Declining Customer Service May Sink Tesla

Declining Customer Service May Sink Tesla

Even a Chevy owner can get an answer to a basic question from a dealer. It may be a BS answer but it's possible to connect. As Tesla has ramped up deliveries, customer service has been swamped. Service has been swamped. There is now an average wait of two weeks for a service appointment and forget talking to anyone about an issue. All that is available is online chat with a 90-120 minute queue time.

Back on 11 June I became the victim of the re-write of the 4 + 4 annual service contract. This used to cover brakes. No more. It used to cover alignments. No longer. It used to cover tire rotations. No longer. What it covers is a new set of windscreen wipers, topping up the washer fluid and checking the horn and windows to see if they work. That's it for $600/per or $475/contract. Okay, so they ripped me off for that service which I could have done myself in about ten minutes. I sent in the form to terminate this annual service contract for a refund of the now three remaining services. Since the Extended Service Agreement (ESA) requires this annual service in order to be valid, I sent in another form to cancel that as well.

It has been a month. There is no way to call anyone at Tesla, just wait out the online chat queue. Each week I'm told they have the forms but then I get a variation on the same bullshit story. Excuses in order per week are:

1) We have a lot of order cancellations to process.
2) Your refund was approved. You should have had it by now.
3) I can see your forms but I'll get this over to the team that deals with this.

So this is a weekly thing when I brown bag my lunch so I can wait out the queue to get another BS excuse. I suppose legal action is next as there is no other way to engage this company. God help anyone who has a serious and pressing need which requires immediate attention. I'm also seeing a lot of inventory cars appearing with 100-600 miles on them, clearly cars buyers did not keep and returned under the 7 day return policy. They probably had tech support questions and could not get through to anyone and dumped the cars.

Man, things have changed since September of 2014 and not for the better. At this point they have lost us as customers and the plan is to drive this car until it falls apart or starts costing more money than it is worth and just scrap it or donate it to PBS.

Tesla-David | 8 juillet 2019

Why not send your rant to Elon Musk? Tesla upper management needs to see/hear experiences like yours so they can make changes to get your satisfaction back. Over my seven years of Tesla ownership I have not had problems getting service to address issues with my MS. I live in Seattle, and the Seattle SC has been very responsive. I they read your narrative that should get someone in charge responding to your issues. I remember back in 2013 I had issues with my 2012 MS seats and wrote George Blankenship, which got someone immediately back in touch with me to resolve my concerns.

johncrab | 8 juillet 2019

I did. I tweeted to him. I tweeted to Tesla. I mailed a hardcopy letter. Nothing. Just as an update, just today I got through to a humanoid at Tesla and was told point blank that they "...ended the annual service program" - but kept my money which I had prepaid! They never bothered to contact me. They just terminated the program and kept my money, so that's a conversation my lawyer will be interested in hearing. I'll be content with a check but if need be I now have some ammunition.

aeg0276 | 8 juillet 2019

I agree 150%. I love Tesla vehicles but the customer service is horrible. I just bought my second pre-owned Model S from a local dealer and trying to get an ownership transfer has been a horrible experience. I sent in my documents per the ownership transfer instructions and waited a few days, nothing but crickets, no email confirmation or anything. Again there is no way to speak to a live person for support anymore so I initiated a chat session. The rep responded after about a 30 minute wait and verified that my documents were received...great! Then was told that it takes 3 business days and should done no later than the end of last week...ok I will wait, asked for a copy of the chat transcript and that was emailed promptly.

So after 5 business days passed I followed up again today via chat, another 35 minute wait, engaged another rep and was told again that the transfer was processing and would take another 3-5 business days because they have a lot of volume, many requests, etc.

I then asked if there was anyway to escalate because without access to the app I can't schedule service or use any of the cool app features, and worse is that I can't disable mobile access so for all I know the previous owner can still access the vehicle remotely, view my location, etc., not cool! I expressed my dissatisfaction and asked for a copy of the transcript but was told it was against company policy...but wait, the last rep sent one? Another example of inconsistent handling of customers.

