S order to delivery timeframes experienced

S order to delivery timeframes experienced

I would like to hear from others that have ordered a S performance in 2019, to find out what they have experienced in the number of days it took from order to scheduling a delivery. I keep hearing different things from local Tesla (Denver CO) each time I ask. I placed an order 4/1/2019, and was told it should take about 2 weeks. On 4/5 my reservation had a VIN. On 4/26 I was told it hasn’t started build process yet and would take another couple weeks. Was also told on that date that my order would not include the recent upgrades Tesla announced on 4/21 that all S models would have. It was suggested I cancel the order and place another one which I did on 4/26. Was told it should take a couple weeks. Now, 5/16, I have no idea where it is (have no VIN) and when it will be built. Am I being unrealistic? I would appreciate hearing from other S orders how long it took from order to schedule delivery. Thanks for your help.

murphyS90D | 16 mai 2019

I ordered a new S85 on May 21, 2014.
I drove the car home from the service center on September 18, 2014.

I purchased a demo S90D, that was located in Boston, MA, on February 26, 2016.
I drove the car home from the service center in PA on March 15, 2016.

As they say in the financial world: "Past performance is nor indicative of future results".

murphyS90D | 16 mai 2019

nor -> not

aimeecoleman888 | 16 mai 2019

I ordered a red Performance S with Ludicrous on 4/27. Nothing regarding production or delivery date yet.

Oscar S | 16 mai 2019

I have about the same story. Ordered a model long range version on the 13th of April. When the updates were announced I obviously wanted a car with the new specs so they told me to cancel my old order, which was on the way to the boat for shipping to EU, and put a new order in. So I did on the 29th of April and regarding that order I have not heard anything. No VIN, the page does show more than my referral link and I am being told to be patient. Expected delivery upon placing the order was June so I guess its a waiting game..

jeremyinthebay | 16 mai 2019

We should really light up Elon and Tesla on Twitter about this, something is clearly wrong.

JChun | 16 mai 2019

not quite performance, but I ordered a long range, then canceled over the phone, waited a couple of days to verify it was canceled, then ordered a long range with the new drive train on 4/25. I'm picking it up tomorrow Friday, although it was ready yesterday.

chris.wanja | 16 mai 2019

I will likely be following this thread, I just ordered a Model S, LR. My sales rep (Houston, Texas) said it would be about four weeks to get delivery. Although the website still said "estimated May" delivery. I am not holding my breath.

CygnusX-1 | 16 mai 2019

This may have something to do with the delays:

For those who don't want to waste 4-8 minutes of their life watching a video, they are claiming that there is a sticker that is required to be signed off by the government before the new cars can be sold. This is what is delaying the delivery of the upgraded S & X.

EdHusky | 17 mai 2019

To JChun
Did you get a VIN before they told you it was ready to be picked up? Lucky you to be getting it only waiting since 4/25. What is Tesla’s problem that they can’t build or deliver S vehicles?

ZipZap | 17 mai 2019

I ordered late April trading - in my 2014 85S. It is ready now for me now. Out of town but can't wait.

danni | 22 mai 2019

I was also told an expected date of "May" when I ordered at the end of April. Yesterday they told me 4-6 weeks.

kerryglittle | 22 mai 2019

It takes 6 weeks minimum to get a used car that is already built just to go over it and safety it. Thinking the cut backs they have had is not helping things move along.

JChun | 22 mai 2019

@EdHusky, it was the same day. I admit the radio silence was hard to bear through. Once I picked it up, it's been a transforming experience for me. Getting the front wrapped today for a long weekend drive.

Silver2K | 22 mai 2019


ALSET | 22 mai 2019

I have to say the buying experience for me thus far has been pretty sub-par. I ordered my vehicle online and never went into the showroom to talk to anyone. I did go to the showroom back in 2012 and test drove the original P85 but that's another story. :P

I've heard from my delivery specialist only once, about 1 week ago which stated "Congrats" and "your car hasn't entered production yet but once it does I will update you". Since then I've emailed a couple of times, most recently yesterday about whether my invoice could be updated for the -$3000...again never get a reply.

