Here's a new one - Tesla being sued - LOL

Here's a new one - Tesla being sued - LOL

OK, now it's Tesla's fault that her son got in the car, put it in gear and pinned her against the wall, so she's suing Tesla.

Stating it shouldn't be so easy to put into gear. As far as I know, same process as any other car. Foot on brake, put in gear and accelerate.

This one will be dismissed before it even gets to court.

lilbean | 30 mai 2019

She should sue herself for birthing that son.

Luisito | 30 mai 2019

Crazy. Hmmm, Tesla is a safe car. Perhaps they didn’t read the manual that you can require a pin before you drive!

Vawlkus | 31 mai 2019

Flag for repeating stupid.

deemo | 31 mai 2019

obviously the car was not off and Tesla (and almost all EVs) are always in gear since there is a single reduction gear, no real transmission - same as a boat or airplane

Bad Monk | 1 juin 2019

Makes me mad when Tesla gets bad news like this. Sorry someone got hurt, but come on, loaded gun on kitchen table, kid takes it and kills someone, you can’t blame the gun manufacturer......
This is purely down to the negligence of the women, you have pin to drive, lock the car, or maybe should be looking after your 2 year old a little more carefully.

Anyone that thinks this is the fault of the Model X and Tesla is deluded. Seriously.

jjgunn | 1 juin 2019

.....and yet here we are with a lawyer trying to ambulance chase what should be an unwinnable lawsuit.

It should be illegal to even submit these frivolous "lawsuits"

Triggerplz | 1 juin 2019

The guy from the movie Aladdin also suing his wheel came off and his model 3 ended up being totaled by hitting a tree.. No serious injury

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

In my opinion, EVERYONE on this thread is ignorant and insensitive! This woman is lucky to be alive. How would any of you like to deliver a baby, prematurly, with a broken pelvis??? I have an idea, why don't you show your wives, or girlfriends what you wrote here, and see the reation...Yeah, thought so....

This incident not only shows that Tesla is in violation of Federal Law, but it is also negligent in touting a safety feature that didn't work. Doesn't the MX have a seat sensor? Shouldn't the seat sensor have prevented the car from engaging into gear? Did any of the posters here realize that it is a Federal Law that ALL Passenger Vehicles must have the brake pedal depressed before the car is shifted into gear? Since 2005 it has been the law (Shift Interlock Device).

So I leave all the inconsiderate Rocket Scientist on this thread with these questions:

How can a 2 year old, depress the brake pedal, shift the car into gear, press the accelerator, and still be seated in the drivers seat? How is that possible?

On another note, how is the MX able to drive with any of the doors ajar? My BMW will not go into gear unless the doors are all closed. But BMW doesn't say it makes the safest SUV ever built, do they?

I just can't believe how there are so many iniquitous a-holes here..Mind boggling!

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019
jjgunn | 2 juin 2019

LOL @ Trig

Obviously the child did depress the brake & put it into gear.

I'm sorry she got hurt, truly I am but an error on the plaintiffs part doesn't constitute negligence on the manufacturer.

What we have here is someone trying to make anyone else pay for their own mistake. Same shit as it ever was. Own yer shit

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

@Triggerplz Where am I wrong? Isn't it a law, since 2005, that all passenger vehicles under 10,000 pounds must have a shift interlock? Why don't you look up the history of that law and see why it was passed into law. I'll save you some time. It was because kids were killed in accidents like this one. What about the seat sensor? Why didn't it worK? Isn't it obvious that a 2 year old could not have depressed the accelerator, and have been seated in the drivers seat? Again, where are my facts wrong? Please point out the errors in my post?

And with the acotor that is suing Tesla, you do realize that, according to the lawsuit, a 1 day old M3 lost its rear suspension, causing the accident. You bring ignoarance to a new level!

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

@jjgunn the seat sensor, that is standard on a Tesla did not perfoprm as designed. The required interlock device, if it even has one, did not work in accordance with Federal law. Tesla will either settle this case, or it will go to court with a big win for this wamoan...which she deserves.

jjgunn | 2 juin 2019

No, what we have here is someone that got hurt due to their own mistake & is trying to make someone else pay for it.

FYI....the seat air bag is enabled when my 15.5 pound dog sits on it. So I know it doesn't take much. How much does a 2 year old weigh? 25-30 pounds?

Yeah, thought so.....she loses the suit. Own yer shit!

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019

Why the name calling to those that post on this forum? Should I call you a Wimpy ass bitch and tell you to just STFU, Naw I’m not gonna do it but it would be fitting LMAOOOO

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019

@JJ + 1

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

@Triggerplz In college, I was on the Crew Team. My boat won the Nationsals 3 years in a row(philly Dad Vails). The sport is about discipline, training, and timing. In my freshman year, we came in second place. Those Coast Guard acaedemy guys were good that year! I learned to be measured in my responses.

So, if you would ever like to meet, I'll provide my home address and you can come by. Then, we'll see who prevails? I welcome the challenge.