After that the rep just disconnected the chat session abruptly, wow.

MitchP85D | 8 juillet 2019

Back in 2014, Tesla service was off the charts spectacular. But I was wondering back then how well can they keep that level of service up after a significant growth of vehicle sales. It is obvious that Tesla Operations is swamped right now. Back in 2014, I saw another Tesla on the road in Houston about once every 3 months. Now I see another Tesla on the road every day! Now that is what I call growth. And along with this growth comes growing pains. I've noticed the decline in service. But I can understand it. Now, it has become a numbers game. How many customers will Tesla lose over service vs. how many they can gain by selling their incredible product.

I, for one, am still a loyal Tesla fan, and my wife and I have pledged that we will be Tesla owners for the rest of our lives. I am getting my P85D serviced today, and I was quite surprised they had a loaner car ready for me, even though I did not request it. I had planned to just sit around all day at the Service Center. After the service is completed, I will report how things turn out, plus the cost.

I am sure Elon is very well aware of these issues, and he will do all he can to address the growth of Tesla. The greater the number of vehicles sold means a greater number of vehicles that have to be serviced. Elon is a genius. He will figure out how to solve this service demand problem. If you truly believe in the development of this great American company, be patient!

johncrab | 8 juillet 2019

MitchP85D - I truly admire your loyalty and attitude. I just wish I could feel the same. Tesla is a premium-priced product and as long as they provided a premium experience, I felt it was all a good value. I just no longer feel that way. They threw away my trust and loyalty. It's a common mistake to throw away existing customers, but those are repeat sales which cost you nothing. A lot of hotels and other businesses do this and it's nuts. Keep a customer happy and he will come back and you don't have to "sell" the product again. Tesla is now content to lose customers like me who know what the company used to be. Perhaps Model 3 owners are more tolerant of abuse and "go to the website". Then again, being treated like a human was new to all of us in the car buying experience and we got used to it as a new norm. Just a come-on it seems.

When 65K Model 3 reservations were canceled because of delays, Elon said publicly that he didn't care and that those canceled orders were doing Tesla a favor by giving them breathing room. It takes some big cojones or just someone who is nuts to blow off 4.25 billion in revenue just like that. We canceled our 3 for different reasons but we are part of that number.

johncrab | 8 juillet 2019

@aeg0276 - Your experience is in my opinion, worse than mine because you have safety and privacy issues involved. Those items need to be top priorities for Tesla and not this kick the can mentality of theirs. I hope you can get that resolved without going to court (which is never a fun thing and takes longer).

SamO | 9 juillet 2019

The whiny entitled attitude bleeds through your post. Very sad to see and hear a grown man act like a child.
So you requested a refund and you don’t like how long it is taking. Got it.

You demand someone get on the phone and handle it for you. Right. Now!


You are buying a gas car to punish Tesla and the rest of humanity.


andy.connor.e | 9 juillet 2019

No its not going to sink Tesla. Because Tesla has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. How much did Exxon pay you to make this topic?

rxlawdude | 9 juillet 2019

Guys, c'mon. You really think it's necessary to go to ad hominem against OP?

SamO | 9 juillet 2019


Agreed. Whining and acting like a child is just a side effect of an entitled society.

I have shared these forums with johncrab and he is not a troll. Or an astroturfer.

He is just frustrated and venting. But it is not commensurate with the injury and it is not in proportion to the injury.

SCCRENDO | 9 juillet 2019

I think OP has gotten his 15 minutes of fame. He has been heard. None of us here have had similar experiences so time to move on and keep enjoying our Tesla’s.

MitchP85D | 9 juillet 2019

Just got my P85D back. Invoice reads $0.00. That was for the airbag recall service. One little foul up. The rear drive-unit they were going to use to replace mine with was the wrong one. They had the base 85 model unit. Not the P85 unit required for my Model-S. I have a little noise in the rear drive unit, and Tesla is going to replace it. No big deal. I can wait a few weeks or a month. My rear drive unit isn't going to fail. It might get a little noisier according to the service rep. I asked the rep if they are swamped right now. And he said, "oh yeah." They are having to cut back on things they used to do like washing the cars. They don't do that, valet service, and other things like that anymore.

