Model X refresh

Model X refresh

Looks like some battery and motor upgrades. That is great. I may want to get a newer X but would like some changes. Please let me know if some of these issues have been addressed

1 smart phone acts as your key. I don’t like the fob

2 now you just pull a cable in the front bumper to open the frunk. Makes the frunk unsecured. The M3 does not do that

3 bigger sun visor?

holdusback77 | 28 juin 2019

drivers seat measurement question
To any current Model X owners:

I am on the reservation list for a model X in Canada, but have one big fear, considering I've only ever driven a model s once on a test drive and can't find any interior dimensions anywhere.

I'm a pretty big guy so when it comes to car shopping or renting cars, I don't even look at the smaller cars. The biggest problem I have is the when the side console of the door digs into my leg and I'm very uncomfortable driving. Most cars have the window controls and an oversized pocket within the door, which is usually the culprit.

I currently drive a 2012 Toyota Camry SE.

Can anyone please give me measurements of the driver's seat? Just the seat as well as the measurement of space from the widest part of the door to the center console.

Any help would greatly be appreciated! This will help ease my anxiety so much. I'm excited to finally get my hands on it. I've been waiting almost 2 years for this car. I'm getting antsy! I call Tesla Motors almost every 10 days to see if there's one in Canada to test drive yet.

Madatgascar | 29 juin 2019

@holdusback77, armrest to armrest is 24”. The seat is 21” wide.

Hope that doesn’t hold you back! | 30 juin 2019

@Madatgascar - holdusback77 is a copy and paste spam bot. Go ahead and flag.

nukequazar | 30 juin 2019

@sschaem, they need to hire at least one manager at each shop with some maturity and experience, or a least a driver license, not a millennial.

jimglas | 10 juillet 2019

porn flagged

jimglas | 11 juillet 2019

porn flagged.....again

jimglas | 11 juillet 2019

porn flagged.....again

rglossin | 12 juillet 2019

malamailpahijem... is probably griping his tool while he types.

Triggerplz | 13 juillet 2019

And using tweeters

Triggerplz | 13 juillet 2019


detecthistorycom | 15 juillet 2019

The best car that I had seen ever!