So sorry service is failing for some

So sorry service is failing for some

Now including me. I need a simple service. I called my SC and they do not answer, just a menu of choices, and none are to talk to someone. In fact, none are even to leave a message. Basically they say to use the app or the website. So I open my app, fill out the form with a detailed description of my problem, choose a service date, click schedule, and the app spins for a while then fails. Nothing accomplished. So I go to the website, choose manage for my MS, then choose schedule service. That takes me to an error page (404 page does not exist error). Hoping the problem is temporary, I wait two days, try the app again with the same results (I’m getting tired of filling out the form, stepping through several pages, only to be told no dice), try the website again and it is still broken.

Sigh. I remember how awesome service was when I purchased my $100,000 car. The service center answered the phone, saw me quickly, gave me a loaner, and provided world class service. Now I read too many folks who are frustrated, and today count me in that group. I believe Tesla is alone in this service scheduling model, I bet any other dealer in town would answer the phone.

I hope it gets better. I can’t imagine driving another car, and I wish the company great success for a long time. But... | 31 mai 2019

Sorry for the difficulty you're having - are you using an odd browser? I set up an appointment via the web several weeks ago - took all of 2 minutes or so (using Chrome). I'd expect it to work with all browsers, but some browsers cause problems with some sites - usually anything old (like IE) can be problematic, not just for Tesla, but many sites. I haven't tried the app. Also are you in the USA or perhaps another country that has other requirements (i.e. China might block access)?

EVRider | 31 mai 2019

The web site scheduling link is currently broken. | 31 mai 2019

Yep - confirmed broken. That sucks. So much for my prior ideas.

seanrauseo | 1 décembre 2019

Having the same issues....why would you want to continue to be a loyal customer?
I own a Model 3 performance and a Model X but can’t get service for any car.
I think my next EV will be an Audi.

Mike | 2 décembre 2019

My story, picked up my new Model X in July with factory installed sand pits in the windscreen and paint swirls along with a cracked tail lens and a malfunctioning right falcon wing door sensor. Had an appointment set up right away to take care of these issues and received a text the sensor hasnt arrived yet and asked if I would like to reschedule...I decided to keep the appointment and get the other issues addressed. Tail light was replaced, Windscreen was washed but not replaced or fixed (the car was driven by Tesla for 260 miles prior to my delivery and the windscreen pitting wasnt notiiced on the overcast delivery day unfortunately) paint swirls I told them not to try to do anything with, Ill have a pro redo what their delivery team installed, and the sensor would wait till later.
Now, after 4 appointments the sensor still hasnt come in to fix the door, and I simply cannot keep making appointments and blocking out effectively a week (I travel for work and am gone a week at a time) to keep getting rescheduled. I let "the man behind the text" know that this system of appointments just doesnt work anymore, and to get the darned part then lets schedule. One would think 5 months would be sufficient lead time to get the part to fix a car with a problem noted at delivery, but who am I to have quality service expectations on a 131000 car?

Tropopause | 2 décembre 2019

Mike- do you have the Performance Model X?

Mike | 3 décembre 2019

yes I do have the performance x.
In all fairness, yesterday, I received a text after posting above, stating the service center is getting the falcon wing door sensor from a nearby service center to do the repair and I can keep my existing appointment today.
Upon arrival, I was told they would have to keep the car overnight and had an enterprise car rental for me. I moaned a bit as this was not expected to have to return tomorrow, but not too loudly. The great SC lady found me a loaner S model which I have in the garage right now, waiting for mine to be repaired. I was very pleased how the individuals handled things, its still a communication chain issue with Service they will need to improve on before my wife plunks down her deposit.

chanti529 | 2 janvier 2020

Entered New Year 2020 with the same old issues I see. We bought a Tesla Model 3 on Dec 27, 2019, and immediately found an issue with me. My husband tried to schedule through the app, gave all the information and selected location, date & time and then hit submit, it throws an error. Called the customer service and they suggest app is the only way to file a service request. We waited almost a week and tried today again. The same issue persists. Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue?

SCCRENDO | 2 janvier 2020

Get a new phone or a new phone app. Delete the app and reinstall it. There is a whole thread on the iphone vs android etc. I have the iphone 11 pro max with the latest Tesla app. And it works great. If you have a lousy phone find a friend or relative with a decent phone and download the app and book your appointment. | 2 janvier 2020

@sushma - "We bought a Tesla Model 3 on Dec 27, 2019, and immediately found an issue with me."

Sorry to say, I don't think Tesla can fix you, although I didn't know it can find personal issues. Perhaps your significant other can help :)

Ok, sorry to make light of your problem, but I couldn't resist. SCCRENDO's suggestions are good, although annoying that getting an appointment is not smooth going. Another idea if a service center is nearby is just drop in and make an apointment that way.

BumblebeEV | 3 janvier 2020

The secret is to never had a problem in the first place