With the huge service demand, there are going to be some foul-ups like my wrong drive-unit part. I'm not going to throw a fit over that. Once they get the part in, and get it replaced, I will let you know what my cost is. I still have the extended warranty. Should be good up to 100K miles. I now have 90K miles.

JustSaying | 9 juillet 2019

My wife called me an hour ago and told me there was a racket coming out of her Model 3 wheel well. She called Tesla and a Tesla Tow truck is on the way to our house to pick up the car. No loaner is available tonight but she got a Uber credit to pick one up tomorrow AM . Great service!
I got home, took a test drive , a Palm tree frond call out of the wheel well. Noise gone.
Cancelled the Tesla how truck.
Thanks Tesla. Sorry for the false alarm....

JustSaying | 9 juillet 2019

Fell not call
Tow not how

NKYTA | 9 juillet 2019

Better a palm frond than mice! ;-)

NKYTA | 9 juillet 2019

Or possums!!

J.T. | 10 juillet 2019

@SCCRENDO >>None of us here have had similar experiences so time to move on and keep enjoying our Tesla’s.<<

I have.

dmm1240 | 10 juillet 2019

The guy that invented email was introduced to an audience not too long ago and was promptly booed. I’m starting to believe the entire internet should be booed. Facebook refuses to stop hacks obtain your vital stats or sells the info themselves... order something online and you’re besieged with emails for years... they harvest our phone numbers and robo call us to distraction... and trolls are everywhere mucking things up with disinformation, snark, insults, lies about companies/people they don’t like... sons and daughters obsessed with how many befriends they have... more idiotic trolls... tell me how this is all a boon to society again?

JustSaying | 10 juillet 2019
gatordoc | 10 juillet 2019

I agree with the OP....customer service has declined significantly since I purchased my Model S P100D in early 2017. For the last two months I've been dealing with lockups in the navigation, autopilot, cruise control, and auto-dimming headlights. It takes forever to reach customer service reps (on-hold at this minute for chat....10 minutes and counting). Despite numerous software updates, every morning when I go out to my car, the navigation map is frozen at my home location and multiple electronics on my car don't work. Only a HARD (ie turn the car off for at least two minutes) reset works. I understand software bugs, but the difficulty getting support is ridiculous.

Uncle Paul | 11 juillet 2019

They said the same thing about Apple and Microsoft.

Those companies had horrible customer service complaints, yet went on to dominate their marketplace.

Many other companies, with great customer service failed.

Biggest reason Tesla will prosper is that people really want their cars. | 12 juillet 2019

@Uncle Paul - And despite a few owners having poor customer support issues (and falsely extrapolating it out to everyone), most Tesla owners are very happy with customer support and Tesla's products. I expect a few owners need extensive hand-holding and Tesla is just not that kind of company. Few legacy automakers do any hand-holding either, but there are exceptions.

SO | 12 juillet 2019

I have a 2017 S and haven’t had any software GPS lockups.

The only thing I noticed when first starting the car for the day, is that there is a slight pause on the display from P to D. But yet the car does go into D right away.

SamO | 12 juillet 2019

I’m so mad at the service on my S that I sold it and bought two 3s.


Smiklec | 12 juillet 2019

I can understand loving the car but hating the customer service experience. Also to push the blame for the poor customer service back to the owner is blaming the victim. I, like many have had poor customer service experience in more than one service center and by the mobile delivery team as well. I, like other,s are also concerned about purchasing a $100K car and not be able to get replacement of a $35 part. The same part has been on back order, here but the wrong size, here bot the wrong side, delivered but broken for more than 7 months. I agree that a Chevy would have aftermarket parts to fix the vehicle if Chevy couldn't deliver. Tesla has no aftermarket parts so we are at their mercy and beholden to the continued poor customer service. The company and it's employees should do better. Any other company would try to fix the problem

