Online chat is a joke

Online chat is a joke

I was driving on highways as usual, all of a sudden i felt a jerk and my car disabled all automation, it disabled ABS, Traction control, autopilot, driver assist, it is very frustrating what to do, called for the chat, but no one is available, no technician is available to talk, spent more than 45 minutes listening to computer giving me advice and finally decided to make an appointment. I tried to call directly the store , they did not help, technician do not take a phone call, kind of frustrating coming from Audi or mercedes brand where you feel like a king when you call them with any question.

bp2x1030 | 24 juin 2019

I think they should have a specialist available on the chat , after all this is a smart tech savvy company and we want answer quick, they do not offer any of that , not cool

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 juin 2019

I really dislike how we can't call the local service center. What if I am stuck in traffic and running late. I can't even call to give them a timely heads up. Likewise what if I have a simple question whose answer could save me a service visit? | 25 juin 2019

@bp2 Why not call Tesla roadside assistance? Chat is really for pre-sales.

Ohmster | 25 juin 2019


You can call your local center. I do it all the time.

Also, if you have an appointment set up or in process they can communicate with you through text.

mizunosan | 25 juin 2019

Roadside assistance number was always quick and helpful. In fact, the manual states to call the number for assistance like this and it is in your menu screen.
Toll Free: 877 798 3752

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 juin 2019

When I call Cherry Hill I always get the answer machine.

rglossin | 25 juin 2019

I've owned 6 Mercedes and I may think I'm a king but they sure as hell have never made me feel like on. More than not more like a fool.

Ohmster | 26 juin 2019

@Anthony. So do I. But. The machine allows you to respond to prompts. 2 for service. Then 3 to get to an advisor. That’s how it works for the Agoura number.

jordanrichard | 26 juin 2019

Select 2 for service, then select 2 again I believe to get through to your service center. Option 2, the second time, is to check on the status of your car that is being serviced.

shoshanalea | 27 juin 2019

@Ohmster Unless you know something we don't out here in the Bay Area, you can't get through to a human being unless you have their extension...

I can't even get through to find out if my car is staying overnight again or if I can take it home....

Ohmster | 27 juin 2019

^I have a local number to call. Then respond to the prompts. Get a human at my Service Center every time. No extensions.

The app also informs me when they have completed service......

tell021 | 22 juillet 2019

Hey bp2x1030, I think I have exactly the same issue as you (multiple things turning off). How did they fix it in the end?