Latest problem - told two months at least to fix

Latest problem - told two months at least to fix

Early adopter - one of those idiots who sat on a waiting list for a year. Got a 2016 Model X. Was in the shop for a month when first purchased. Continued problems since. In the last six months, motor blew out and was replaced, front door hinge failed (again) and was replaced, storage compartment sliding door failed and had to be replaced, visor broke and was replaced. At least those were addressed fairy promptly so despite the continued inconvenience, I was willing to tolerate it.

Latest thing is that there is a firmware bug that doesn't recognize that my software update is the latest version. Been in the shop multiple times to try to fix. Ultimately they said it is a bug that needs to be addressed in a future software update, but all the updates for at least two months are already scheduled. In the meantime, I have an error message (Software Update Required - Contact Service Center) and beep that pops up every ten seconds. Makes it almost unbearable to drive. But Tesla's response is I'm SOL.

I cancelled my Model 3 reservation and discouraged many people from buying a Tesla because of my ownership experience. Car is great when it works, which is almost never.

Others have had better experiences so you can take this as one data point.

jimglas | 31 mai 2019

aside from the motor (what "blew out"?), what kept your car from "working, almost never"? | 1 juin 2019

Sorry for the problem. If you have multiple service centers, you might take it to a different one - perhaps with a different tech. To me, sounds like the MCU has a problem and should be replaced. I don't buy that it's a firmware issue seeing how no other cars (at least reported in the forums) has the problem. Never heard of a motor "blowing out", but there have been rare motor failures. The early X has been known to be a bit more problematic than the S or 3. They really tried to do too much, but it does have so much cool tech I've not seen anywhere else.

jjgunn | 1 juin 2019

Motor blew out