PolishFalcon | 12 juillet 2019

My six month old Model 3 AWD LR picked up an object in its RR tire a week ago. I was able to get back home just as the TPMS showed the tire’s pressure headed down toward zero. So I called Tesla Road Service and got a human right away. He said they were dispatching a mobile service tech from the Rocklin CA SC, 22 miles away. A little over an hour later the tech showed up and swapped my flat for a new 18” Michelin on an identical wheel. He said he would take it back to Rocklin for repair the next day. So I made an (online) appointment at the SC for a few days hence to have the wheel/tire swapped back. However a day or so later the SC called me and asked if they could deliver and install the repaired tire/wheel at my home. There was no charge for any of this and the replacement wheel/tire was as good as my original so I had been in perfect shape with the loaner wheel.

BTW I ordered my car in January 2019 and it was delivered ten days later, to my house. They even returned a few days later to install the wheel lug locks that weren’t available at delivery.

Everything works great on my car and the Tesla customer service has been first rate. And It’s about a 45 mile round trip from my home in Sacramento the the Rocklin SC.

Just trying to get a more complete record onto this forum.

dmm1240 | 12 juillet 2019

"I can understand loving the car but hating the customer service experience. Also to push the blame for the poor customer service back to the owner is blaming the victim."

That has not been my experience. I had a few minor issues after I bought my X, nothing serious. Tesla fixed those without complaint and promptly. I got a loaner to take home the two times I had to leave the car overnight. They sent a mobile tech out to my house to fix a broken scroll wheel on the steering wheel and he arrived on time and was done in 15 minutes. I picked up a nail once and took it in to Tesla to fix. Because they were 30 minutes late getting the car in front of me repaired, they waived the charge to fix the tire. A piece of trim was causing the driver's window to make a thumping noise when I raised the window and they repaired that on time. They wash my car for free when I take it in. I had them detail it once and Tesla did an excellent job. The guys in the shop have been honest with me and bent over backwards to make sure I left a happy camper. I have never had to wait more than a couple of days to book an appointment. One time when I had a Model S out for the weekend for a long test drive when I was trying to decide between the MS and MX, I visited a convenience store and accidentally locked the fob in the car. I called Tesla's 24 hour line and the guy laughed that it happens all the time and promptly unlocked the car for me.

You can complain all you want, but it doesn't ring true at all based on my experience with Tesla service. I think they're outstanding.

Tesla2018 | 12 juillet 2019

Just talked to someone today that left a $1000 deposit years ago and then cancelled because the $7500 rebate was being lowered and they still hadnt come out with the 35K version. He said he was been trying for months to get his deposit back but the phone lines are either jammed or no one calls him back or replies to his emails.

Teslas excuse is that it is the end of the quarter in most of the complaints I see. When they only had the S they had top rated service. They had poor planning or wanted to save money and figured people would put up with crappy servicexsince they wanted the car. Not everyone is a die hard Tesla fan and cared if it was electric or gas so they said Screw Tesla and bought something else.

Once demand dies and things settle down and Tesla makes a steady profit things will get better.

I worked for a internet startup that went thru the same problem.We opened lots of new accounts within the first month or two but didnt have the staff to service them afterwards. Wej just changed our pricing to slow down demand until we could get more staff. The CFO said pricing is like a faucet. By determining if it is on high or low you can control the flow. We would see if our competitors were higher or lower and then we would either just beat them or be a little bit higher priced since people will go for something even if the difference is miniscule.

Xerogas | 12 juillet 2019

@Tesla2018: "Just talked to someone today that left a $1000 deposit years ago and then cancelled because the $7500 rebate was being lowered and they still hadnt come out with the 35K version"
Why didn’t they buy the $35K version when it became available?

Xerogas | 12 juillet 2019

Oh, I think I understand now. You talked to them recently, but their experience they relayed to you was from a long time ago, back when the tax incentive was $7500

I thought they were complaining that they couldn’t but the $35K version today

Tesla2018 | 13 juillet 2019

Xero you are correct. I talked to him yesterday but he cancelled a long time ago after hearing that the 7500 rebate would expire before the $35000 version came out. He didnt want to spend more than that on a car, so he cancelled and bought something else.

