Street bait & provocation

Street bait & provocation

I knew I was not the only one that constantly get provoked into racing or speeding during my commute. However, I never take the bait, but it's hard

This guy however took it ot a new different level.

I don't understand the hate..

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 mai 2019

So did he go to jail, the ER, or the morgue?

HighlandPony | 19 mai 2019

I'd say that he was torqued that you swung wide into the far left lane when making the right hand turn. He's definitely guilty of road rage, maybe you are guilty of bad driving? Did you have your left turn signal on while swinging wide into the far left lane?

lilbean | 19 mai 2019

No need to change so many lanes at once on a slick road. Dumb. Looks like you provoked him.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

Regardless of what happened you had time to go hard on the brakes as soon as he made his move. He got you.

Xerogas | 19 mai 2019

Why are these videos always so long? Why don’t people trim them to show the important bit right away?

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

Yeah, I would have published the short version I were to publish. The prequel might work against the OP.

owlegrad2 | 19 mai 2019

Yeah a four minute video to watch a 10 second event...Sorry you can make fun of my attention span all you want but ain't nobody got time for that. ;)

jefjes | 19 mai 2019

The way he was driving while behind you on the ramp indicates he was being pretty aggressive. I would have probably stayed far right and let the ass go on after the ramp. Not knowing anything that may or may not have occurred before this or what was said after this just leaves us to draw our own conclusions but I see people like this on the roads almost every day and I just try to give way to them so I don't end up killing one of them while protecting myself and family. It's one reason I am a concealed weapon holder but hope I never have to take a life for any reason and especially over something so dumb. Hope the video helps your case as it clearly shows he slammed on the brakes in front of you after cutting in front so as to cause the accident. Whether the police/court will see it that way even with a video is another matter with your far left lane move after the ramp when you could have stayed to the right and just let him go on by.

TexasBob | 19 mai 2019

Sorry to see this OP. I completely disagree with the people taking about your (what appears to be completely safe and legal) move to the left lane after exiting the freeway. In any case, I would let the insurance and police do their thing, which will not be much because their priority is to clear the case and move on, and then I would seek damages in Small Claims court. The driver of the other car is clearly violating several traffic laws including aggressive driving (IL) laws, following too closely, passing on the right, failing to signal, etc. It just sucks that this happened. Sorry.

casun | 19 mai 2019

he definitely succumbed to road rage but i don’t think it had anything to do with racing. you crossed three lanes of traffic. obviously that’s no excuse for getting in front and brake checking you. hopefully no one was hurt.

ALDONY | 19 mai 2019

BTW. Video not mine. Got it from YouTube.

Just wanted to let others know about people provoking

ODWms | 19 mai 2019

The Camaro driver was acting like a complete moron the entire time, way before the turn.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

It is one thing to tango with morons on the internet, a bit different on the highway, just sayn'.

ODWms | 19 mai 2019

Idiots like that amaze me though. All this jockeying and lunacy on wet, slick roads at night. Then you cut off and brake check a guy, then jump out of your car, coming up to the car you just did all that to?

Mind blowing.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

Try that on 880 in Oakland.

Chance of living through it = zero.

Tronguy | 19 mai 2019

@ODWms: And the victim with a cam, no less. And cams, Tesla or not, aren't that uncommon any more.
Kind of reminds me when Caller ID first became ubiquitous. It's amazing how many idiot, "pranking" teenagers (and others) there were before the penny dropped on the stupid.

RadOne | 19 mai 2019

There have been multiple comments on the forum that the person behind is always the one at fault.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

My judgement is both at fault pay for their own damage.

ALDONY | 19 mai 2019


I disagree with you on that.

While you may be right about both of them acting like idiots, the tesla owner from what I see swerved 4 lanes to distance himself from the already charging cámaro. He did not provoked the accident.

Cámaro is 100% at fault here.

You can curse, flip the bird, slow down and whatever you want but in this case tesla owner was trying to escape the road reaged Cámaro

Magic 8 Ball | 19 mai 2019

@ALDONY Technically you might be correct and I completely disagree the person behind is always at fault. The Camaro definitely looked like the more dangerous driver and it boggles the mind to wonder how he did not think a move or two ahead (he is going to love running around to body shops and getting jerked around).

