"Lane Departure Avoidance Limited" Warning

"Lane Departure Avoidance Limited" Warning

A few days ago I started getting an occasional warning: "Lane Departure Avoidance Limited". It seems to come and go with no discernible pattern.

This started right after the last firmware update. I don't know if the two are related or a coincidence.

Anyone else see this warning?

len | 1 juillet 2019

We started getting it, but seemingly just coming slowly into garage

IntelSPE | 1 juillet 2019

Having same issue.

caramela | 1 juillet 2019

I get that occasionally also. Happened even before the last update.

FISHEV | 1 juillet 2019

If you are able to get it to repeat, check the time and put in Service Request on the app. Take a pic of the screen and note the time. They can look at the car and see what is going on.

They did this for Lane Keeping (all the functions) not working on my car and were able to confirm it was malfunctioning and scheduled a service call which looks like its turning into a service visit.

FISHEV | 1 juillet 2019

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Seems to favor right side as far as NOT working though it fails on left and right side.

Tesla Scheduled a tech to come to the house on July 8th. They asked for video which I provided.

Got this response from Tesla service.

"Thank you for the videos, I received your time stamps as well and took a look. I did see that lane assist was activated for the left side but then never did for the right side. I have escalated the concern for further review with your time stamps and videos, I will reach back out once I hear back from the escalation."

Not sure if that means the July 8th visit is canceled. It still shows on the app as scheduled.

Cool I could record the problem and they could look at the car to see all the safeties were turned on.

decoss | 1 juillet 2019

There is a setting to turn this feature on/off. It seems that 'on' is now the default position. It re-sets to on frequently.

gballant4570 | 1 juillet 2019

If its the one I am thinking of, you can move the setting from "warning" to "assist". You might like it better that way - I do.

jerry | 1 juillet 2019

I've noticed that the times I've seen this warning it was while driving on country roads that didn't have any defined lane or shoulder markings. Could that be the issue here? It's warning because it can't tell where the lanes are?

eandmjep | 2 juillet 2019

I have seen this right when shifting into drive or reverse then it disappears. My lane assist has all but stopped working. It will occasionally work crossing a center left road line but has not worked since last 2 updates at all on right side lines that would prevent car from leaving the road. On a trip 3 weeks ago worked fine, flawlessly even. Now even when I disable assist to just warning the steering wheel won't vibrate either. I was beginning to think she was for being a bad driver haha. This would be my first issue in over a year and 25000 miles. Have not contacted SC yet.

yoshodeep | 2 juillet 2019

A potential bug from a recent software update? My car is 14 days old and I have been getting it as well over the last 2-3 days, only when I park (into my home garage or my office parking garage).

eandmjep | 2 juillet 2019

I did enter it as a hug report just to see what happens.

Orthopod | 3 juillet 2019

i disabled it
got too many unjustified alerts

HighlandPony | 3 juillet 2019

Hug report, that’s a good one. Maybe that should be the next feature request. Send in a hug report when the car does something amazing.

FISHEV | 3 juillet 2019

"Send in a hug report when the car does something amazing."

Like work as advertised.

hokiegir1 | 3 juillet 2019

Isn't the Tesla Hug an easter egg?

jimglas | 3 juillet 2019

wow, that's pretty cool!

Tesla2018 | 3 juillet 2019

I got the message but it was when driving on the highway in a torrential downpour and it was impossible to see any lane markings in front of the car. Guess it will do it in the middle of a blizzard too.

calvin940 | 3 juillet 2019

I haven't seen this warning. What fw version are you seeing this? I have 2019.20.4.2.


is that for real?

tdwin2000 | 3 juillet 2019

The assist scared the s-it out of me. I tried changing lanes without using my turn signal and it quickly threw me back into the center of the lane. I think this is the feature you are speaking of. I couldn't help but think if I lent my car to someone and forgot to turn this off it would probably scare the heck out of them. I know it doesn't work under a certain speed (that might be why you are only getting the warning when you are backing out of your driveway). I first tired it on a non heavy traveled 3 lane highway. I was in the middle and let go of the steering wheel. It started to drift to the left and as soon as it it the line of the street it pushed it back towards the center.

FISHEV | 3 juillet 2019

" I tried changing lanes without using my turn signal and it quickly threw me back into the center of the lane. "

So the Tesla techs in trying to figure out why my Lane Keeping doesn't work said of one of the pix that if you steer into the line the alarm should not go off. My question was that one of the major reasons for having Lane Keeping is people having their hand on the wheel and getting distracted or dozing in which the car would merrily drive you into oncoming traffic or the ditch.

So exactly how much steering wheel input negates Lane Keeping? It's a Goldilocks answer...why just the right amount. Not too much, not too little. Oy. Again the Subuar simply warned you unless you had turn signal on.

It's likely Tesla will never get AP fixed because all the crazy stuff it does (had a great Autobrake incident today where it though the BMW ahead and on the right was dead head and braked hard at 60 mph rush hour traffic. Exciting for all involved) Tesla thinks is how it should work.

geno.kearney | 4 juillet 2019

My hug sensor isn't working. :)

rfpmoxie | 4 juillet 2019

Has anyone determined that as a result of the last update (or two) this feature is no longer working? If I turn lane departure off then turn it on it will work one time and then stops working. Vibrate doesn't work at all. "Soft" reset doesn't resolve it. I will try a hard reset. Is there any new information? Thanks all...………...

FISHEV | 4 juillet 2019

I have Version 2019,20.4.2 and Lane Keeping works sometimes, not others. As noted above, Tesla asked me to retest with hands off the wheel and it still will work one time, not another. Like you it seems work when you turn off/on and then stop, as though Lane Keeping goes into sleep mode.

Had to move Tesla Tech appointment back to July 17 so we'll see how they do in the ride.

donaldlundgren | 1 août 2019

I get the message even though I turned off the feature.

Jill-T3 | 26 septembre 2019

Getting same message, 4-6 times a week. Not able to determine the reason, not predicable.

Fuzzball | 26 septembre 2019

I usually get it in the morning as i start my commute. Been happening for a few months

beaver | 26 septembre 2019

I think the whole emergency lane departure warning and avoidance system is broken. It hasn’t worked for at least 2 months for me even though it is enabled.

kevin_rf | 27 septembre 2019

I've been getting it in the morning when driving into strong sunlight. Might be one or more of the cameras is struggling with the glare.

ishihabi | 11 novembre 2019

did anyone got a fix for the warning lane and park assistant not available ?
please print the solution