Earthquake: Anyone else delaying return to SoCal?

Earthquake: Anyone else delaying return to SoCal?

7.1 earthquake today 100 miles northeast of LA. 10% chance of another larger quake within the next week.

I am considering extending my vacation outside SoCal for a week to let things “settle down”. Anyone else in the same situation? Or thinking about getting away for a week? Scary

slingshot18 | 5 juillet 2019

No. I’m here. It’s fine. Just a little rumbly.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

The last one was 60-90 seconds of shaking. We might stay in Utah for a week (don't worry JJ I will bring your X back on time and swap into my Acura). :)

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019


2 quakes -- 24 hours apart. 6.4 & 7.1 with the epicenter in the same spot.

That's some scary stuff.

Maybe a pause in Vegas

charles.a.braun | 6 juillet 2019

@jj- No escape in Vegas. Not quite as bad as in So Cal but they are feeling them.

My home in CA is about 40-45 miles southwest of Ridgecrest and my daughter (completely freaked out by all of this) has to keep going to my house to refill the water bowl in my snake aquarium.

I am in Utah and not feeling a thing but I keep checking my security cams at home in CA as well as NV and both are registering movement and sound.

To make this Model 3 related we are just about to start our 3rd and final day of my great birthday roadtrip in our 3. Did Great Basin National Park on the 4th, Capitol Reef National Park yesterday and we are currently charging to 100% and about to take off for today's adventure in Bryce Canyon National Park. 1056 miles, 264kWh and 250Wh/mile thus far.

Bighorn | 6 juillet 2019

Daughter felt nothing in Santa Barbara, on the first one at least. Haven’t asked about last night.

kevin_rf | 6 juillet 2019

So is Fremont and Gigafactory 1 still standing? The shorts must be foaming at the mouth with the "potential" to take out both plants. Image what all that shaking is doing to the paint shop and battery lines...

Satire, but about as accurate as anything else the shorts have come up with so far.

apodbdrs | 6 juillet 2019

I am in Orange County, last night's earthquake was stronger, but not too bad, lasted about 10 seconds. Ridgecrest is about 160 miles away. Just so everyone knows, we experience earthquakes every once in awhile to shake some people up, so they leave the state or to keep others from staying too long! Ha! Ha!

On another note, the weather has been really great this year, even now.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2019

Thoughts and prayers from those of us living a little further up the fault line.

Hope all our So Cal friends made it through Okay.

SamO | 6 juillet 2019

The sky is falling. Don’t come back to LA despite the earthquake being centered far away. Or do you live in Mojave?


RES IPSA | 6 juillet 2019

I hope everyone is fine up in the Owens Valley. I do not believe there is any reported damage (roads, etc.) outside of the Owens Valley. All seems fine in LA and southward... Barely felt it in San Diego

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2019

So the Dodgers are still going to play, dang.

SamO | 6 juillet 2019

Was having chicken last night at Howlin Rays when the shaking started. Everyone had a good laugh except the visitors to the anime convention who did not seem amused.

lilbean | 6 juillet 2019

It was fun for me.

JAD | 6 juillet 2019

Got seasick watching the camera bounce in the dodgers Padres game, but that is about it in SD.

4thekidz | 6 juillet 2019

@ Beaver - That would depend on where you live. We got a good, long, swaying rumble in LA, but it was no larger than a 4.5 according to officials. It was a little freaky but I certainly did not fear for my life. That said, there is a 1 in 20 chance that a larger earthquake will occur. If I lived in Ridgecrest, I would stay away for a while. But in LA? Nah.

@Bighorn - My parents in Santa Barbara definitely felt last night's quake.

casun | 6 juillet 2019

no, but i am delaying getting out of bed.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

We decided to stay 2 more days in Utah (St George), hotel has a charger and we plan to visit Zion today and Bryce tomorrow. Vegas felt the shaking yesterday so we will stay a bit further away. Hopefully it will be quiet and we roll back to LA Monday. Thanks JJ

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

@charles.a.braun recommend that you skip charging in Beaver, it was having major issues yesterday. Have fun in Bryce! Let me know where you charge and what you see.

HighlandPony | 6 juillet 2019

I’m in Bryce today also. The chargers in St George, Richfield and Nephi are all working well.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

Thanks M8B

I live in Pasadena. My friend in the area moved to the guest room on a lower floor.

There is a 10% chance of larger earthquake (than 7.1) in the next week. 10% is pretty high

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2019

My wife was just commenting they have not made pre-larger quake predictions in the past (normally weaker aftershock predictions). IMO, 10% is pretty low. Just enough to cause concern but not enough to make any real panic decisions. Good time to re-stock on all the earthquake prep stuff for house and car.

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019


This is showing the swarms of smaller quakes hitting the area. You can adjust the settings to only larger (4.5+) quakes & time zone, etc

I remember the Bay Area having earthquake swarm hit the San Ramon Valley. Hundreds of smaller quakes. Like 3.5 or less, lasted like a week IIRC.

JustSaying | 6 juillet 2019

About 20 minutes into the Jethro Tull concert ,in the Palm Springs area last night, the place really rocked and rolled (and it wasn't because Ian was singing Aqualung).
It settled down pretty quickly but the speakers swayed for at least another 10 minutes.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

I can’t believe the Dodgers kept pitching during the 60 sec rumble!

