed codes.

vipinkamath | 15 mai 2019

@luisito @nintendomas @tesla-martin congratulations !

@gshanley fingers crossed.

bakshi.alok | 15 mai 2019

Comparing a 2019 Inventory Model X 100D (with EAD) with the refreshed Model X 100D (with adaptive suspension, and new drivetrain) --- price difference is ~10K.

Is it worth ordering the refreshed one?

bisala | 16 mai 2019

@bakshi.alok I think it's hard to tell, until one of us drives the new version. It's all a guess at the moment. Wait and see what the delivery front runners say over the next couple of weeks, then decide.

A great car regardless, is my initial thought on this.

jimglas | 16 mai 2019

I would pay the $10k for the increased range

bisala | 18 mai 2019

Delivery delays due to this it seems...

Interesting indeed.

bisala | 18 mai 2019

Delivery delays due to this it seems...

Interesting indeed.

sschaem | 18 mai 2019

Tesla drive me NUTS... So I was able to get someone at Tesla to tell me that I can get a trade in quote without placing a reservation. did it... and the quote came in 2 days later at $95k, same as when going via the reservation process.

But the email included something interesting
"Your Trade-In credit is your Kelley Blue Book Value ($95,800) minus the estimated payoff amount you provided ($0)."

Ok, I go on Kelley Blue Book... and Bam, the 95K is for a base model with no options. It jump to $113k for a trade in when I enter the option I can (Kelley Blue Book does not include all)

This is F* enraging as a stock holder. Because I have been dealing with Tesla for 3 weeks trying to understand all this trade in and MASSIVE devaluation.

Some guy told me he would look into it.. and 2 weeks later came back with "Nothing we can do, its 95K"

Who is running the joint !?!?!? This is beyond sad because if they gave me the correct blue book value to begin with they would have made a 2019 P100DL sale this quarter.

I also canceled my roaster reservation from this debacle.

How can Tesla not have knowledgeable people managing their premium customer account ?

Boonedocks | 18 mai 2019

The best part is if you have pre-paid FSD they don’t give you a single .01 for trade in value even though they may have had your money for as long as 2+ years and you have had -0- value / use from it.

candy_sr | 18 mai 2019

@sschaem I definitely feel you! Had the same experience getting appraisal for our Porsche Cayman S. They were basically giving us trade value without taking into account the options/upgrades the car has from a regular trimmed car. When I contested it, DS just told me that If I’m not pleased with their valuation, can get a quote elsewhere but they will only match CarMax. If not for the awesome cars Tesla makes, I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Customer Service is the negative! But...I’m trying to calm myself and because we really want an X for family. I understand that Tesla is a growing company but they need to take cues from how auto dealerships do it, it works IMO.

Jonathan | 19 mai 2019

My 2016 MX lease ends next month. My residual is $50k. The 3rd party leasing company offered $51k, so basically a wash when I return it. Vroom offered $54K. I was told by Tesla that they would match CarMax but then told that was only for non Tesla vehicles. Looks like it could bring over $60k if I sell it myself. Tesla offered $42K. My leasing company said it was because they are getting so many back and have a surplus of used MS and MX. Could be. I have ordered the refreshed MX and it sounds like I have some time to sort out disposal of current MX. I have the MX, an MS and an M3, I use the MX in my wine tour company and have amazed thousands of EV doubters over the past 3 years, likely created some additional sales for Tesla. Also a stock owner, but none of that got me a penny more on trade in. Getting the refreshed is a no brainer for me. I want the extra cameras, longer range, new chip, improved AP and better suspension.

vipinkamath | 20 mai 2019

Just head back from my Tesla Advisor.

"I am writing to email you that you VIN should be produced soon. We were told that there is going to be a big production push. The longer time period was the result of the factory having to finish building all of the previous configurations before starting to manufacture the refresh. You are still expected to receive the delivery of your Model X by Mid-end of June."

Original post : May 14, 2019
"Has anyone who has placed an order after the refresh announcement gotten a VIN assigned? Like others here, I cancelled and re-placed my order on April 26th. Don't see VINs assigned on orders confirmed after April 24th."

Boonedocks | 20 mai 2019

Meanwhile the order page on still says “May Delivery”.

vipinkamath | 20 mai 2019

@boonedocks yep.

jimglas | 20 mai 2019

The 52nd of may …...

bisala | 20 mai 2019

I heard that they now do VIM matching. Not sure what that is exactly but if I was to guess, they now just churn cars out and then match the orders to the already built cars.

But if they have to register the new versions of the cars, goodness knows if any of them have actually been built. Either that or they have a car park full of cars with no VINs. Oh boy.

nintendomas | 20 mai 2019

delivery agent called. delayed for the 3rd time now due to "testing software?". pushed to June 3rd. i drove past Fremont today and saw a ton of MXs in their new car lot. so frustrating!

Luisito | 20 mai 2019

I was supposed to take delivery tomorrow at 4:00 but that’s been delayed. My DS said that my MX was supposed to leave the factory yesterday and she asked me to call tomorrow since once it’s in transit they will know the arrival date. Boy am I praying it’s the refreshed version but won’t know for sure until delivery. If it’s not I’ll cancel and reorder. From everyone I’ve asked “they believe” it is since it started build May 2nd. The codes in the View Spec link reflects the refreshed codes but I don’t know how reliable this is.

I will keep everyone informed...

candy_sr | 21 mai 2019

OMG! The price for all new S and C just dropped 2k! Also, all inventory S and X have free supercharging!