Is the cancel Lane change button worthless?

Is the cancel Lane change button worthless?

Nav on autopilot is pretty cool, but sometimes the car wants to change lanes too much. My guess is that it tries too hard to get in the carpool lane but that is separate.

My issue is the cancel lane change seems to work for about 3 seconds. The car decides to change Lanes, I press the blue cancel lane change, it stops trying for a few seconds and then says it is changing lanes again. Repeat. Very annoying.

82bert | 13 mai 2019

Works well for me.

rasinas | 13 mai 2019

On our trip it worked for me when it wanted to get out of the passing lane but like you said when it wanted to get in the HOV lane it wasn't taking no for an answer. I finally disabled HOV and will enable it when I absolutely want to use them.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mai 2019

Have you tried changing drive "modes"? It changes a lot more when you are in Mad Max mode.

mikes | 13 mai 2019

Works well for me! I wish it would not try to get right back into slow lane after passing a car if nobody is behind me and I can see we're going to pass the next car shortly.

rkalbiarEV | 13 mai 2019

Yeah, a little too eager on its lane change wants. It will often change lanes, behind a car, so will then change lanes again a few seconds later because of that car.

JAD | 13 mai 2019

Having just gotten my car back I haven't used it a lot, but will try turning off hov. Yesterday 2 Miles from the exit it was very determined to get four lanes left. Not sure it could have even gone four lanes left and back four lanes right to exit n that distance. 4-5 presses of the don't change lanes button was needed before I just turned it off.

jpalermo | 13 mai 2019

Yeah, I had the same problem with HOV turned on. It wants over there no matter what.

casun | 13 mai 2019

the cancel works fine for me but i wish it didn’t try to change lanes 2.5 miles before my exit. a user configurable setting would be nice.

jim | 13 mai 2019

I've noticed that the car can be very stubborn about wanting to change lanes. On long drives on SoCal freeways, it will frequently insist on changing lanes to stay on route as much as 15-20 miles before any change in route is necessary. I can try canceling it dozens of times, but it comes back almost immediately. I have noticed this behavior tends to happen near freeway junctions or other locations where a driver has lots of choices. Once I clear those types of locations, the obsessive lane change behavior seems subside.

weluvm3 | 13 mai 2019

Yes. I am fighting with it all the time. Especially when I am getting closer to when I will need to exit and I know from experience that I need to start moving into the right lanes or I will miss the exit. I tell it to charge lanes to the right, and it immediately tries to change lanes to the left as soon as it completes the lane change.

Then it's cancel cancel cancel in an endless loop until I turn off NOA or it decides it is close enough to the exit to accept my judgement.

A feature that claims to be just driver assist should respect the judgement of the driver rather than fighting with the driver until it's disabled. It's not just irritating. It's distracting. Like a back seat driver that keeps trying to grab the wheel away from the driver.

dmastro | 13 mai 2019

I've stopped using the feature for now. As mentioned above, it wants to change lanes far more frequently than I want it to... the AI still needs to mature to better understand the flow of traffic; or that is a car less than 1/4 mile ahead in the lane it wants to move into, which will cause it to want to execute another lane change to pass almost immediately after the first.

Also, it frequently attempts to execute a lane change when a car is overtaking me in the left lane. By the time my car begins the lane change, the other car is much too close and I need to cancel the lane change.

As noted above, the AI is very insistent on making a lane change, and will try again almost immediately after I cancel one.

I'll turn it on in very light traffic, but it makes driving in heavy traffic more stressful - and I think dangerous to the drivers around me who don't know what to expect my car will do.

jim | 13 mai 2019

I only find it a little frustrating, and mostly amusing. I just remind myself that we are all active participants in training an incredibly powerful, but very young neural network that sometimes makes strange decisions. It's fascinating to watch it evolve and it's only going to get better the more data we give it, so no plans to stop using it.

hokiegir1 | 13 mai 2019

I turn off lane changes for speed in the city. When we are travelling it of town, it's fine, but within Atlanta, it just drives me nuts for all the reasons noted.

JAD | 13 mai 2019

The cool thing is it will improve. The annoying parts of my others cars I just need to live with.

hokiegir1 | 13 mai 2019

@Jad -- very true. :)

ebmcs03 | 13 mai 2019

Ya. It doesn’t work for me either. I keep trying to cancel lane change and it asks again repeatedly. I end up canceling Navigate on AutoPilot.

No_ICE | 13 mai 2019

There is a current bug related to spurious lane changes “to follow route” when a lane change is not required. Suggest everyone generate a bug report from your car when that happens. Lane change strategy in heavy traffic and lane changes to “get out of the passing lane” need some refinement.

Helping the car with lane change strategy along with keeping an eye out for situations it can't handle are my primary driving responsibilities now. The car drives 99% of my highway miles and is a safer driver than I am (especially at night).

When I get tired of fighting unwanted lane changes, I just drop down to Autosteer/TACC for awhile. It's easy enough to do by toggling the Navigate on Autopilot button.

SteveWin1 | 13 mai 2019

Just don't set it to change lanes without confirmation. If it wants to do something you don't want it to, just ignore it. If you agree, tap the stalk and let it do its thing. Easy.

Effopec | 13 mai 2019

I wish there was a button on the screen while in NoAP that would allow you to toggle off automatic lane changes until pressed again. I know you can go to the menu, but it would be better if it was right there on the AP screen. There are often times when I know I will want to stay out of a certain lane ahead because of typical traffic patterns and it will keep trying to put me in that lane.

ElectricAlex | 13 mai 2019

Use your half blinker to cancel an upcoming lane change.

Blue banner pops that it wants get behind a slow septic hauler half mile ahead, nobody behind you, just half turn left and it cancels change.

No_ICE | 13 mai 2019

@Effopec, There is a button. Just tap the blue “Navigate on Autopilot” button on the Nav screen. This turns off NoA and drops you into Autosteer. The car will continue to perform lane keeping and you can initiate lane changes using the turn signal. When you want to resume automatic lane changes just tap the button again.