Does the DashCam Automatically Record?

Does the DashCam Automatically Record?

I read of accidents(?) being recorded by Tesla owners and it makes me wonder if this is a process that has to be engaged before you drive. I have a hard drive in place, it works, I turn it on when I'm parked, but I don't turn anything on when I'm driving. How do I make this in motion accident recording work when I'm driving?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 mai 2019

I think the manual has some good instructions on how DashCam operates.

wiboater4 | 20 mai 2019

If you see a small icon with a red dot on he upper right of the screen That is the camera icon and it is recording if the dot is red. It should turn on as soon as you plug the Drive into the USB port.

The recording when you are driving is seperate from Sentry mode.

dsvick | 20 mai 2019

If you've got a USB drive in place and Sentry mode (when you're parked) is working correctly for you then it likely already working properly as a dash cam as well. As mentioned above, you should read the manual for the instruction on how to use it, how to make sure it's working, and how, while driving, to save the files generated.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

After verifying red dot is there, while driving, you are recording. Make sure you touch the red dot within a few minutes of an event you witness; that will save the prior 10 minutes of what was recorded. Eject the drive as instructed to avoid corrupting files. Use a verified, high quality drive. Nothing worse than thinking you recorded something to find a corrupted drive.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mai 2019

Dang, someone is going to give me flak for "nothing worse" I feel it.

jithesh | 20 mai 2019

How do I make this in motion accident recording work when I'm driving?

Just to make it clear Tesla is not recording accident specifically. It is just recording everything while you are in the car. It keeps only last 1 hour of recording so if you are in accident most likely you will have that video. In order to save any event manually so that it is not wiped out after 1 hour you just press on the dashcam icon.

If that dashcam icon shows red color then it's turned on regardless of weather you are in parked or drive mode.

Sentry mode however works differently. It is based on sensor input that detect someone or something passes nearby your car.

Stach | 20 mai 2019

You also have to have a properly formatted FAT32 drive connected via USB and with a folder named DashCam at the root.

billlake2000 | 20 mai 2019

So DashCam folder and TeslaCam folder? Two folders? And other folders are created? Like "saved files" or somesuch? and "Who keyed my car" folder?

jimglas | 20 mai 2019

@Stach: The folder needs to be named "TeslaCam"

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 mai 2019

Hey, at least it doesn't make a "whose that dude with my wife" folder.

jimsaxman | 20 mai 2019

Thank you all. In fact, I tested this system with the touching of the button and had a nice little video of my joy ride to Costco. I'm dizzy from watching all the turns, but it will be available at all Regal Cinemas as soon as I finalize the deal.

Jaaahon | 21 juillet 2019

Curious, I always see my dashcam red dot, even when I just get into the car. Is this normal?

EVRider | 22 juillet 2019

Yes, the dashcam starts recording as soon as you get in the car.

yellowchevy66 | 22 juillet 2019

Watch out when using Sentry mode, it can use up a lot of space. Filled my 32 GB in 2 days.