Told him to go to the sales center and they could probably help him instead of dealing with different people on the phone.

SO | 14 juillet 2019

@Tesla2018 - did he buy a Camry only to find out that the TCO for that is actually higher than a Model 3? | 14 juillet 2019

@Tesla2018 - If your friend is still having a problem, suggest they go to the Tesla account page, click on "Manage" for the car reservation, and there is a "refund" option. Click that, and the money should go back to the credit card in a week or two. No need to talk to anyone (as Tesla will just tell them the same thing). I realize the process may not be obvious, but almost the standard way nowadays to get refunds from internet purchases (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

djroberts | 14 juillet 2019

I hope they figure it out. I like to company and what they're doing but they need to focus on that service but time.

These are reasonable complaints people are making and important feedback.

dcpalmer | 15 juillet 2019

@SCCRENDO >>None of us here have had similar experiences so time to move on and keep enjoying our Tesla’s.<<

I have!

I've been a Tesla owner for 5 years - I was a Signature reservation holder for one of the very-first right-hand drive Model S cars. My wife drives that car now and I have a P100DL. Until a few months ago I was great Tesla fan. Not any more.

Today I tried to schedule the third of my four PRE-PAID annual services. I couldn't get to speak to anyone at my local service centre, and had to schedule online. Only problem was: there wasn't any way to find out - from a real, human being - how long the work was going to take, whether they were going to provide a loan car (I'm more than an hour away from the nearest service centre), whether they were going to order the parts for the last recall issue they failed to fix last time my car was with them - and so on.

Well, I tried calling customer services. After 30 mins on hold, no joy - just a text, effectively cancelling the service I'd just booked! Well, excuse me, but I paid for that service.

I then tried the website service call-back. Nothing - apart from an e-mailed acknowledgement.

So, we've gone from a pretty-good service experience back in 2014, where we knew the local team and could call up and get advice and get things fixed; to a robs-service that doesn't respond, clearly doesn't care - and what's more, refuses to provide pre-paid service. Sure, if you're a recent Tesla owner, this may seem like the norm - it's just that those of us who paid a premium to be early adopters, who can now see the difference and feel seriously let down.

MitchP85D | 15 juillet 2019

Hey dcpalmer, I have seen the service decline as well. But I am a little more understanding. I never did think Tesla would be able to continue their off the charts spectacular service they had back in 2014 because of the significant growth of Tesla units that now need to be serviced. Tesla operations is overwhelmed right now. And they need some time to catch up to the service demands.

Tesla needs to hire back the folks they laid off!

dcpalmer | 15 juillet 2019

@MitchP85D - sure, but the service back in 2014, whilst good, wasn't that good IMHO.

My previous car was a Jaguar XJ, and I felt that their service was at least as good as Tesla (if not better) - and it was far more convenient (just 20 mins drive instead of 60)...

...I've lost track of the number of times I had to waste an entire morning or afternoon taking my car back to Tesla (3 hour round trip) to get things fixed (they'd originally promised "Ranger Service" - which I'd paid for - but cancelled that before I took delivery of my car (I did get a refund).

They since improved things, sending a driver out to come and collect my car, and then return it. But that got cancelled about a year ago. At the same time, the friendly, customer-facing service advisors were removed, and now we have this current "Robo Service", which is not going to win over premium customers - at least, not in Europe.

Electrico | 15 juillet 2019

I requested a refund from the difference of a Standard Plus to the Base Model more than 3 months ago, and so for I get the same round around from customer service every time I call.

El Mirio | 16 juillet 2019

Most people get better service than aristocrat's and kings a few centuries ago, still no pleasing. Expect in the future customers demanding mind reading capabilities.