Chance of yesterday’s quake was 1 in 20, so it can happen again.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 juillet 2019

@JustSaying -I can’t believe Jethro Tull is touring. They were my favorite band back in the 1970s. Ian Anderson is no spring chicken. I guess you’re never too old to rock and roll.

coleAK | 6 juillet 2019

We had a 7.1 last November right in Anchorage, epicenter was 17 miles from my house. It was no joke. We had regular aftershocks in the 5’s and one 6.1 in the following weeks. It really put you on edge. Thoughts and prayers from AK.

lilbean | 6 juillet 2019

Going to Bryce tomorrow too!

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019

You stay safe @lilbean....

You haven't had a chance to drive my P3D yet. ;-D

lilbean | 6 juillet 2019

Thanks, @jjgunn! Ok, I'll drive it one of these days. :o)

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

@ lilbean ok have fun! We will be there too, black model x 100D with black Californian plates :)

charles.a.braun | 6 juillet 2019

@Beaver - We just crossed back into NV. We charged at Beaver several times (5 times in the past 3 days). Did not experience any problems. I did notice though that 3 times when we pulled in that cars were leaving a space gap between them. I caught a dirty look from 1 guy yesterday afternoon when I parked in the open slot between the person in 1A and 1B as I parked in 2A. It seemed like nobody realized that Beaver is one of those 1A 2A 1B 2B places so leaving a space actually screws you and you should be parking right next to someone else.

So we stopped at St George and charged a couple hours ago. When we left the GPS took us on a funky back road all the way almost to Misquite before getting on I 15 back towards Vegas. Looks like there was a major incident in the gorge that is most of AZ.

Only added a few minutes to the drive and we love exploring so it was cool and it sure beat sitting in a couple hour traffic jam.

rmg007 | 6 juillet 2019


charles.a.braun | 6 juillet 2019

@HighlandPony - We saw 2 other Model 3s at Bryce thus morning. A midnight silver dial motor with purple CA HOV stickers and Blue with white interior that was parked at a trailhead for a while.

lbowroom | 6 juillet 2019

Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, mass shootings. Where to hide, where to hide.

HighlandPony | 6 juillet 2019

Mine is silver, not midnight. I’m camped over on the Tom Best road between Bryce and Red Canyon. I decided to trail run today instead and not go into the park.

lilbean | 6 juillet 2019

@beaver Thanks! Have fun too. We are actually going in 2 days. Beautiful day here at the Grand Canyon.

RES IPSA | 6 juillet 2019

I hope everyone enjoys the National Parks. I have learned to stay away during the summer. Lase two weeks in September tends to be the best to avoid the crowds.

At Zion, the Subway hike is a must. Stay away from Angels Landing this time of year or prepare to get a little uncomfortable while standing in line...

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

@charles.a.braun good to hear Beaver charging was good. It was full when I went, so perhaps the feed was or is bad and does not support full charging in all stations.

We visited Zion today but mid afternoon. It wasn’t too crowded and we parked in the main parking. On the way out I saw 4 EV chargers by the front, next time I know where to plug in. Free charging and great parking location!

I saw a blue X 100D (clean somehow! Mine is filthy with bugs) and a blue 3. We may try Bryce tomorrow.

No big one today, fingers crossed...

Madatgascar | 6 juillet 2019

Yes but for different reasons! I’m stuck in Baltimore in a hospital - had a fever on vacation and made the mistake of going to Urgent Care. They sent me to the hospital where they have put me through chest X-ray, CT scans, blood tests, EKGs, a spinal tap and more tests to come next week. All because my fever was not accompanied by flu symptoms, they need to rule out life threatening possibilities. Meanwhile I’m back to 100% but they are keeping me into next week.

charles.a.braun | 6 juillet 2019

@Beaver - FYI, if you are referring to the level 2 chargers at Zion that are on the left just as you enter the visitor center lot, they are not free. Last I checked they were $5 and you had to get the VC staff to turn them on for you.

My trick for avoiding crowds at The National Parks... get there early. In the summer time I like to be in the park before sunrise. Nothing beats a sunrise in an NP and you essentially have the park to yourself but for the diehard hikers, climbers and photographers.

charles.a.braun | 6 juillet 2019

Sorry, meant on the right in the Zion VC lot, not left.

Madatgascar | 6 juillet 2019

Tesla needs to diversify its manufacturing base. Fremont plant is scary close to the Hayward fault. No earthquake could seriously hurt both Fremont and Sparks though. Shanghai will give them a good backup.

lilbean | 6 juillet 2019

@Madatgascar Sorry to hear that. Hope you get discharged sooner. You must have great insurance for them to keep you. Then again, you aren't in CA.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

@charles.a.braun thanks for clarifying, I just assumed they were free since they weren’t chargepont and there is no kiosk. Boo for paid charging

kevin_rf | 7 juillet 2019

$5 sounds fair, I would pay...

charles.a.braun | 7 juillet 2019

$5 is most certainly fair. I wish all NPs had them. I spoke with several park rangers and park volunteers over the past few days at Hreat Basin, Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon about the benefits of adding a few charging stations at the VC parking lots. They all agreed it would be awesome.

kevin_rf | 8 juillet 2019

WV installed a bunch at it's state parks. For instance, Blackwater falls and Canaan Valley to name two.

vincelorto | 9 juillet 2019

I heard Avalon dropped into the sea....

lbowroom | 9 juillet 2019

All clear! C'mon back.

edhchoe | 9 juillet 2019

I saw a lot of California cars in Canada and Seattle area this week.