SuperCharger build times

SuperCharger build times

I am curious of the average build times for a supercharger location. I understand it may differ with the amount of stalls but is there any one place to get this information?

Earl and Nagin ... | 31 mai 2019

The biggest time sinks for building a supercharger are totally out of Tesla's hands. They are:

1) time for the municipality to approve the bulding permits and other regulatory requirements
2) time for the power company to connect the power

1) totally depends on the municipality. Some municipalities have approved in a few days, others have never approved and Tesla has had to cancel the plans to install in a location. In general, it takes from a few weeks to perhaps 6 months.

2) depends a lot on how far the location is from an existing a high power wire. It can take months if nothing is near by or weeks if so. The willingness of the power company also matters.

Actual building by Tesla's contractors usually only takes a couple of weeks.

In summary: it varies a lot. | 31 mai 2019

@Earl has most of it. There are three more unpredictable times at the start:

3) Finding a suitable site - not as easy as you may think. Ideally easy access and food and restrooms nearby. Stores nearby a plus. Availability of power a must (and not all sites can support the power needed). Then Tesla will want the option to expand as needed in the future.

4) Negotiations and contracts with the site owner to allow use of parking space for Superchargers.

5) Confirmation with local rules - often businesses have only installed the minimum number of parking spaces required by local laws. Supercharger stalls are often wider, taking away a few parking spaces, killing the site as an option. If so, start over.

jordanrichard | 31 mai 2019

From first shovel to physical completion of the stalls, landscaping to hide charging cabinets etc. about 3 weeks. Problem is, that is the easy part. Getting the local power company to inspect/sign off on the site, delivering/installing the transformer and finally Tesla being able to then do their tests, is what adds/can add significant time.

PJinPA | 2 juin 2019

Anybody know anything about the mythical King of Prussia PA Supercharger ? perpetual "coming soon"

reed_lewis | 3 juin 2019

It also depends on the time of year. Here in the Northeast part of the country where we have winter, the Super Chargers typically take longer when it is cold because everything is frozen for periods of time. There is no regular amount of time it takes from the initial ground breaking to the ability to plug in. It varies all over the map.

jordanrichard | 3 juin 2019

The Danbury CT site was physically complete for about 10 months before it was turned on. There was apparently a long standing easement dispute with the power company.

So the point is, there is no way you can even get a general consensus of how long it will take. Like comparing insurance rates, far, far too many variables.

jimglas | 4 juin 2019

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Ocala.Joe | 4 juin 2019

Thanks for your replies, I see a site under construction that was started 10 days ago, will be there mid August and hoping to see it open. They have broken ground, crossing my fingers.

reed_lewis | 4 juin 2019

Go to to see the status, and click on discuss on the menu when you click a circle. That is the best way to follow the progress. People will post updates and pictures.

dallinjhales | 9 juin 2019

I'm also waiting on one in Globe, AZ that says " coming soon". Hopefully soon so we can make it to my in-laws haha.

reed_lewis | 11 juin 2019

The 'Coming Soon' verbiage on the Tesla website means nothing. They have had 'Coming Soon' on many locations that have not even been permitted.

Use for the real status.

Ocala.Joe | 13 juin 2019

Use for the real status.

Agree, I am following the updates via discuss and members are posting photos of the progress, great resource

Janny63 | 14 juin 2019

It additionally relies upon the season. Here in the Northeast piece of the nation where we have winter, the Super Chargers normally take longer when it is cold on the grounds that everything is solidified for timeframes.