TSLA Hits 52 Week Low

TSLA Hits 52 Week Low

How many shares did you buy today?

82bert | 13 mai 2019

Market is tanking. Not surprising. Rest of automakers are doing similar. Agree though, but more, and I will.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mai 2019

Definitely loading up a bit more while Trump declares war on China.

82bert | 13 mai 2019


ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 mai 2019

TSLA closed last at 'only' 21.63 times the same day close for F.

That works for me.

AWDTesla | 13 mai 2019

I'd wait for further tanking of market.

Tropopause | 13 mai 2019

I already got in last week. Dang!

Magic 8 Ball | 13 mai 2019

Keep buying a bit, every so often, no matter what the price. Look up "dollar cost averaging" if you want to be an investor.

weluvm3 | 13 mai 2019

Fanboys, please don't give up! I need you guys to keep Tesla in the game.

stockbandit91 | 13 mai 2019

I remember the market sort of gave up on Netflix years ago, dropped from $300+ to about $50, turned out to be a great buying opportunity. This tends to happen with all disrupters where the market questions if it is real or not and many bail. I believe TSLA is a true market changer, but looking at under $200 as my first addition point, under $150 as a back the bus up and load up point.

I have been long TSLA about 2 years, adding only and will likely add more shares in the next month.

I'm am not missing out on the next AAPL/NFLX/GOOG/FB performance over a 10 year period that I expect from TSLA.

MichaelB00012 | 13 mai 2019

stockbandit91 - the market gave up on Netflix once because they spun off the DVD by mail into DVDFlix and charged people separately for that and the Netflix of today digital viewing option. People HATED the idea, as did investors, and their stock got smoked. I called the bounce, but didn't have the funds to buy in. Wish I'd taken a 2nd mortgage on my house though...

thedrisin | 13 mai 2019

@ReD. TSLA closed last at 'only' 21.63 times the same day close for F.

How many outstanding shares of each F and TSLA.

RadOne | 13 mai 2019

@M8B. If you want to be an "investor," look up PE ratio, earnings, revenue, etc. Nothing wtong with some speculation though.

RadOne | 13 mai 2019


jefjes | 13 mai 2019

Wish I had waited from last weeks buy. Oh well, I'll just need to come up with more money to buy more soon if it keeps tempting me this way since TSLA will be long for many years until it hits the $4000 that ARKK predicts...;-)

aasandsas | 13 mai 2019

@M8B - I certainly hope nobody takes any investment advice from you let alone any sort of Tesla advice. Determined to fail on both counts.

Not sure what kind of paradise you live in, but the 99.999% live in reality. Nobody wants Tesla to fail but on the other hand it needs cash and lots of to survive.

ronjolley | 13 mai 2019

I had a buy order for 100 set at $230 and yes it fired.
Wish I knew what to do next.

82bert | 13 mai 2019

This whole no cash for Tesla thing is odd. They just raised another 2.5 billion on top of 2 billion from fiat. Unreal.

howard | 13 mai 2019

82VBert, Elon knows and is getting as much cash as he can now. Hopefully, it is enough to last until the profits are back up and sustainable.

82bert | 13 mai 2019

Fascinating part is when you google fiat Tesla none of the anti-Tesla news outlets even pull up on the first page. It’s mainly being reported in EV/green tech sites. Pathetic.

82bert | 13 mai 2019

Not even a little worried about future profits for Tesla.

bj | 13 mai 2019

Surprised to see that shock hasn’t weighed in yet on this one.

greg | 13 mai 2019

Next thing the analysts will be worried that Tesla might not get FCA's $2Billion cash because FCA might go bankrupt in the meantime.

You can never ever please those analysts - they make Chicken Little look like an outrageous optimist with rose tinted glasses on.

On the other hand, their employers all willingly lapped up the $2.5 Billion cash raising - by buying the bonds!
Case of "do as I say, not do as I do"?

Firaz.ashraf | 13 mai 2019

Know why your buying, and set yourself some parameters on time and value. In the short run, nothing you can do to escape market volatility, and Tesla as a high beta will take a bigger beating. Technical and fundamentals not in favor yet, but yet again, you will likely never be able to time it. I am buying here with knowledge that Tesla can go to zero as a stock in a matter of a few bad gaps down, but I buy for my faith in the energy product which is way bigger than my current favorite product of an M3 which does not really make it much the long run it's the energy solutions - not robotaxis, that matter

beaver | 13 mai 2019

Stock tanked today due to expectation of Chinese tariffs limiting growth there until Gigafactory opens beer Shanghai.

I am waiting to see where the stock settles, probably around $200 is my guess.

Hal Fisher | 14 mai 2019

With tesla buying maxwell they might be able to change to solid state batteries and capacitance storage for storing full regenerate braking by 2020. That would be a great jump because the public on a whole are still leery of teslas due to fire concerns, which are face it, valid.

82bert | 14 mai 2019

ICE cars catching fire are more valid. But sure, the media has painted a picture for the uneducated public.