Model-S central screen went blank after a recall work

Model-S central screen went blank after a recall work

My 2015 Tesla mode-S central screen stopped working during an airbag recall done by Tesla mobile service. I took the vehicle to the service center the staff there said my car is out of warranty and I have to pay $2700 to replace the display unit.
My questions are 1) Is it supposed Tesla needs to fix the problem because the touch screen worked fine before Tesla's technician started the recall work. 2) I think the central display is still working because it can display a big "T" letter for a few tens of seconds before went blank again when I tried to reboot the car. Why I have to pay the cost of a complete display unit. 3) Are there some other shops can fix Tesla's touch screen problem. It is a monopoly that I can only go to Tesla's serve to fix the screen, and they decide how much to charge me. I think it may be some connection, or a chip went bad.

SoCal Buzz | 25 avril 2019

Sounds like it's an MCU failure (central processor) not the "screen." Is the car functional? Odd coincidence that it failed while at Tesla for service of course. I would discuss with Service Manager and in pleasant way ask for some goodwill. You could also request they try to flash the firmware, reset, etc. You really don't have any 3rd party options to fix in this case. | 25 avril 2019

@SoCal Buzz, Thank you for the suggestion. Fortunately, the car is still functioning except I cannot turn on AC and use Homelink.

stromquist1 | 26 avril 2019

Strange - I had my 2015 P85D in for annual service and to change to my summer tires about a week ago. The MCU started to go haywire on the way home from the service center and it completely failed a day later (black screen). My car was just off its warranty, but I had bought the extended warranty. I picked up the car today after they replaced the MCU. I was wondering what they cost of replacement would have been and thanks to this thread I know. The timing of both your failure and mine is strangely coincidental. To your questions: 1) If I didn't have the extended warranty I would have tried to argue that they should replace it. 2) The screen and the MCU are an integrated unit. They replaced both in my car. And 3) I know of now other place the MCU could be replaced other than the service center.

Finally, after the MCU replacement I was shocked at how great the stereo sounded. The bass had never been good in my car, so I had the equalizer cranked up. Now it's really good with no equalization. Also, the dolby surround, which never really did anything before, sounded fantastic. The car's firmware version was unchanged, so it was definitely the hardware. Either the original MCU had always been defective in some way or the sound system uses a separate DSP where the replacement gave me a later version that actually works. Go figure.