3Muskateer | 16 juillet 2019

Interesting about service and busy delivery, as my delivery person didn't really give me solid answers to some of my questions. Maybe they just threw people in without enough training?I asked how I access the 1000 free charging from the referral, and he told me that Tesla will give me a code to punch into the Supercharging stations, to get my 1000 free miles of charging. Which ends up not being true. Then he proceeded to "can I call you some time? Can I just tell you that you are sooo hot." errr, no. Maybe more training on being professional? Back to the free charging...also called the delivery number and I was told there's no record of the 1000 free charging on my account, with long list of reasons why I don't have it (most irrelevant). Finally called the showroom where I ordered, and the guy said to just check my app where it says "Loot". Wow, that was a long windy path to getting a simple answer. Training. For "Tesla," I felt it could have gone a bit smoother and less...weird. Though I have to say that purchasing this car was so much easier than my last one that took ALL day of paperwork and busywork at the dealership.

jimglas | 16 juillet 2019

Alotta FUD on this thread

bkvivona | 16 juillet 2019

The reliance on apps by Tesla is frustrating. The schedule service feature on my app does not work, all I get is the Tesla logo. Signed out and back on, hard reboot, still same thing. Was able to schedule service via website. Dropped off car for an overnight service, of course no loaners cars ( previous Lexus, BMW and Acura owner, loaners are a given for those 3 on any service over 2 hours). They gave me a Uber voucher, however Uber app would not allow use of the voucher (accepted voucher and showed as being there). Needed to call a relative to come get me.
Service person basically stated it was my problem, it was clear he could not have cared less about my predicament.

dmm1240 | 16 juillet 2019

3Muskater, you must be lying. Anyone who uses a supercharger knows there is no way to punch in a code of any kind at a Tesla supercharger. There is no user interface panel of any kind to interact with at a supercharger. You drive up and plug in and that is it, the car starts charging. The car automatically communicates with Tesla letting them know it’s there and charging. If charges are applicable, the amount is charged to the credit card you have on file with a Tesla. I supercharge for free, but I imagine that if you do qualify for 1,000 free miles that it would be credited to your Tesla account like any retailer credits gift cards.

There would be zero need or interface to punch in some code every time you stop to charge. If there’s poor training going on, it’s the quality of the training provided to trolls by your FUD meister.

tom.wyrick | 16 juillet 2019

Just chiming in here to agree that Tesla service isn't what it used to be ... and I'm someone who only owned one of their vehicles for less than 2 years!

The last time I was in, I saw that service centers discontinued the practice of washing your car before returning it. A small thing? Certainly ... but still a nice touch that most traditional car dealerships have done MORE often in recent years for their customers. (Even the Chevy dealer near me has a touchless car wash that they let their customers use as often as they like.)

Most recently, I traded in my Model S for a used X (a 2017 model with factory warranty remaining on it). The X needs a few things serviced, but the whole process has been frustrating. First, the service center turned me away because Tesla hadn't registered the vehicle under my name in their system yet. (I brought a copy of my bill of sale and license plate registration - but they wouldn't even look at it. They simply made an excuse about "the guys in the department who do the transfers haven't come in yet today".) So, a wasted trip.

I patiently waited to get it registered, which took several weeks. (That's way too long, in my opinion, for a vehicle like this that's so interconnected with your Tesla app on your phone. Tesla needs to hire more staff to process these transfers or something.)

Then, when I could finally make my appointment? They had things screwed up on the Tesla web site so it would only schedule a service appointment at one in another state, vs. at the one it had selected as my closest service center! I was able to get it to work properly using the app on my phone, however - so I did that. I finally received email from a service advisor who was very helpful. He asked for some clarification on things I needed done and promised he'd get some parts ordered in advance of my service appointment. But then, I found out he was getting transferred to another department, a few days before my appointment! (Disappointing when you finally reach a human being there who is really good, and then they have to toss you over to someone new.)

Now? It looks like they're telling me they won't give me a rental car any longer, but want to give me an Uber voucher instead? If that's the case? That's really a step down in level of service too! I don't think they'll pay for Uber to take me around to the store or to and from work and back home again, etc. for however many days they've got my vehicle?

dmm1240 | 16 juillet 2019

My latest experience with Tesla customer service TODAY.

