Supercharger limitations

Supercharger limitations

I recently went on a short trip and was planning to charge to 100% to minimize the number of stops for supercharging. Unfortunately, the two locations were deemed high usage so the charge was limited to to 80%. This caused us to need another stop and added time to the trip and the return.

I hope this is not a permanent situation! | 9 juin 2019

Actually, charging from 80% to 100% takes about the same amount of time as going from 20% to 80%. it is usually far faster to make that extra Supercharger stop than bothering with 80-100% charging, unless the Supercharger is way off the path you're taking. I see the 80% limit as a good thing, and avoids clogging the Superchargers for those that don't understand how slow that final bit of charging takes.

jimglas | 9 juin 2019

Charging to 100% will take more time due to the slow charging at higher charging

jjgunn | 9 juin 2019

Charging is soooooo slow after 80%.

Hell I'm pretty much done about 75% if I'm in a hurry.

mbp11 | 10 juin 2019

You know, last week I used a supercharger at the Livermore Premium Outlets and got the message that this was a high utilized area and charging was limited to 80% and blah blah. When I got up to 80%, the car turned itself off- screens blank, radio gone, cell phone charging gone, A/C off... So after nothing happened for a while, I did the double scrollbar reboot and after a minute or two, the car came back and then charged up to 91% where I stopped.

I wonder if this is going to be the new workaround?

Mike P

inconel | 10 juin 2019

You only need to scroll the charging bar higher, no need to reboot.