Sentry Mode disables on every drive.

Sentry Mode disables on every drive.

Just installed 2019.12.1.1 on my 2.0 S and I can confirm Sentry mode turns OFF after every drive.

I’ve done a reboot and it’s the same.

Surely this can’t be right?

jerrykham | 4 mai 2019

Yes, Sentry Mode is something that you turn on when you park. It is supposed to turn off after you get back in the car. It is not intended to be always on.

PagemakersS75P3 | 4 mai 2019

Understood. I wish the release notes said that. Would have saved me a lot of head scratching and rebooting!

scott | 4 mai 2019

What is sentry mode? Also, does the latest upgrade give you the "find me" feature self drive in a parking lot?

scott | 4 mai 2019

update: summon mode is the correct name, is this an over the air upgrade?

upscaleman | 4 mai 2019

update: it's called "enhanced summon."

scott | 4 mai 2019

is enhanced summon, an over the air upgrade? | 4 mai 2019

@scott - Yes, but it is not released yet.

EVRider | 5 mai 2019

@scott: What is Sentry Mode? Where have you been hiding for the last few months? :-)

Read this:

DRFLGD | 5 mai 2019

There should be an option to allow Sentry Mode to always be on. Probably will be coming. Soon. | 5 mai 2019

Always on without GPS aware might be very annoying. When you get home, sentry mode will go on. Now walk around the car to get something later and it is likely triggered. I agree an always-on feature would be great, but it has to include some restrictions, such as auto-off at home and a setting for how many hours to remain on after the car is locked. You might only want it on for a few hours (so that it doesn't lose a lot of range). GPS aware similar to charging amps would be great, except it might be reverse, where you specify GPS locations to not invoke sentry mode.

Ohmster | 5 mai 2019

Stats for Tesla App has a bunch of neat features related to Sentry Mode. One is to automatically enable except for 'safe' locations that you define based on GPS.

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EVRider | 7 mai 2019
sr.smr | 7 mai 2019

Just when you think there is nothing left to improve, Tesla keeps reinventing the wheel:)