We don't know the whole story. Was there an altercation previously (I.E. did the TESLA tap the Camaro a few miles back and the Camaro was trying to get the TESLA to pull over???). I don't think we have enough data to come to an honest judgement yet so the stories and maybe additional evidence will be important.

ALDONY | 19 mai 2019


Completely agree with you.. Would love to find out what really happened

ODWms | 19 mai 2019

I don’t know how anyone can say the rear driver is at fault in an accident when someone purposely accelerates ahead of him, cuts in front of his car and slams on the brakes.

I’d think law enforcement seeing video footage of a driver doing that wouldn’t agree that he’s somehow in the right.

Hal Fisher | 19 mai 2019

Yeah stopping the middle if the road. Too many hillbillies in the wild.

Kary993 | 19 mai 2019

i love these posts without any data. Video can be altered as you can see this one with the break a little while prior to freeway exit. Love M8b comments earlier then later in this thread.......

kevin_rf | 20 mai 2019

Kary, more likely the glitch is when it went from one, one minute video file to the next. You lose a little bit of video each time teslacam starts the next file. It is not a smooth transition.

Noticed it the other day watching a sentry mode video. I was like, did that car just jump?

wiboater4 | 20 mai 2019

Whatever happened before the Camaro Sped up and pulled in front of the Tesla and slammed on his brakes doesn't matter. He intentionally caused a collision. He sharply cut in and stopped.

thedrisin | 20 mai 2019

"t is always the fault of another driver when hitting someone from the rear, which is all that I read in all posts with that sentiment and I agree with that. If a driver cannot stop in time they are at fault."
M8B, 4/2/2019

thedrisin | 20 mai 2019


lordmiller | 20 mai 2019

I wish we could see the part where the guy gets out of the Tesla and beats the fu&k out of that guy!

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

@thedrisn Was that from this thread or another thread that I was commenting on when I said "which is all that I read in all the posts with that sentiment"?

Content is important.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

If I remember the other thread correctly we were talking accident, not attack.

thedrisin | 20 mai 2019

@M8B. I guess I took the word "always" for face value. I recommend you never use that word. In my work, there is no concept as always.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

Yeah, people have issue when I use "full stop" in the same way.

But to weasel out of this I stand by "always" in accidents, not attacks. I believe the other thread was about accidents, was it not?

thedrisin | 20 mai 2019

Yes. But even in an accident, the are exceptions when there can be a legal argument for contributory negligence. I stand by my opinion.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019


Camaro cuts in front of TESLA but has to short stop because someone cuts in front of Camaro.

Camaro still at fault?

charles.a.braun | 20 mai 2019

@M8B - You live in California, a comparative negligence state, so yes, there would likely some percentage of fault applied to the Camaro, the Tesla that hit the Camaro as well as the car that cut off the Camaro after all the investigations are said and done. Especially if the Camaro also has dashcam footage.

Here is what I think is happening in this video.

Camaro wants past the Tesla
Tesla doesn't want to let him by so accelerates and blocks the passing lane.
Camaro gives up the attempt to pass and falls back in line
Tesla let's up on accelerator (causing brake lights to illuminate due to regen) essentially "brake checking" the Camaro
Camero considers passing again on the shoulder but Tesla moves over to block and accelerates again.
Camero gives up the attempt to pass and falls back in line
Tesla let's up on accelerator (causing brake lights to illuminate due to regen) essentially "brake checking" the Camaro
Camaro completes the pass and returns the "brake check" and Tesla driver slams into Camaro.
Camaro will be repaired for a couple grand and within a week
Tesla will be repaired in 6 months and cost 10x as much as the Camaro.
Cararo wins and Tesla loses.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

Yeah, I am pretty much with you, Classic Nascar paint swap.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

I will add the Camaro is the bigger loser since he caused them to both lose and could have prevented that from happening. In reality, in a lineup, both drivers are losers but one has a cooler car.

spuzzz123 | 20 mai 2019

a $20k repair bill? No wonder people are complaining about insurance rates

dmastro | 20 mai 2019

Camaro is 100% at fault in all of the circumstances outlined here. It's not like the Camaro was established in the lane and the Tesla had an opportunity to create safe distance. The Camaro caused the accident by making an unsafe lane change and came to a complete stop - the Tesla did not have ability to avoid it.

neylus | 20 mai 2019

At C.A.B - not disagreeing here, but, when is the Tesla blocking the Camaro form passing? The exit ramp?