Cabin and HEPA Air Filter Replacement

Cabin and HEPA Air Filter Replacement

After owning my S for two years I notice the car does not filter outside odors as well as in the past. I rarely ever used Bio-defense mode because of the higher fan noise and the normal ventilation setting adequately removed odors.

Will it only be necessary to change the cabin filter, or must both the HEPA and cabin filters be replaced because they work in tandem?

Tropopause | 7 mai 2019

The HEPA and cabin filter are utilized everytime your HVAC is on OUTSIDE air source mode. The Bio mode is merely a pre-programmed combination of outside air and max fan in order to apply positive pressure and "dump" the cabin.

The service schedule for the filters recently changed. I believe it calls for the cabin filter changed every year and the HEPA changed every three. Anyway check it out and that will answer your question about replacement.

sr.smr | 8 mai 2019

Thanks @Tropopause. In that case I might as well change both filters.

cloudphytr | 8 mai 2019

Called my local service center yesterday re the HEPA filter. Was told, Tesla recommends changing it every 5 years.

Hammonddave | 8 mai 2019

You can trigger the HEPA warning light with a good blast of natural wind discharge. A friend of mine almost rendered my car uninhabitable.

jordanrichard | 8 mai 2019

The cabin air filter for ALL Teslas is recommend to be changed every 2 years.