Just 20 mins ago I get a text stating that "Your Model S delivery appointment has been tentatively scheduled for 5/23", so yeah tomorrow. However, I haven't heard anything from anyone. No VIN#, nothing. I called my delivery specialist and no ring just straight to voicemail.

I need the VIN# to lock in my loan with PenFed, with no heads up this is a bit difficult. PenFed says if I were to send them my VIN# today they could FexEx me the check for $15 tomorrow (maybe).

Communication would go a long way in this process from Tesla.

Symco4 | 22 mai 2019

Ordered 4/30
No vin yet

aimeecoleman888 | 22 mai 2019

Ordered Performance with Ludicrous on 4/27. Text this AM said 5/29 delivery and then it was later changed to 6/8. No telling when I will actually get it.

Silver2K | 23 mai 2019

You may get it June of 2020

Jimdow | 23 mai 2019

A possible theory..... The refreshed P100DL is noticeably quicker than the previous P100DL and Tesla has to move /sell inventory P100D's before Drag Times and others publish the performance tests. I've noticed that Tesla has not quoted any increase in performance of the refreshed P100DL but it has published better performance figures for the Long Range Model S ( used to be 100D).My guess is that the front motor/inverter is putting out more power and or using less energy (which leaves more battery energy for the rear AC induction motor). Just speculating as to why no one in the press has been able to drive and report on a refreshed P100DL.

Boonedocks | 23 mai 2019

We already have a “hint” of that from Elon himself:

jeffwherrold | 23 mai 2019

Ordered a performance 4/26, radio silence/no VIN yet

ALSET | 23 mai 2019

Just over 3 weeks for me to take delivery of a Long Range. From reading these forums the past week it seems no one with the new Performance models have gotten their deliveries yet.

carlk | 24 mai 2019

It will help if people also mention their locations. That I would think makes differences.

Jimdow | 24 mai 2019

Still no VIN one month after placing order for refreshed P100DL.
South Florida location

Silver2K | 24 mai 2019

Boonedocks | May 23, 2019
We already have a “hint” of that from Elon himself:

Faster is not the same is quicker :)

vdahya | 24 mai 2019

From NJ, placed order on May 1st for Model S- LR No VIN assigned yet but the Sales Rep said the new orders are leaving factory so soon one will be assigned.

carlk | 24 mai 2019

***Faster is not the same is quicker :)***

Looks he meant quicker.

EdHusky | 24 mai 2019

Thanks to everyone so far for their posts. My update is today, 5/24/2019, emailed my contact in Denver CO. He says VIN’s are assigned on Mondays (didn’t happen to my first order), and said I should check back with him next Tuesday. He said, “I know we were waiting on homologation to be approved, and it recently was, so you should be getting matched soon.”
We’ll see.

EdHusky | 1 juin 2019

To All,

Today Saturday June 1 at 9:39am Denver CO time, I get a text from Tesla saying my S is in transit. My Tesla account has not been updated with a vin but the text asked me to schedule a pickup date/time. I’ll pick it up Friday June 7, which is exactly 6 weeks from order date to alleged pickup date. We’ll see what happens this week. So for everyone, it looks like it’s taking 6 weeks, not the 2 weeks each sales person seemed to be telling me.

EdHusky | 1 juin 2019

To All,

Today Saturday June 1 at 9:39am Denver CO time, I get a text from Tesla saying my S is in transit. My Tesla account has not been updated with a vin but the text asked me to schedule a pickup date/time. I’ll pick it up Friday June 7, which is exactly 6 weeks from order date to alleged pickup date. We’ll see what happens this week. So for everyone, it looks like it’s taking 6 weeks, not the 2 weeks each sales person seemed to be telling me.

