Model 3 with tint on only the sides

Model 3 with tint on only the sides

Hi all,

Just wanted to post this for those that are not sure what to do as far as tinting their 3 - I kept going back and forth on whether to tint the whole rear window or not and had a hard time finding pics of cars with just the sides tinted. On one hand I initially wanted the rear window tinted (because why not?) but because of the size of it the cost was pretty significant (was quoted nearly $300 more). Plus I realized I didn’t really care for darkening the already tinted top portion of the window (and resulting visual difference between that and the panel above the driver). I briefly considered doing just the lower portion of the window but quickly decided against that since my ocd would kick in every time I’d see the tint line from inside the car!

Ultimately I decided to leave the rear window as is and am very happy with the results!

Not only did I save a bunch of money but have the added advantage of the roof panels matching as factory and the rear bottom glass being clear helps with seeing out the rear especially at night. I’m pleasantly surprised that not tinting the rear doesn’t really look at all out of place, partly because I suppose it’s a relatively small area and the factory tint on top transitions nicely. Also I have white interior and only went with the legal 35% on all the sides (Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle ceramic) so the tint is more subtle with less of a difference than say if I went really dark.

To each his own, I suppose if I had black interior and wanted to go for a more blacked out look then this probably wouldn’t work but if you have a light interior and want a subtle tint to preserve the openness of the cabin I’d say you definitely do not need to tint the back. Hope that helps some of you with your decision!

model3AZ42 | 10 mai 2019

Interesting. The sides don’t look tinted either. I know pictures can be deceiving.

I just picked mine up last night from getting ceramic tint. My car is white/white and there was a gray 3 there with black seats getting the same thing.

I did 20% all the way around, 1 piece on rear window and 70% on front windshield. I think it’s perfect. I love the light that comes inside this car and it matches the glass piece above my head nicely.

The gray 3 was like a cave. It’s amazing how much difference the interior makes on tint. The owner and I couldn’t believe it.

I had them install the back piece last because I also wanted to see what it would be like. With the 20% it looked strange to me both inside and out. Maybe with the lighter tint it isn’t as noticeable. They gray car looked like it had limo tint.

Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate everyone’s perspective. It’s helpful.

ElectricAlex | 10 mai 2019

Same as OP, 35% on all 6 side windows, no front or back. (Same MSM as well )

Thinking of getting clear UV/heat on front and back, car gets hot in sunny California.

avanti5010 | 10 mai 2019

I have done the side windows only and am very happy with the results.

jjt2122 | 10 mai 2019

I tinted the side windows only and left the roof alone, looks great!! Easy to see out the back.

Daryl | 11 mai 2019

I did the lower half of the rear window. I only notice it if I think about it, but I'm not very OCD.

I also did the windshield and I'm glad I did. But if you do make sure the installer knows how, and is aware of the computer under the dash that will be fried if they let water in.

Atoms | 11 mai 2019

My wife wanted tint all around including front. Lost the front when windshield cracked. My 2 cents. The car does not need any tint in 118C Phoenix weather. Just fine as is. If you want tint, sides with 3M crystalline is fine.

lbowroom | 11 mai 2019

I understand being happy about the lower price but leaving the back window un-tinted is.....

ODWms | 11 mai 2019

Yeah, I considered all configurations, and decided to do all including the back, as well as the windshield.

Lbanworth | 13 mai 2019

I had 35% 3M tint installed on all side windows and I have white seats. I also had half of the rear window done. The same car with a black interior looks like limo tint! Inside the car looks great when looking out the windows but the tint doesn't stand out as being dark from the outside due to the white seats.

Daryl | 14 mai 2019

@Atoms "The car does not need any tint in 118C Phoenix weather. Just fine as is."

My experience in 118F Tempe weather is different. I found the car a lot more comfortable to drive in the summer with the windows tinted.

Of course, 118C is a lot hotter than 118F...

exzacklyright | 30 mai 2019

Anyone with white interior have pictures of their tint / brand / percentage?

Azamat | 30 mai 2019

Did to. Put sunshades from Tesla (front and back) and that almost completely masks that little part of the back window not being tinted. Very happy with the results and saved money.

coolesnce | 30 mai 2019

Did the same after getting the back tinted as well which was melted by using the rear defroster which intern burned out the defroster line. Long story short had to replace the whole back window and decided not to re-tint. Certain angles the glare from the rear window looks tinted when you see it with the sides ones that are tinted. Only negative thing is the bright headlights of certain cars behind you at night get annoying, which didn't bother me when my back window was tinted. Now im pondering if I should tint the windshield for heat rejection. After 3 long road trips,10 hrs each on hot days I can really feel the heat hitting me and my front passenger Just concerned about water getting into the cpu and frying it.

coolesnce | 30 mai 2019

@Azamat . I didn't know there was a back Window sunshade available. Do you have a link you could please share?