I noticed your last post lacking any substance at all...Usually, when someone has nothing to support their claim, they resort to puerile tactics. Are you a child? Your sure act like one. I can assure you that I am the antithesis of Wimpy. Defending an innocent Pregnant woman, of a situation where Tesla seems to be 100% at fault, is noble. BTW , did you show your significant other any of your posts??? In your case, I forgot to include domestic parntners, should that apply!

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019

@jvs I really don’t give a damn about your rowing team.. If you disagree with others here why not just give your opinion all the name calling is unnecessary. It’s ok to agree to disagree

jjgunn | 2 juin 2019

The car doesn't just lurch forward on its own. Had the pregnant woman enabled Pin2Drive, yes a SAFETY feature offered on the car, her toddler would have never been enable to engage the gear.

This incident doesn't SEEM to be Tesla's fault -- it is 100% on the pregnant woman from the facts I read in the article.

If Tesla wanted to be complete dickheads they could counter-sue & they would most likely win.

jjgunn | 2 juin 2019

Forgot to add -- This isn't Stephen Kings Christine

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019

@jvs since you wanna be disrespectful to those here by calling us names why don’t you just get in your little boat and row your ass out of here..

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

Please look up the Federal Law concerning interlock devices? This MX was not in compliance with Federal Law. Do you guys understand what a Law is????

My second point was that Tesla literally brags about being the Safest SUV made. The seat sensor is a great idea, and it is a selling point to anyone buying this vehicle. How come it didn't work?

How come the two of you do not respond to the specific questions that I ask of you? If I am wrong, I will be a man and admit it. Please tell me where I am wrong???

I am not trying to be confrontational, I am trying to save innocent lives. Look at this article from 2011 and you'll see why I am passionette about this subject. There are numerous deaths just like this one, prior to the law taking effect.

BTW, my cousin was killed when he was three years old, from falling out of a moving car. Although it happened a long time ago, his death has always haunted me. | 2 juin 2019

@jvs11560 - All Tesla vehicle includes a shift interlock – you can try it yourself if you doubt it. Please do everyone a favor by not repeating lies and made up stuff. Yes, we feel sorry for the woman who was hurt, but what appears a gross negligence on her part shouldn't result in a money grab. Who leaves a 2-year old free rein in a vehicle?

Yes, an unfortunate accident for which the owner’s insurance should cover. I don’t see how Tesla is liable or responsible. Guess we’ll have to wait for the trial and results – probably a few years from now.

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019

@jvs Sorry about the untimely death of your cousin, my point to you is we all have opinions and sometimes they differ it’s ok to disagree with others without calling names. Good Luck with your Tesla

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

@TeslaTap Just to be clear...You are telling me that a 2 year old kid, depressed the brake pedal, and put the car into gear at the same time? That's what you believe?

To me, that is phyically impossible. What about the seat sensor? Did he have his seat belt on and was he seated in the divers seat? Your argument will not hold up in court. I will wager that Tesla settles this case and makes her sign an NDA. This wil be investigated by the FEDS and the NHTSA. Internal emails will be required by subpoena and some whistleblower will probably get fired. Tesla will lose this one.

Lets just agree to diasagree. This case will grow legs and your denial of the phyical limitations of a small child are alarming. Plus, why didn't the other safety features work?

Please let me know how it is physcially possble for a 2 year old to perform this sequence, while seated in the drivers seat. According to Tesla, that's what would have had to happen for this accident to ocur.

lilbean | 2 juin 2019

"I am not trying to be confrontational."
So it just comes naturally?

Triggerplz | 2 juin 2019


lilbean | 2 juin 2019

:o) | 2 juin 2019

@jvs11560 - Yes, I can see the brake being pressed and the drive lever being shifted up by an observant /playful 2 year old sitting on the floor. If the car was set to creep mode (not a default), it will move forward, just like any automatic ICE car made in the last 30+ years. The accelerator does not need to be pressed. Even if creep mode was off, the child could press the accelerator too, with his/her back to the seat.

I don't know if the seat sensor or seat belt is a requirement to power up the car. I couldn't find any laws as a requirement, but I admit I don't know every legal regulation. I though the seat sensor is for control of the airbags. The seatbelt connection may just be a warning. Anyway, I'm sure it will all come out in court. Perhaps Tesla is guilty of something, but so far it looks more like an unfortunate freak accident than some willful design that Tesla intended 2 years olds to take control of the car.

jvs11560 | 2 juin 2019

The seat sensor is an extra layer of protection that Teslsa adds as a safety feature. Basically, if there is no one in the drivers seat, or the sensor believes there is no one in the drivers seat, the car will automatically go into park. Many posters havehad this issue when backing up and moving in their seat, the car will go into park. If the seat belt is being worn, I believe it overrides the seat sensor.

Tropopause | 3 juin 2019

How about all the fossil fuel emissions that are literally killing us all? We should stop all ICE transport in order to prevent the killings. Why doesn't this lady sue all the ICE manufacturers for harming her 2 year old son and entire family?