CGaulin | 1 juin 2019

Ordered May 11th
Black, Ludicrous, FSD
No VIN until after I received text today that car was available and to book delivery appointment
Booked for Monday (Jun 3rd) late aft
Call from Tesla to confirm delivery details and we are all set to pick up on Monday
Excited but also a little sad to be trading in my first Tesla

chris.wanja | 3 juin 2019

Ordered May 16th - Model S LR, black, black / white interior, 19" carbon sonic wheels, FSD

Delivery experience (more so my advisor, but she makes the experience) has been a nightmare, but allegedly my car is finishing up production and I was provided a VIN although my account is not updated with this. Scheduled for June 14th pickup in South Texas.

viewpoint | 3 juin 2019

My advisor is very responsive and nice, but unfortunately, no delivery date or VIN yet for Model S SR order placed on 5/14.

mc8218 | 3 juin 2019

I ordered mine on 4/15/19 and received the car on 5/27/19.

tes-s | 4 juin 2019

Of this I am sure: you will get your car in June. They are very good at delivering cars before the end of the quarter.

EdHusky | 5 juin 2019

Wednesday June 5, 2019. Picked up my Performance S today in Denver CO. It took 6 weeks from order date to delivery date. Just wanted to let you all know.

EdHusky | 5 juin 2019

I should have added the dates. Ordered 4/26/2019, S, ext white, performance, black interior and carbon 19” wheels with all autopilot. Delivered June 5, 2019

Symco4 | 5 juin 2019

Ordered 4/30, White P100DL with white interior. Got a VIN but had black interior by error. Now still waiting.

Jasondknight | 5 juin 2019

I’m curious what the system showed as the estimated delivery time when you all order? Did it match your experience? I just ordered an S 100DL yesterday and the system said estimated delivery was 3 weeks. Just didn’t know if that was an actual calculated estimate in the system or a static number they show on every order.

james | 7 juin 2019

5/5/19 - p100d gray 21" black interior w/ wood accents
5/21/19 - cancelled due to missing referral code, no carbon fiber option(didn't realize it was wood), and $3k price reduction
5/24/19 - p100d gray 21" black interior w/ carbon fiber accent
6/4/19 - VIN issued / BIW status - alerted via my OA
6/7/19 - Delivery date set for 6/15/19 - alerted via automated text and Tesla Account

chris.wanja | 7 juin 2019

@Jasondknight - mine showed May, but it will be mid-June before taking delivery.

I have a date shown in my Tesla account and found today that a VIN was added as well. Not sure if that means it is on a vehicle this way, or if it is already here. Was hoping to move it by, but I do have a delivery date scheduled for Friday, June 14th. Cannot wait to join the family.

shawn.swindler | 7 juin 2019

Mines not a new build but find the communication somewhat lacking. I just recently put the deposit on a 2018 New/ Demo unit that had a real nice discount on May 7th and the vehicle was in Detroit. Its been 4 weeks and multiple emails and calls to my Delivery agent and adviser and all I get are Crickets and when I do speak with someone they keep saying there are logistics issues... 4 weeks to get it from Detroit to Florida?

narasimmanr | 17 octobre 2019

I ordered a Tesla S on Sep 2nd and still waiting. I didn't get the VIN even. How long it will take to deliver Tesla S in Seattle, WA

narasimmanr | 17 octobre 2019

When I contact the 1 888 number, it goes to the local showroom and they don't have any dates for delivery. Where else I can check about the delivery date. It is frustrating.

galileopd | 31 octobre 2019

I ordered mine in september and still no info on delivery and no VIN

marcustcohn | 31 octobre 2019

I ordered one in early October and should take delivery November 4th - a little over 30 days.

mstern | 1 novembre 2019

I ordered 10/25 - still no VIN, but told a VIN will be assigned as early as next week.

tomandsherri | 1 novembre 2019

I ordered mine on 10/16 and have a delivery date of 11/11 in Dallas

jkim1012jk | 1 novembre 2019

Ordered mine on 10/21 and no VIN yet.

mstern | 2 novembre 2019

Update - Just got delivery date of 11/12. My advisor told me that there was a cancellation with the exact build on the ground in Dallas.....LICKY ME........ WAHOO!