I stopped by my local service center today with a dozen donuts as a "thank you" for the hell they went through in June. When I walked in, there were a couple of customers hanging around, the shop was relatively busy. The service rep, I learned, named Chris was off in North Carolina doing some training.

The guy manning the desk, Marcus, was on the phone with a customer. I eavesdropped. Marcus was updating the customer on the status of his car and making sure he had the correct email address for the customer. He also gave the customer a phone number with his direct extension to make sure he could get through to Marcus with questions.

I then presented the donuts, told Marcus that the FUD out there was getting worse by the day, and asked him to go to this very thread. He read a couple of posts and rolled his eyes.

Me: "Not much of this is true on Tesla policy, is it?"
Marcus: "No, it's not."
Me: "Here are some of the things they're claiming. First, has Tesla discontinued giving customers loaners when you have to keep their cars for a few days?"
Marcus: "No, we still give them. Do you have an issue where you think you'll need one?"
Me: "Nope. Just checking. Another thing they claim is that you guys don't answer the phone. When they do finally reach you, you guys are rude and refuse to do warranty work. Is this true?"
Marcus: "Where did you hear that?"
Me: "It's all over. This is a Tesla website with restrictions to post. Go look at other sites that tend to focus on Tesla like Teslaratti, Electrek or Clean Technica. Any time there's post about Tesla the comments below fill up with horror stories about how you guys are monsters who don't give a damn about your customers, are intentionally rude, and don't respond at all."
Marcus was surprised adding that his guys didn't act like that.

I then tried this on him. The driver's window had a problem in the past with making a thumping sound when you roll the window up and down. Tesla had repaired it. They also fixed an issue where the driver's door sometimes failed to spring open all the way when pressing the handle. I took Marcus out and showed him. He made a slight adjustment and the door now opens and closes fine. When it came to the window, he offered that it was probably the motor that raises and lowers the window inside the door.

Marcus: "Do you want to leave it? We can have a mobile unit come out. They usually do these repairs, but they're booked solid until early August. If you leave it we can handle it immediately."
Me: "Nah, it's not a big deal. Let's give it to the mobile unit. I can wait."

He then thanked me for the donuts again and I took my leave. An hour later I was in a grocery store with SO doing a little shopping. I received a text from Tesla Service asking that I confirm the addresses where I'd most like to have the mobile unit come. I gave them my home address, and received a confirmation that they'll be back in touch within a couple of weeks.

Now, if that's your definition of lousy service then the Princess with the pea under the mattress looks like, well a princess, in contrast.

What do I think? I think a lot of these complaints are FUD is what I think. Your Tesla ain't my Tesla and I'll leave it at that.

SamO | 16 juillet 2019

Thanks dmm. The bullshit in this thread and others is so commonplace that it becomes conventional wisdom.

My experience echoes yours to a “t”.

3Muskateer | 17 juillet 2019

dmm1240 I'm lying?! lmao. I'm not the one who said one has to punch in a code at the Supercharger. I just got the car, so I haven't even seen a supercharger. I'm lying about not knowing?

SO | 17 juillet 2019

@3Muskateer - “I asked how I access the 1000 free charging from the referral, and he told me that Tesla will give me a code to punch into the Supercharging stations, to get my 1000 free miles of charging. Which ends up not being true. ”

Wow. Definitely a training issue indeed. No touchpads at Superchargers. They would need to update your account page.

lng2323 | 17 juillet 2019

I have had nothing but horrible support and service if they even respond at all. I’ve owned the model 3 for 5 weeks and honestly wish I could still return this thing after all the lies and deception I was sold. The frustrating part is when I was within my vehicle return window they were responding quickly, providing answers (mostly lies and false truths?) and now that I’m beyond that return window I can’t even get anyone to respond to me. This is beyond frustrating and even scarier hearing it’s a common theme or dare I say it, an actual strategy Tesla is probably training their employees to behave this way.